This series is focused on you and all aspects around your finances. Often a sensitive subject, our relationship with money shows up in all aspects of our life. Dr Ro offers practical, logical and emotional insight to halt negative behaviour and set you and your family on a new path of intention, belief and purpose. Watch, observe and take notes, this series is the most powerful that Elite Mind Engineer offers.

Part 1 – You, Your Finances, Vision & Emotional Mastery  

  • An exposing look at your finances and your beliefs around money.
  • Developing a healthy relationship around money with Financial systems, Vision and a Purpose statement.
  • Convert those negative beliefs by identifying your purpose for money and focusing your intention.
  • A process to provide clarity, you are the connector between Vision and Purpose and your choice of Wealth Vehicles.
  • Dr Ro breaks down behaviours around money and how this relates to our basic human needs.
  • Discover characteristics of the 5 models for money behaviour.
  • Expose the truth behind our beliefs around money.
  • Dr Ro puts in place the 5 systems that help you monitor your finances, habits and emotions, creating real change.
  • Debt management, reducing expenses and tools that help you keep track.
  • What does each property or investment really mean to your family? Understand how, with planning and ownership, you can allow yourself the holiday or justify the new car!

Part 2 – Attraction – Beliefs Around Money

  • Specific exercises that effect change in your money mindset.
  • A process to fundamentally alter your money financial template, your relationship with money.
  • Supported with a workbook, learn how to manage money effectively.
  • Identify significant emotional events to pinpoint beliefs that need addressing.
  • Vital insight into the Law of Attraction and purpose.
  • Define positive language around money.
  • Prioritising specific behaviour to create change.
  • Develop your self worth, vision and purpose for your wealth

Part 3 – Interview With Ali Crooks

  • The phenomenal trader Alister Crooks is interviewed by Dr. Ro to give you insight into the life of a trader on the stock market.
  • Understand how our mindset around money leaves signs throughout life.
  • Hear the life lessons from Ali’s story, significant emotional events, and apply them to your journey.
  • Identify how beliefs about money can trigger an emotional response in relationships.
  • Foster trust; insight into converting a negative relationship with money.
  • Understanding the relationship between mindset and successful trading.
  • A frank discussion around a fear of loss, under-trading and over-trading.
  • Communicate better with you partner, create a plan together that works with each financial model. Remove emotion and anticipate challenges before they arise.

Part 4 – Ali’s Trading Room

  • Exclusive insight into Ali’s trading room, including examples of trades, short trades and long trades.
  • Discover the type of trader you are and what timeframes might work for your money mindset and personality type.
  • The charts explained, understand the price action over a varying amount of time.
  • Passive strategy, setting the parameters, swing traders.
  • Ali explains his triad of checks and rules to follow before he places a trade. The risk reward ratio. Spreadsheeting, cashflow forecasting, allocating your funds.
  • A system to remove temptation, understand what you can control and keep your trading on track.
  • Fantastic analogies that gives insight into trading mindset.
  • The next steps should you want to develop a passion for the market and become a trader.

Part 5 – Money Management I

  • Dr Ro walks you through his Essential Living Costs spread sheet.
  • Plan your targets, take a look at how you are covering and logging your expenses.
  • Receive an easy to use spread sheet template complete with key headings, formulas and a strategy to log your monthly expenses.
  • A subtotalling process that sheds light on your spending habits and supports your shifts for the future.
  • Identify which figures are fixed and which are variable outgoings, bring clarity as you lay out monthly costs.
  • A strategy with a spreadsheet that’s easy to modify, create your own titles and with a new level of awareness define your next step.
  • Create a plan for managing your money and allow for ‘Fun Money’.
  • Non-essential vs essential, fixed vs variable, this tool allows us to establish where you are spending and monitor expenses month by month.

Part 6 – Money Management II

  • Continue with working through Dr Ro’s template looking at the additional tabs, specifically focusing on Financial Management System.
  • Dr Ro explains his guidelines for allocating expenses into 7 main categories.
  • Understand how the 6 basic human needs influence our expenditure.
  • Assess the ‘Fun Expenses’ tab, guilt free spending explained.
  • A template for a financial Management System, tips for allocating percentages for each category.
  • Use the template for 3 – 6 months to put a plan in place so you can achieve financial freedom.
  • Dr Ro uses the spreadsheet to illustrate how percentage of funds might shift over time.
  • The benefits of creating separate bank accounts for each Money Allocation.
  • Dr Ro breaks down the process for couples and individuals.
  • Gain insight into how couples can find agreements over the sensitive subject of money.
  • This system exposes where you are overspending, suggesting targets and where you can look at reducing costs.
  • A chance to reallocate funds and percentages to see where your targets work for you.
  • Brilliant strategy, extremely powerful, give yourself 3 months so see where your finances are.
  • This series is designed for pausing and re-watching. Work and rework this process until it’s working for you, your personality and your family.
  • A sense of reassurance and feeling calmer. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get started and apply what you’re learning.

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