During this series you will discover Dr Ro’s six-step process for creating purpose in any area of your life. Work with Dr Ro’s own template to help you design your personal vision and to activate the law of attraction. Enhance your vision, passion and motivation whilst learning from those who have already taken a journey of transformation with their life purpose.

Part 1 – You – Vision – Purpose

  • Discover insights about the critical point of contact and the law of attraction with Dr Ro.
  • Complete Dr Ro’s vision exercise to define the various aspects of your life purpose.
  • Learn Dr Ro’s vision and attraction insights.
  • Utilise Dr Ro’s tips to help you gain clarity and alignment with your life purpose.
  • Discover Dr Ro’s 4 key elements for bringing your vision into reality.
  • Utilise a powerful tool to create your own life purpose statements.

Part 2 – Six Steps to Purpose

  • Complete Dr Ro’s transformational and in-depth 6-step process to create purpose in your life.
  • Learn how to review and calibrate.
  • Learn about how you can experience synchronicities and harness the law of attraction when you are in alignment with your life purpose.

Part 3 – Interview with Siobhan Bermingham

  • A process to redefine your beliefs and purpose.
  • A tool to understand your values and what you would like them to be.
  • Learn from Dr Ro’s insightful interview with Siobhan Bermingham, an actress and entrepreneur, as she speaks from the heart about how to redesign who you are, at a core level.
  • Gain new perspectives through this honest account of how losing a loved one challenges our perception of life and our direction.
  • Understand how someone else’s journey shines light on areas in your own personal journey.
  • Discover the light bulb moments that got Siobhan’s life back on track and how you can do the same.
  • Gain a deeper understanding on how our values underline the daily choices we make.
  • Discover the power of being open and willing to grow on a consistent basis despite challenges.
  • Receive tips for getting the best out of the Life Purpose Legacy Course, finding authenticity and aligning with who you truly are.
  • Vital insight into making living on purpose a daily practice.
  • Develop ideas for relaxing the rules so that success is more sustainable.
  • Identify the “life is hard” mindset and how to create conscious shifts; busy doesn’t mean purposeful.
  • Reconnect with your beliefs and values to create the foundations that must align with your purpose.
  • Discover how Siobhan has broken down her goals into daily tasks and a 5-year plan.
  • An inspirational account of embracing change and allowing a new outlook and network to support her direction.

Part 4 – Creating the Vision

  • Complete Dr Ro’s process for creating a powerful vision statement for each area of your life.
  • Maximise your learning by modelling Dr Ro’s professional speaking vision statement.
  • Experience Dr Ro’s Visualisation exercise to help you feel and ‘think big’ for your vision.
  • Utilise examples of passionate and powerful vision statements, from Dr Ro’s Turning Point event, to help you create a vision that will truly inspire you.

Part 5 – Finding your Passion

  • Understand the importance of connecting with your greatest passions, to live a happy, dynamic and purposeful life.
  • Discover Dr Ro’s ‘Five to Feel Alive’ process.
  • Get clarity on your passions within the areas of family, friends, personal growth, wealth, health/vibrancy and giving back.
  • Learn how to utilise inspiration when building upon your passions and vision for your life.
  • Complete Dr Ro’s exercise for maximising “life’s clues”.
  • Maximise the law of contrary behaviour with Dr Ro’s guidance and tips.
  • Learn how your emotions and physiology connect with your passions.
  • Connect your values, beliefs and passions together for true alignment.
  • Utilise other people’s perspectives, to gain greater clarity, with Dr Ro’s simple exercise.

Part 6 – Purpose & Motivation

  • Dig deep to gain clarity about the ‘Why’ behind your purpose.
  • Learn from Dr Ro’s purpose statements.
  • Follow Dr Ro’s process to increase your motivation so that you wake up every day with passion and purpose.
  • Utilise examples of purpose points from Dr Ro’s Turning event.
  • Complete Dr Ro’s dream board exercise for daily visual stimulation.
  • Maximise a range of motivation tools suggested by Dr Ro.
  • Discover the power of accountability.
  • Complete Dr Ro’s 6-month purpose challenge.

Determine your purpose, your values, beliefs and visions with the help of Dr Ro’s 6-step process. Start this POWERFUL series on Your Life Purpose now.

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