Dr Ro candidly talks us through the most sensitive of subjects, our intimate relationships. Drawing on his own personal experience we unfold where we are with regards to relationships, how things might have brought us to this point, and how we can release patterns and welcome change. An intense series, we are encouraged to look at the most painful and raw of situations as learning experiences. Dr Ro shares with you his formula for a strong, lasting relationship. Identify Dr Ro’s 4 Levels of Relationships and consider where you and your partner currently sit. This series could take 2-3 hours to work through, we encourage you to watch, pause and take notes so that you can truly create lasting change.


Part 1 – You & Your Relationship Vision

  • Understand where you currently are with your intimate relationship and how to move forward.
  • Through a potentially painful, yet growing experience, break patterns and rebuild your relationship.
  • Transform your perceptions of how relationships work.
  • Redefine a ‘single’ mindset and open yourself up to new possibilities.
  • Take your current, happy relationship to a deeper level.
  • Start creating opportunities to be honest with yourself and your partner.
  • Reflect deeply on your past and present relationships, Who Are You?
  • Identify your values and ‘rules’ around your intimate relationship, how this effects your connection with your potential partner/current partner.
  • Assess your core beliefs about your relationships, how are these influencing your behaviour?
  • Dr Ro takes a fresh look at the hierarchy of your basic human needs, with a focus on relationships.
  • Gain a deeper understanding on how you want your relationship to be; how you want to ‘show up’.
  • Get to work on how you want your intimate relationship to look, feel and sound.
  • Vital insight into visualising the variety and levels within the relationship you desire.

Part 2 – Level 1 & 2 Relationships

  • Understand the 4 circles of Relationships and how this reflects who we are and how we show up.
  • Clarify the advantages of working on yourself.
  • Develop the self-awareness to help your relationship to grow.
  • Become clear on the 4 levels of love, according to Dr Ro.
  • Dr Ro discusses the dynamics of polarity.
  • Together, consider the importance of presence, why can being present feel uncomfortable? How can we be more present for our partner?
  • Transform your understanding of your relationships, past and present, and release destructive patterns.
  • Vital insight into the layers of protection we create and how this shows up in our relationship.
  • Dr Ro bring us back to acknowledging our core values and needs, and how this affects our behaviour.
  • Tools to help us strip back our protective emotional layers and create more intimacy.
  • Impactful revelations; parents give permission to their children to be challenged. They apologies for patterns they might have instigated or allowed.
  • Dynamic insights to gain a deeper understanding on all levels of relationships.

Part 3 – Level 3 & 4 Relationships

  • Dr Ro explores in more detail Level 3 and 4 of Relationships.
  • Reconnect with your partner and establish an understanding and awareness, what level are you?
  • Understand on a deeper level where we find security and reassurance, and how to give it.
  • Specific techniques for developing trust and connection, bring your relationship up to the next level together.
  • Dr Ro asks 2 key questions to gain insight into your relationships.
  • Reflect; what patterns appear? Is your relationship growing or dying?

Part 4 – The Power of Presence

  • Dr Ro asks 3 challenging questions to reveal your relationship commitment.
  • Understand how taking part in a simple exercise can bring presence and focus.
  • Moving footage from a seminar that brings forward examples of the importance of presence.
  • An honest discussion about connection, presence and opening our heart.
  • A technique to draw out our vulnerable, honest qualities.
  • Huge insight into the power of physicality and how to truly connect with your partner.

Part 5 – Dynamics & Polarity

  • Discover the power of polarity, the push and pull dynamics present in any relationship.
  • Dr Ro brainstorms the difference between masculine/feminine and light/dark energy. His audience embrace this work with a myriad of evoking suggestions highlighting a contrast between energies.
  • Question which words resonate for you; what do you consider masculine or feminine traits?
  • Learn to be centred, notice energy shifts and find more grounding.
  • Recognise when a person is centred and grounded, how does this effect your perception of them.
  • Discover a fantastic metaphor that clearly illustrates this segment’s work.
  • Through Dr Ro’s captivating exercise, gain a deeper understanding of what masculine and feminine energy means to others.
  • Cement these ideas through personal stories and revelations, witness heartfelt shifts in participants and open, honest discoveries.

Part 6 – Trust and Lasting Relationships

  • Clear formula to help you create trust in your relationships.
  • Key phrases and actions that expose how we could undermine trust in our partner.
  • Dr Ro reiterates the importance of respect.
  • A powerful formula of 3 elements to apply to your relationship. 
  • Redefine the importance of giving love unconditionally. 
  • Powerful exercise to help you map out your ideal relationship. 
  • 4 actions to enable you to take responsibility, build communication and deepen your connection. 
  • Tips for what’s next on your journey, bring together the work you have done with the Relationship Series to build strong foundations in your relationship.

Transform your relationships and deepen your connections with Dr Ro’s strong formula today. Start the Relationship series now!

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