Start your business with clarity, structure and powerful foundations. Through Dr Ro’s guidance you will feel confident in your business’ vision, concept and systems. You will gain tools to help you maximise your branding, marketing and sales approach, as well as key pointers for the growth of your business beyond the start-up period. This Business Start Up series will enable you to gain a clear strategy for smashing those sales targets, managing your paperwork with ease and moving your brand into new markets.

Part 1 – You, Your Business Vision, Your Skills 

  • Learn to bring your unique qualities to your brand with clarity and direction.
  • Discover how to articulate your end goal with simple tools that bring your vision to life.

Part 2 – Your Business Idea(s)

  • Discover where you sit in the marketplace, what’s lacking in your team and how to close the gap.
  • Utilise Dr Ro’s 7 step process to help you see if your business concept really does have what it takes.

Part 3 – Structure & Accounting 1

  • Understand the importance of an accountant.
  • Learn what questions to ask when looking for an accountant and what they will expect from you.
  • Gain simple tools for billing, invoicing and keeping track of your paperwork.
  • Learn practical processes to help you prepare your business for growth.

Part 4 – Structure & Accounting 2

  • Develop skills to monitor, review and project for your business.
  • Gain tools for identifying flaws in your business plan.
  • Learn where and how you can save time and money in your business.
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mind-set with your money.
  • Get tips for knowing your legal obligations, taxes and when to register VAT exempt.
  • Discover pointers to help you feel confident about when to start taking on investors and employees.

Part 5 – Marketing your Business & Product

  • Discover a 6-step process for identifying the right marketing strategy for your brand.
  • Learn Dr Ro.’s 8 Marketing Research Questions to utilise for your business.
  • Implement Dr Ro’s insights for the 7 Primary Marketing Methods.
  • Discover tools for anticipating change in the marketplace and preparing for how that impacts your brand.
  • Know your consumer and how to reach them. Ensure you establish your brand in the right way.

Part 6 – Start Up & Sales

  • Learn the 4 key elements to enable you to feel confident in the first stages of growing your business.
  • Gain top tips for embracing sales.
  • Learn 5 strategic steps to engage with your customer.
  • Discover the ‘Big 4 Questions’ that give clarity to your sales pitch and get you into your consumers’ mindset.

Want to know how to give your business the best start Gain a clear strategy for doing so, with Dr Ro’s Business Start Up Tips now.


  • 39 Minute digital recording
  • Audio moves between a studio recording and a live event
  • Perfect for start-up or to move your existing business up a level
  • Gain new insight into sales and how you want your business to grow
  • Develop your vision
  • Goal setting and strategic planning


  • Discover a stronger connection with your colleagues and clients
  • Realign with core values
  • Learn to trust yourself and your unconscious; focus on sales
  • Connect with business in a new way
  • Understand the benefits of an exit strategy
  • Gain clarity on your goals and the profit you wish to achieve
  • Maximise your time in the business
  • Improve time management, wealth management, money, business and decision making.
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