Truly create health and vitality with Dr Ro’s support and guidance. Discover how you manage your health and work on your vision on a daily basis. Create change, look deeply into your habits and create a platform to revitalise your health. Allow this series to be the catalyst for change in all aspects of your health.

Part 1 – You & Your Health

  • Dr Ro walks you through a bespoke health event. Uncover inspiring insights as you join a room of participants also on a health journey of discovery.
  • Identify, from a foundational level, why health is so important to you.
  • 4 simple questions that reconnect you with why you are taking part in this series.
  • Expose and replace excuses that have held you back.
  • Uncover the beliefs you are carrying and accept the impact these perceptions have had on you in the past – take ownership of your health and reclaim your drive.
  • Identify the language you use, encouraging or debilitating.
  • Dr Ro provokes you to identify your blocks.
  • Build on your vision, a comprehensive plan for all aspects of your health.
  • Start creating the new you, the person who prioritises health and wellness.
  • Describe, modify and build your vision in a deeper sense.
  • Understand the importance of making new choices that lead to an enhanced quality of life.

Part 2 – Four Step Change Process

  • 4 principles for a complete transformational process.
  • Dr Ro empowers you to maximise his 4-step process to reduce your body’s toxic load.
  • Clarify your foundations, your architecture, your blueprint. It’s how you show up. Probing questions to discover your beliefs, values and rules.
  • Tools to help you comprehend what specific feelings and emotions you want to nurture with regards to your health.
  • Add clarity to your vision, discover what resonates with you and weave this into your new architecture of the new healthier you.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how toxins build up from not just what we consume but from our environment too.
  • Top tips for cleansing and re-vitalise your body.

Part 3 – What Your Blood Tells You  

  • Discover what makes your blood go to an acidic state.
  • Your blood doesn’t lie; life blood analysis expert Geeta Tailor illustrates the powerful truth your blood can uncover.
  • Delve into a new awareness of how acid forming food, plus stress, has an effect on your blood and in turn your body.
  • Create awareness for the surprising safeguards your body creates to protect you and keep you alive. How it manages acidity & weight gain.
  • Comprehend the warning signs and where deficiencies come from.
  • Witness, at a cellular level, the importance water, greens and a balanced diet have to your health.
  • Dr Ro discusses the benefits of an organic diet.
  • Health is a long-term plan. Geeta’s Top 3 tips to clean up your blood.
  • From food to mood – Dr Ro gives us a succinct list to increase our self-awareness.

Part 4 – Water – Exercise – Sleep  

  • A comprehensive introduction to support your new healthier lifestyle.
  • The magic of water; reduce stress and ulcers with water.
  • Build your awareness, top tips for spotting dehydration and potentially negating medication.
  • Facts around why it’s wise to start the day with water, lemon and supplements.
  • Hot and cold, small glasses or pints of? Discover the best way to drink your water.
  • A simplified formula to calculate your ideal water intake per day.
  • Dr Ro’s explains the 3 elements of exercise.
  • Allow your awareness of your health to grow.
  • Implement new habits in numerous incremental ways.
  • Empowering information to equip you with up-to-date scientific discoveries.
  • Ground your sense of self-worth, build your immune system and stimulate your body to work more efficiently.
  • Maximise your results and feel instant change by training on a Rebounder.
  • Discover the power of positive stress and working with or against gravity.
  • Learn an incredible way to bring exercise into the nooks and crannies of your day.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Isometric and Isotonic training.
  • Start toning your whole body and your skeletal health.
  • Discover how to prepare yourself to achieve optimum sleep.
  • Understand the 4 stages of a typical sleep cycle.
  • Learn how to connect with the natural balance of your own body.
  • The purpose of each stage of the sleep cycle is explained – for workbook.
  • Identify the signs and consequences of not getting enough sleep, the long-term stress on your body and the side effects of sleep apnea.
  • Understand the knock-on effect of a lack of sleep on our reproductive system and health.
  • Gain a deeper insight into sleep with a wide range of up to date scientific sleep research.
  • Action vital information on Blue Light Omission and Digital Devices vs a natural cycle of sleep.
  • Discover Dr Ro’s 10 simple practices to give your body time to relax and unwind.
  • Develop breathing techniques, mindful practices and top tips for an easy night’s sleep.
  • Your sleep is affected by more than just caffeine and alcohol.

Part 5 – Stop the Toxins

  • Dr Ro asks you to step up and take part in a 30-day challenge.
  • 3 empowering questions to help you take your next steps.
  • Re-engineering your health and inspiration to feel committed and ways to enjoy the process.
  • Reduce/stop finding alternatives, why make these changes and what benefits to expect.
  • Patience; tips to allow the cleanse to work.
  • More signposts to create a greater awareness on all aspects of your lifestyle and its impact on your health.
  • Dr Ro prepares us for side effects as our systems release toxins.

Part 6 – Revitalizing Yourself  

  • A culmination of all that we have learnt and worked on in the Health and Vitality Series.
  • Dr Ro gives you an extensive list to use as a starting point, or to deepen your health practice.
  • Bring ‘live foods’ into your diet, clever ways to freshen up your meals and add variety and flavour.
  • Clarify what can be switched for a healthy alternative and the benefits of supplements.
  • From apple cider vinegar to organic produce, understand the foods that support the new, healthier you.
  • Gain ideas to help you if your day to day life requires a lot of sitting!
  • Encouragement for drawing exercise into your life, simple breathing exercises. Tips for building your confidence and stamina over time. Stimulating blood flow and balancing the lymphatic system.
  • Create a helpful sleep routine, plus resources for further reading.
  • Dr Ro goes all out, more ideas, tips and recipes to keep you on your health track.

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