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4 Top tips to help keep your immune system strong!

Hey folks, it’s Dr Ro here. I wanted to talk about this subject because it is a conversation that has been happening quite a lot in the background. 


As recent as yesterday I was speaking to Dr Robert Verkerk, who many of you may have actually seen or heard on our podcast, which was sometime in March, April, when Covid was getting its grip first time in the United Kingdom and also been liaising with Mel Aldridge both in A&H. 


What I’m feeling at the moment is that there’s a lot of fear with regards to what’s happening with Covid, what we’re being told is a lot of rules and restrictions on things that we can’t do or that we can do. 


Which again, there’s lots of arguments to and for about how they’re making these decisions, how these test results are being measured and I’m not really here to contest any of that because I think it’s an endless conversation which may not be of value to moving forward in keeping healthy. 


What I want to do is focus on instead of the fear and what we can’t do and what we are not allowed to do and restrictions, I’m not seeing a lot of information out there from the government on what we can do to improve and increase our immunity. 


For some friggin reason people just completely overlook this. If I was to do a post on, for example, how to make money in property investing or X, Y, and Z traditionally what you see is more views on that than if I said how you might want to improve your immune system to keep yourself fit and healthy during a difficult period or during the winter or during Covid-19. 


Generally speaking, I found this in the word of personal development wealth we are a race that tends to pursue the things that we believe are monetarily more beneficial to us than our health and our health question mark only comes in when somebody around us or something happens to us that impacts our own personal financial situation because of our health or our overall health. 


Just recently, I spoke to somebody whose wife was being tested for breast cancer and then there was a realisation of I need to look at other things beyond just the testing but how do I keep myself healthy and fit? How does she maybe prevent it in the future and that is a very common conversation I’ve had for many years now with people. That’s why I wrote turning points. Why wait for something to happen to you when you can create your own turning points? 


My point is this. 


If you said to me, what do I consider to be the most important consideration right now? It’s your frigging health it’s about looking after the immune system. If you traditionally look at our bodies why is it two people can be subject to an illness, virus and one of them contracts it and the other one doesn’t. Yes, there may be an argument to say that genetically, some people are more susceptible to certain illnesses or viruses granted again, I’m not a medical doctor. 


Anything I say is an opinion on this, but equally you’ve got 100 people in a room with strong immune systems and you put another 100 people alongside them with weak immune systems, i.e. they don’t look after their health, mental health, physical health, diet and overall the lifestyle is particularly supportive of a good immune system we know statistically that the ones with a low immune system are going to contract whatever virus is then subjected into that room. 


My point being you build a big enough wall you’re going to keep the enemy out i.e. your immune system is strong enough you’re going to keep it out. This seems to have been the case for the situation with Covid and speaking to some pretty influential people that is the argument, so if you’re watching this and you haven’t done anything about this and all you’ve do is watch the news, worn a mask and socially distanced that’s great, but that is putting like another small brick wall in front of your main boundary around your house. 


If you don’t want them to get over the wall you’ve got to build a frigging great big wall and that’s your immune system. You may have other layers before that which might slow them down but at some point you might be exposed to it and it’s how you react to it and how you defend against it. Your immune system is the one thing that’s going to really help you fight anything. 


Forget Covid, going into the winter months lack of sunlight for example, is a major issue for us in the United Kingdom and a whole bunch of other things as well. If you’re watching this and you’re not aware of this there are four things that I believe that you need to be working on. 


Number one is your mental health. Because as strange as it sounds if your mental health is depleted, meaning that you are just feeling down, depressed, low, you’re emotionally feeling overwhelmed, or just feeling hopeless in certain points in your life right now. What that will do is that has been shown to deplete the immune system. Even when your nervous system becomes tired, people start hitting food that doesn’t serve them, sugary drinks. I see people drinking the ones that have got coffee and caffeine combined together in a very concentrated form. 


That’s the first thing your mental health. Please make a note of that, what are you doing to improve and work on that? Get a lot of strong personal development in place. 


Number two is your diet. 


What are you putting in? Again, if you haven’t watched it go and watch and go look at the podcast called body part one, we talk about diet there. This is about now building the foundations for that brick wall to really start to build the immune system. What food can you put in your body that automatically starts to improve your immune system? The reality is that even the quality of the food you get I’ve got an organic farm pretty much like less than a minutes’ walk from my house so I’m able to get very good quality biodynamic food into my body quickly, and that includes lots of greens. 


Number three is some supplements. 


A lot of people don’t believe in supplements, but I have now absolutely realised in this last two decades or more that if you are not supplementing your diet because no matter how good the food is I can get here, I can’t always consume the right amount for my body to assimilate the right nutrients into my body. Although people might argue you eat a lot of kale, it’s not just about the kale and broccoli, etcetera which we do a lot of it it’s actually, how much can I physically get into my body to give my body the right amount to absolutely increase and the mechanism of defence. 


That includes things like certain drinks that you consume, what supplements you can consume, mineral basis on a vitamin basis, depletion in the summer. D is a massive one, so we are going to 100% bring Mel Aldridge back and Dr Robert Verkerk back to talk about this subject from a scientific point of view, this is what we know the body needs in order to increase the immune system. I’m really excited about that and we’ve got also a gentleman called Felix Hughes coming on to talk about how to have the best day ever and some of the things that he does to really improve that mental and physical health on a daily basis as well. 


The fourth thing is exactly your physical health. Now we’ve done part two of the podcast, so body part two go watch that on the That talks about physical health as well. 


You get those four things right, mental health, the dietary health, supplements which are essential and the physical as well those four without a doubt build up the brick wall and start to get your immune system up. 


The other thing, of course, built into that is sleep. Sleep comes into your overall physical health. But if you’re feeling run down at the moment it will be because one of those four areas is not at its peak, or certainly not in eight and above out of 10 where it should be. Have a think about those four. 


I’m going to sign out and I shall see you soon.

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