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A personal message from Dr Ro around urgency & focus

Hello, Dr Ro here.


I’m feeling super inspired today, I’ve got lots of things going on in my head and as I’m recording this, I want to tackle a subject I think is coming into people’s lives, which is it’s been a tough year, a lot going on. Some have thrived through Covid, other people haven’t. 


Overall, though, there’s a lot of instability, lack of clarity, uncertainty around what’s happening in 2021. 


Depending on where you are in your lifecycle someone who’s 60 to 70 years of age is more accepting, their pace of life may have slowed down their expectations of what the next five to 10 years will be very different to someone who is 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. 


If I were to do interventions with five different people with five different generations picking a decade for each, you’d literally see a completely different sense of urgency for every one of those people. 


Doesn’t matter who they are, what their background is, fundamental aspirations are there is a natural progression. There is a natural evolution as a human being through your life. 


We progress through every single one of us. You watching this right now are limitless in your ability and I know you might argue well I’ve got some physical restrictions, et cetera but what I mean is you have the capacity to create incredible things and even if it is not you through your own impact on the world, through a word or sentence or phrase, an idea or something that you create, you have the ability to go beyond your own sphere of influence and radiate out to greater space. That’s what I honestly believe the next phase of your life needs to be in order to grow through this next stage, which is 2021, 22, 23. 


Here’s what I also believe: I think everybody watching this right now is in a state of lack of clarity, lack of certainty. We talked about this on a recent podcast. The message I want to get across to you is you are amazing, you are incredible, your kids are incredible, the people around you that are supporting you know that about you. 


If you’ve had a tough year, then remember all things pass, everything passes, albeit they may pass physically, and time might pass but emotionally you may still have some of the scars that are carried forward into the future. It’s important to start to work on that. Three things, number one I would suggest you give yourself a seven-month period, let’s say end of June 2021. 


Just put a timeline six months and I want you to imagine the following. You’ve found out that you will not exist beyond the end of June 2021. You’ve been given a suggestion that everything is going to stop. I want to create an imposed timeline in the same way we’ve imposed a lockdown, impose a timeline on you. I know that in real terms you’re going to live way beyond that, however, it’s that unconscious relaxedness. 


The unconscious backdoor, I can slip through and come back later on. It’s the mindset that can hold you back from achieving what you truly have the potential to achieve in a short space of time that you realise. The way we do that is we create urgency. We have to impart it upon ourselves.


 Otherwise, something happens to us that results in us changing circumstances, meaning we have turning points. I want you to imagine that you only have five, six, seven months, I would suggest six months. If you didn’t exist beyond six months time what would you want to happen? What would you like to do in these next six months assuming that with that level of number two urgency you are absolutely limitless. What would you do? You can compartmentalise this. You can say right on a personal level and a professional level. 


So one way to do this is on a personal level, what fulfilment would you want to have with your family, your loved one? Think about all the things that you’ve been literally parking in the back of your mind for a long time. Some of these might involve travel and going to visit somewhere it may not be possible due to the situation. However, what could you do to simulate that to create the experience even if it’s going on a virtual trip, studying it, becoming so absorbed by it, it just consumes you. That could be a way around it. You create the virtual experience but what can you do to contribute to your own personal life and assume that you are fearless. 

Three things.

Imagine that you haven’t got any more than six months left. Okay, now you’ve got the urgency, what would you drop right now that is not critical, and what would you carry on doing or what would you pick up that you’ve been putting off that now becomes urgent? I want you to create that level of urgency. On a professional level do you have a vision, do you want to create a charity? 

Do you want to contribute towards a charity? Do it now. Imagine you’ve got nothing left but six months and ask yourself a really powerful question: what legacy could I leave beyond the six months? If I wasn’t on the Earth if you reflect back to 2021 and remember me not as a person but the message or the footprint, I left the universe on this earth, what would it be? Would it be to do with writing a book, for example, if so, get on with it now.

If you’ve got kids what could you do that would leave a timeless message for them in the future? Create the urgency and the last point here is about being fearless. Imagine that you couldn’t fail. Imagine that whatever you did would move you one step closer to that goal. What do you need to do? 

What do you need to pack in? What could you actually physically do right now over these next six months that would actually ensure that even if you didn’t fully complete it, you at least created the momentum to get there. 

That is absolutely vital. 

You have massive capacity to do incredible things. I genuinely believe that. I think the biggest challenge at the moment is people have got lack of clarity, lack of certainty, a bit of a delay we will wait and see. I say fuck that, get your foot down on the accelerator focus forward. 

Let’s look ahead six months. What can you do? 

Start dropping things that aren’t relevant to your life. Drop the things that are negative to you, let go of some of the associations around you who are not serving you if you have to. I’m not saying divorce here but where are you spending your time?


Imagine every day you wake up for the next six months you have to move a step closer, step closer so that as you disappear off at the end of June you can look back and say 

I’ve really fulfilled so many passionate dreams I wanted to achieve. They don’t have to be massive, some can be tiny, it could just be taking the next six months and learning a subject with your children or becoming a teacher to your children in a certain area. What’s the message you want to leave them? Something that you know that you’ve experienced on that journey. 

But please, please, please, there is so much noise out there, it is so easy to get drawn into social media and don’t do this and should do that vaccination, no vaccination, lockdown, no lockdown all those debates. 

Six months, what can you do in six months?

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