Life Balance is something that we all must consciously choose to create and maintain within our lives. Regardless of your level of success, there are always going to be challenges that can make you feel out of balance, over worked, tired or feeling that quality time with your loved ones isn’t happening frequently enough. This Life Balance series goes through the importance of creating life harmony and balance with specific guidance on time management, vitality, adventure, rest, relaxation, contribution, family life, personal growth and much more. Dr Ro will take you through a fully rounded process for creating life harmony, which you can revisit again and again throughout your journey or whenever new challenges occur.

Part 1 – Balance vs Harmony

  • Understand the difference between life balance and life harmony.
  • Work through a simple process to gain clarity on how balanced/harmonious each area of your life is.
  • Discover the importance of balancing your life values and vision with the balance of your life.

Part 2 – Time Management

  • Learn what it means to be ‘firefighting’ in your life and whether you are falling into this trap.
  • Answer Dr Ro’s key questions for understanding your current time management.
  • Understand when to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to enable more balance in your life.
  • Discover the effects of information overload on your life.
  • Learn a simple process to ‘Clear the Decks’ in your life.
  • Utilise projects in your life to manage your time more efficiently.
  • Learn about prioritising and delegating.

Part 3 –Family Time/Balance

  • Get clarity on what you value most and how those values impact your family time/balance.
  • Learn how to build your vision of an ideal week with your family.
  • Define what values you want your family to live by so you can experience harmony together.
  • Understand the consequences of not living in harmony so you can make a change before consequences impact yours and your family’s life.
  • Learn the importance of prioritising, planning and committing.

Part 4 – Rest & Relaxation

  • Understand the significance of sleep and how a lack of sleep impacts your life in multiple ways.
  • Take Dr Ro’s sleep challenge.
  • Receive key pointers from Dr Ro about relaxation and how to incorporate more rest into your daily routine.
  • Take action on the simple tools Dr Ro shares for implementing relaxation techniques into a busy schedule.
  • Discover the power of meditation and how to integrate meditation into your daily life for greater life harmony and inner balance.
  • Action Dr Ro’s meditation tool for inner connection, calmness and peace.

Part 5 – Vitality & Adventure

  • Consider what and when you are drinking and moving/exercising.
  • Implement Dr Ro’s vitality tools to see a shift in your body’s inner harmony.
  • Answer Dr Ro’s key vitality questions about your energy input and output.
  • Consider Dr Ro’s key pointers and questions about the levels of adventure you are currently experiencing in your life.
  • Complete Dr Ro’s exercise on adventure to add more variety and excitement into your life.

Part 6 – Contribution & Growth

  • Understand the importance of contribution and giving beyond ourselves through Dr Ro’s insights and tools.
  • Discover how Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs relates to the need to grow and contribute in our daily lives.
  • Consider in what ways you’d like to contribute towards the greater good of the world.
  • Use Dr Ro’s questions to focus in on which organisations, causes or charities are closest to your heart.
  • Take action to contribute using the processes Dr Ro shares.
  • Create simple, positive habits to rebalance for greater life harmony with Dr Ro’s guidance.
  • Discover why growth is so important to your life balance and inner harmony.
  • Action the simple tools shared by Dr Ro to make growth a part of your daily lifestyle.
  • Take Dr Ro’s daily personal development challenge for the next month to achieve great transformation in your life harmony.

Learn how to balance all areas of your life to live more harmoniously today. Start the Life Balance series now.

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