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Check in with Dr Ro – Where are you with your goals?

Hey folks it’s Dr Ro I hope you’re well. 

We’ve gone into February at month two of the year and if you’ve set yourself goals at the start of the year, I wanted to touch base and get see where you are at the moment. I’m going to wear a coach hat here with a little bit of a teacher, coach, hat and the reason I’m doing this is because this is a vulnerable time in terms of your goals and aspirations. We incubate these ideas at the start of the year. 

A lot of emotion going on back end of the year particularly last year with Covid. Now is the time to just check-in and when people are doing a check-in it’s like what do I need to check in on? 

I’m going to give you four things to check in on and some will be more obvious than others, but if there is anything that you haven’t thought about just make a note of it now. 

Number one, take a look at the current situation in terms of what goals you set yourself for the start of the year. I think what happened is quite a lot of people come back on this, this, this, this, this and sometimes that list can be overwhelming, and you will tend to gravitate to things you feel comfortable with or what you enjoy most and activities that you know that you need to do but you don’t enjoy them as much you put them off. I just want to ask you a simple question. Approximately a month ago you set yourself goals. Are you still aligned with those goals? 

Number one are you personally aligned with them? Do your core values align with the goals you set? Do you still feel the same way?

Number two are you aligned on a professional level? The ideas that you’ve got if they are business related do you still feel aligned? Is it where you want to get to? Where do you want to be? Does it fit with your core basic human values and, thirdly, are there any people around you that are not aligned with your core values or it’s become apparent whether it’s through this last month or even leading up to this month, possibly in the past where you’ve ignored it. 

But now you’re ripping off the lid of these new goals, these aspirations and I’ve personally seen this. I know how this shows up. You go something is not quite right here, misaligned with this person or these people I’m working with and yes, we could carry on, but the more I go down that rabbit hole the less I feel comfortable. If you’re in that situation, then the serious question has to be do you want to continue with these people and if it’s not right, then good time to separate now. Those three things you really need to look at. 

When doing this, I think you have to be objective. It’s very easy to be emotional and be caught in the moment. You’ve got to objectively, say am I aligned with these people? If I am great, carry on. 

Number two are there potential bumps ahead of you? 

Look ahead over the next three for five months, rather than thinking I didn’t think about that, how come I didn’t spot that? Project out along each month. These things you need to project now because when they happen you can’t really say I didn’t expect that because you can expect it by projecting ahead. 

What are the potential bumps that you might anticipate could come along over these next three to six months that could stop those aspirations, dreams you set 12 months ago, a week ago. 

Next one is a family and partners is what you’re doing affecting your family and partner? On a personal level is there anything you’re doing that could affect you spending more time away from family than you thought working but you didn’t expect to be doing this much being away from home this much. Or does it involve more care for your children or you not being able to be involved in a part of the house, life/home lifestyle you were expecting. 

That happened to me this last month. Finally what tweaks are needed now, not tweaks in the future. Do you need to bring on new resources? Do you need to allocate more time to something? Do you need to upskill to a new area? 

On a personal level, what tweaks need to be done and on a professional level what tweaks need to be done? Do you need to let some people go cut those ties or do you need to build new ties or build on the existing ties you’ve got? Anything like is a perfect time to do it and mark my words, if I was coaching you I’d be going through this with you, personalising it one-to-one. 

What I’m saying to you is if we speak in a month or two months’ time and you say this happened I didn’t expect that, we could’ve planned for it. Better to nip it in the bad early get it closed off. Hopefully that was useful.

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