Blocks and Fears is a truly powerful series for everyone regardless of where you are at in your life. We all have challenges and fears that come up from time to time or those that have lingered over several years. In this series Dr Ro will take you through a process of identifying your blocks and fears, understanding which are having the greatest negative impact on your life and how you can remove these blocks and fears once and for all. Dr Ro will delve deep into the importance of understanding the consequences of living with your blocks and fears to help you understand why change must happen now! Throughout this process you will be given lots of powerful techniques that you can utilise again and again. Once you have been guided through the process of removing your blocks and fears, Dr Ro will take you on a journey of transformation.


Part 1 – Getting Clarity on Your Blocks & Fears

  • Learn how to describe which areas in your life you have a block or fear in.
  • Experience a timelining process to identify blocks and fears from different stages in your journey/life.
  • Identifying the consequences of not doing something about your blocks and fears.
  • Discover the importance of honesty about the areas you need to work on in your life to get clarity on your blocks and fears.

Part 2 – Identifying Your Blocks and Fears

  • Learn the 5 key questions to consider when identifying which areas of your life you have blocks and fears in.
  • Discover a process to identify the areas of greatest frustration in your life.
  • Follow Dr Ro’s simple process to identify which areas of your life you want to focus on most.

Part 3 – Consequences

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what the consequences are if you don’t do something about your current blocks and fears and how making a change will truly transform your future for the better.
  • Experience a timelining process with Dr Ro to gain a deeper understanding of the impact and consequences that blocks and fears can have on your future.

Part 4 – Creating an Emotional State Change

  • Watch a live intervention from Dr Ro’s Turning Point event where you will witness the power of creating an emotional state change and how this can help you to transform your self-belief, presence and confidence.
  • Learn the key elements to powerful emotional state changes.
  • Discover simple techniques you can utilise in any situation.

Part 5 – Breaking Down Limiting Beliefs

  • Discover 3 truly powerful techniques that you can utilise to destroy, change or remove limiting beliefs which have got in the way of you experiencing the life you’ve always wanted.
  • Learn how to take control of any blocks or fears, regardless of how long they have been negatively impacting your life.

Part 6 – Transformation

  • Understand the true power of the words and language we use and how they can affect our lives.
  • Learn Dr Ro’s powerful exercise to model amazing people who inspire you to create new positive beliefs and replace the old fears you used to have.
  • Utilise Dr Ro’s ‘BALD’ process to help you model those that inspire you, create an instant emotional change and take positive deliberate action.


How much longer will you let your blocks and fears stop you from living the life you’ve always wanted? Use Dr Ro’s techniques to transform your life today. Start the Blocks and Fears series now.

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