This series is part of the foundations of Elite Mind Engineer and is the key starting point for everyone. By fully assessing where we are now, we are able to step forwards with confidence and direction. Whether it feels like you are stuck treading a well-worn path or you are already on your new journey, this stage in the personal development process is invaluable to your growth. Through a variety of techniques, tools and challenging questions allow Dr Ro to help you uncover where you are now, and what truly is the next step for you.

Part 1 – Introduction

  • Understand how awareness about where you are now is the starting point for your journey moving forwards.
  • Utilise Dr Ro’s powerful 4-step process to learn where you are now.
  • Understand, through extracts from a live event with Dr Ro, how you can create shifts on a deep level.
  • Identify how to raise your standards and engage in the present moment.
  • Discover how language sets the compass for your direction in any life area.

Part 2 – Step 1

  • Using your workbook, Dr Ro helps you establish for yourself your levels of happiness in each area of your life.
  • Review the happiness scoring system and identify where you sit and what areas need attention.
  • Discover the area in your life that you need to work on most with Dr Ro’s simple and effective process. Notice that the area you believed needed greatest attention often isn’t the area you truly need to place your attention on first.
  • Gain powerful insights into the levels of happiness and how these play out in your life.

Part 3 – Step 2

  • Using your workbook and the EME Pyramid, identify what area in your life you score lowest on and why.
  • Understand the depth of your feelings and develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Utilise tools to filter through each area of your life.
  • Identify the category in which you are most unhappy.
  • Discover the stories you are telling yourself.
  • Maximise clarity on your situation.

Part 4 – Step 3

  • Understand how emotional leverage makes way for real change.
  • Experience a process that looks at all areas of your life and asks why things need to change.
  • Clarify, using your workbook, why things must change now.
  • Identify the consequences of inaction.
  • Establish your commitment level.
  • Allow Dr Ro to walk you through a 3-step process for dealing with any situation.
  • Be empowered to take action that gets results.

Part 5 – Step 4

  • Get excited about where you are going, now that you have established your key areas and commitment level.
  • Create shifts that resonate using kinetic and auditory methods.
  • Through powerful exercises, understand the importance of changing your state.
  • Identify what it would mean to achieve your goal using Dr Ro’s key process.

Part 6 – Step 5

  • Achieve results with renewed energy.
  • Reset – apply your new awareness to different areas of your life.
  • Smash through limiting beliefs.
  • Maximise Dr Ro’s practical tools to break old habits and eliminate procrastination.
  • Move forwards with firm footing, new understanding and clear focus.

You can only move forwards if you know where you are now. And using Dr Ro’s techniques, you can discover what the next steps to take are. Start the Where Are You Now series now!

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