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Building your inner strength

I thought I’d talk about this subject because what a year people have had. 

So many people at the moment going into dark places they need more emotional coaching, a lot more self-harm going on. 

People feel like they’ve lost direction. 

Think about the start of 2021. People embarked on that year with a lot of aspirational ideas, people might have had new businesses they wanted to start, travel, relationships they wanted to open up all these things and in many cases that was shattered. 

Because we’ve been moved around so much and told what we can and can’t do, police enforcing certain rules in situations which may be argued to be quite extreme and so many people are terrified but the most important thing I’m seeing is that there is a lack of inner strength as to making decisions. 

To the point people are starting to second guess. 

The first is don’t beat yourself up. 

A lot of people will sit and watch and get inspired by something and say I should have done this and that and they get self-reflective, and they get angry because they haven’t done certain things, but true is on a global level the vibrational frequency and the energy the world has been thrown off centre. 

So many people are trying to find that centre again to reset the compass and that’s okay, part of the journey of life is actually going through these stages of emotional growth and remember success is really a journey. 

There is a great quote from Earl Nightingale, which is that success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal. 

When I wrote Turning Point one of the big elements of it was how to look at your beliefs, how to build your beliefs and how to strengthen them. 

Also to look at old beliefs and break them apart and restructure a new set of beliefs to a point where you might have to burn a list of the old beliefs and I get people to do that if I was working with them, coaching them. I can give you four things, the first thing is go back to your core beliefs.

What do you truly believe in about the world, about success, about yourself, about what you can achieve, about the people you can put around you? 

Secondly, what are you passionate about? Try to tie your passion to your beliefs. Yes, things might have gone for a waiver in this last year, your compass was drifting over the place, somewhere along the line the core person who you are, your identity, beliefs and values will be centred towards one thing so start to think back what are you passionate about? And are you still passionate about it now? 

Then on a scale of 1 to 10, number three, is how much conviction do you have towards these things? 

You want to be hitting an eight or above. Remember we’re trying to get back into that zone, get your mojo going and then the last thing here outside of implementing these things in other words, create that passion again. 

Filter them out which ones have you got the conviction of and now what steps do you need to put into place? But along the way, you need to create a shield and the shield is basically an invisible shield that you can picture. It could be like your Superman or your wonder woman or your Ironman. I love the concept of ironman with this invisible shield so when I go into a situation with negative people it bounces off me. 

I don’t allow the negative energy to get inside because ultimately we’re vibrating. Little atoms vibrate, so our vibrational frequency can sometimes be knocked off centre or changed if we’re around people who are negative. 

So picture a shield so when you go into a situation, you feel absolutely powerful, you can lift that weight and you can make it happen. 

Anything you don’t have enough convictions about, park it, put on your shield and then get out and do what you need to do. 

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