Improve your Communication Skills | Video Series

Learn to communicate powerfully and effectively with Dr Ro’s top tips, tools and processes. Whether you are communicating with individuals, a small group or a large audience, Dr Ro’s techniques and approach will help you to communicate with clarity and impact.

Part 1 – You & Your Message

  • Learn the 4 elements to be clear on who you are as a speaker.
  • Use this tool to define the message you want to share when speaking with individuals, a group or a larger audience.

Part 2 – The Power of Communication

  • Communicate with impact using a 4-step process to convert your beliefs into powerful interaction with your audience.
  • Achieve your desired result each time you communicate by using Dr Ro’s key pointers.

Part 3 – The Art of Selling Yourself

  • Understand your current mindset and how that affects your communication.
  • Utilise a powerful 4 step process to sell your services, product or message with impact.
  • Learn Dr Ro’s tool for connecting with yourself before selling to an audience.

Part 4 – Alignment – Purpose – Growth

  • A process to model other speakers to improve your speaking and to learn new techniques.
  • A tool to discover the bigger picture for your own desired results when communicating with others or speaking in public.
  • Take Dr Ro’s challenge to help you grow as a speaker and stretch your comfort zone.
  • Learn Dr Ro’s tips to stay aligned with yourself as a speaker and communicate with authenticity.

Part 5 – Four Levels of Communication

  • Learn the 4 communication levels you can utilise when delivering to an audience of any size.
  • Understand how and when to transition between communication levels to maximise the affect you have on your audience/the people you are speaking to.
  • Discover a tool to balance the different ways you portray yourself to the audience.

Part 6 – Essential Tips when Preparing to Speak to an Audience

  • Tips to help you prepare yourself to deliver to an audience.
  • A list of key elements to have in place before speaking in front of an audience.
  • Tools to maximise the space you are speaking in ahead of a presentation.

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