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A quick way to shift your emotional state

Hello, it’s Dr Ro here. I wanted to do a really quick personal share with you on moods actually. 

I think with what’s been happening a lot recently there’s been some recent elections in the States that played a big part of the mood in this country for some reason. 

Changes in government rules and things being enforced upon us in terms of lockdown, et cetera this last year created a lot of emotional turmoil for many people, both for younger people, but older people as well. 

I just thought I’d do a personal share just to find out how you are in terms of your overall mood and my peoples ask me what can you do to change state? 

How can I keep my mood up and what things do I do personally but also what I do when I’m helping people? 

I’ll reflect on three things I think are really powerful. 

Pause, pattern and play. If you’re having a tough day, and it’s not going so well, sometimes it’s very easy to spiral down and we allow them to get drawn into that space. 

Reflect on what happened and we magnify other conversations in our head, or we will reinforce it and we don’t let it go. It happens to all of us, it happens to me when I’m getting frustrated and I need to pause. What I mean by that is, whatever the experience is, whatever the emotion is, whether it’s rage, anger, frustration, bitterness, jealousy, apathy is another. Paused that moment because like anything, the more you move into that space the more you continue the momentum of that moment, the more it tends to magnify. 

Momentum creates magnification. When the mood gets darker often people just focus on it and it gets darker, but the same thing can happen in a positive way as well. If you take the feeling of joy and you magnify it you can actually get an amazing feeling. The first thing you’ve got to do is pause. 

The next thing you have to do then is you’ve got to break the pattern. There will be a pattern that’s created this situation whether it’s a person that triggers that argument. Whether it’s a reflection on something that keeps coming back and it makes a massive picture in your mind then you blow it up and you put colour to it and sound to it, it is like some big epic, oh my gosh. 

It could be to do with eating habits or something you’ve got, you have to break the pattern pausing just stops the moment, but now you’ve got to break the pattern. 

That means being aware of it and doing something radically different that could be just changing your state. If for the sake of argument you’re in a dark place and not very happy then you need to physically move from that position. 

You’ve got to change your body, physiology, you jiggle, you run, you go outside, you pause, you walk away from that space that is causing you grief. Sometimes having a drink of something healthy can help. 

You have to break the pattern. Breathing, go for a cold shower and just go out and get some fresh air, go for a drive. Separate yourself from the situation and don’t allow yourself to stay there in a physical state, because that’s one challenge that we have is that we get into that place and our body becomes a mood that we’re in. we’ve paused, we’ve broken the pattern and you can try this with any situation today.

Then finally go and play. Play with a different mood. 

Choose a different feeling you want to have, play with happiness ,play with joy and excitement, play with the craziness, whatever, but bring that into the experience and make it playful as opposed to feeling like it’s hard. 

Think positively. 

Just enjoy it, listen to comedy. But having broken the pattern you’ve got to play with a new feeling that you want.

That was a quick message, press pause, stop it happening. Break the pattern, change that usually, physiologically is the best way to shift your focus and then get playful with the new feeling that you want.

Dr Ro signing out.

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