The ‘Who Are You?’ series is a truly powerful series to get clarity on who you are and how you show up in the world. This is a vital series for everyone regardless of where you are at in your life right now. By understanding your top basic human needs, reconnecting with your inner selves and aligning your language, values and beliefs, you will have a powerful foundation to build upon in any area of your life.

Part 1 – You & Your Communication

  • Understand the importance of working on your communication to get your beliefs across when communicating with others.
  • Discover how your language, values and beliefs impact your life.
  • Learn simple techniques to transform negative patterns into positive patterns for your life.
  • Reconnect with your authenticity and spirit so you can feel the positive effects of getting back in touch with your inner self.

Part 2 – Time to Revalue Your Life

  • Maximise Dr Ro’s five key questions to ask yourself when re-valuing your life.
  • Discover Dr Ro’s simple and effective process for focusing on the core values you want to live by.
  • Define your top 3-5 values in order of greatest importance.
  • Discover what you want to experience in life.
  • Define what do you stand for.

Part 3 – Making the Rules Easy

  • Define how to relax your rules with Dr Ro’s simple exercise.
  • Learn Dr Ro’s powerful process to rely on yourself rather than others when experiencing your top values in life.
  • Create empowering rules to transform your life.

Part 4 – The 6 Basic Human Needs

  • Understand how your basic human needs are closely linked with your values.
  • Discover what your top human needs are.
  • Learn how everything we do in life is driven by our 6 basic human needs.
  • Discover empowering and disempowering ways to meet your need for Security/Certainty.
  • Understand empowering and disempowering ways to meet your need for Variety/Freedom.
  • Understand how the need for Security/Certainty and the need for Variety/Freedom interact with each other.

Part 5 – The 6 Basic Human Needs

  • Discover empowering and disempowering ways to meet your need for Love/Connection.
  • Discover empowering and disempowering ways to meet your need for Significance/Self-Esteem.
  • Understand how the need for Love/Connection and the need for Significance/Self-Esteem interact with each other.
  • Discover empowering and disempowering ways to meet your need for Growth and Contribution.
  • Define the order of your 6 basic human needs.

Part 6 – Be Authentic – Be Present

  • Learn how to truly be authentic in any environment.
  • Discover how being authentic can significantly impact your personal, professional and intimate relationships in an incredible way.
  • Learn how you can communicate with language and physiology that is authentic to the real you.
  • Discover simple tips to help you to be mindful and present in your life.
  • Utilise Dr Ro’s 4 steps to being present in any given moment.

Align yourself with your values and show up as an authentic you in all areas of your life today! Start the Who Are You? Series now.

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