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Are you carrying around personal baggage?

Christmas hasn’t quite arrived, but the feeling of Christmas and into the New Year there’s an emotional shift going on with people through autumn into winter. 

People often go because they’ve loved the sun and there’s a definite shift in movement. The days are shorter and darker. 

There is a lot of stuff you started the year with, there may be things that you haven’t quite got to and possibly there’s a sense of frustration that often creeps back in. 

The days are longer, I can’t go out in the evenings as much, those nice long summer walks, or time at the pub, café late as the sun is setting. 

People start to reflect inwardly and I notice that people definitely get heavier around this time, and that’s quite often because they’re feeling they haven’t achieved the thing they wanted to achieve through the year.

When there are things that you are aware that you’ve been wanting to do and you say I haven’t been able to do that because or I was going to give that person a ring and I was going to go on that date, what is the thing that ends the sentence? 

Because I didn’t have the time, because I didn’t have the courage, because I don’t think it’s the right time, because I’m not healthy enough yet, because I didn’t shave this morning.

There was a phase when I wouldn’t come and do a video like this because I hadn’t got the right clothes on, wasn’t in the right setting, I hadn’t shaved my head, and oddly enough, that went on for a little while because I felt I had to make sure everything was just right. But the more and more I realised I had stuff to share with people and I realised authenticity is one of the core elements of any form of powerful communication.

There’s going to be a whole bunch of these because’s, each one is a belief.

Negative beliefs or restrictive beliefs that are holding you back are essentially baggage, how much baggage are you carrying? 

Everybody carries different levels of baggage.

Some could be heavy and each year it gets heavier and more rooted. Others could be slightly lighter. The best thing to do is how do you feel about that piece of baggage?

How do you feel about putting them around? How do they make you feel? If they don’t make you feel great, then dump them? 

It’s important to attach an emotional feeling to the baggage meaning now we’ve identified that in my room I’ve got 30 bags, beliefs, 30 excuses I’ve been using, how do I feel about each one of those? 

You’ve got to make the decision. Each one will have a different impact on your life. What are the consequences of feeling like this and carrying that baggage around? What is the cost to you emotionally, physically, intellectually, financially? 

Then finally, what can you do to lighten the load? How can you just dump some of that baggage? You say, I choose not to carry this around with me and make some changes. 

That’s not to say you won’t have more bits of luggage coming in the future, that’s fine. 

But the more you become aware of it the more you can let go.

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