The Career Transition series takes you on a step by step journey for bridging the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to transition to. Dr Ro interviews career transitions coach Ami Nielsen on the key elements to a successful and smoother career transition. Whether you are transitioning job roles, companies or back into or out of a career – this series is the ideal guide for your journey.

Part 1  – Where Are You Now?

  • Learn Dr Ro’s step by step process for understanding your current levels of happiness and the feeling in your gut.
  • Understand whether your current career is where you want to be.
  • Complete Dr Ro’s simple questions to assess what changes would make you happier in your career transition.
  • Explore whether you are getting the financial, emotional, spiritual and intellectual rewards you want from your current career.
  • Understand what the next level is for you in your career transition.
  • Explore how you can transition from your current career position into a position that would make you feel more fulfilled.
  • Get clarity on Dr Ro’s key components for a happier career position and work/life balance.

Part 2 – What do you want professionally?

  • Understand how the 4 core elements of you as a person, integrate with your career transition.
  • Look at the big picture for your life.
  • Answer Dr Ro’s key questions for anyone considering a career transition.
  • Complete Dr Ro’s ‘re-designing a more powerful you’ process.
  • Learn how to align your personal and professional values.
  • Specifically outline what you are not prepared to compromise on your career transition journey.
  • Clarify your commitment level with Dr Ro’s process.

Part 3 – Background and Resources

  • Watch an interview with Dr Ro and career transitions coach Ami Neilsen. Find out about Ami Nielsen’s background and what led her to becoming a career transitions coach.
  • Discover what Ami Nielsen’s BRIDGE process is and how it can be implemented when making a career transition.
  • Learn about how your background can inform your next steps in your career transition.
  • Receive a simple and effective exercise for assessing your background.
  • Learn how the resources you have can have a positive impact on your career transition.
  • Discover the importance of the reality of your current situation and how this gives you an informed context for your career transition.
  • Implement a simple task for your resources and reality step in the career transitions bridge process.

Part 4  – Inspiration and Direction

  • Learn how Ami Nielsen guides coaching clients to utilise inspiration in their career transition.
  • Learn about the power of visual stimulus when developing your inspiration for your career transition.
  • Receive a simple exercise to begin working on your career transition inspiration.
  • Discover how your direction can greatly impact your career transition.
  • Work on a simple process for your direction step in your career transition bridge process.

Part 5 – Goals and Execution

  • Learn from Dr Ro and Ami about the keys to successful goal setting and why goals are so important.
  • Action a goal setting exercise for your career transition.
  • Understand why execution is so vital in the progression of your career transition.
  • Build momentum on your career transition journey by doing your execution exercise.
  • Learn about accountability and how to maximise the support around you.
  • Gain top tips from Ami and Dr Ro for your journey beyond the bridge process.

Part 6 – Putting it all Into Action

  • Discover the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions for people who are going through a career transition.
  • Learn about actioning your vision statement.
  • Gain clarity on your professional values.
  • Receive Dr Ro’s tips for your next steps and action plan.

Looking to change your career? Learn how to transition smoothly into a role that makes you feel more fulfilled today. Start the Career Transition series now.

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