Lock in your learnings for life with Dr Ro's Communicating with Impact™

Coaching Programme

Work with Siobhan Bermingham through group or one-to-one coaching and start using your new CWI™ skills in daily life to improve the way you communicate forever


Communicating with Impact™ Coaching Programme

Knowing the 38 components isn’t enough – you have to integrate Dr Ro’s comprehensive CWI™ System into your daily communication. Double down on your strengths and work on the areas where your weaknesses lie.

That is how the coaching programme is designed to help you achieve permanent improvement.

This programme has not been available to past CWI™ attendees but due to the volume of requests we have had for ongoing coaching support we have opened up the programme this year.

Powered by Dr Ro's lead CWI™ coach - the highly skilled Siobhan Bermingham.

How the CWI™ coaching programme will help you

Coaching provides both tangible and intangible benefits to clients. These are common benefits clients experience:  taking your property business to the next level, getting angel investors to say ‘yes’ to investing with you, becoming a Public Speaker and getting paid for it, achieving a pay rise in your job, promoting yourself on social media and more?

Ultimately experience financial, personal and professional benefits from working with a CWI™ coach.

Having the opportunity to be personally coached through your communication mastery journey will set you years ahead of those who ‘do it alone’. Regular feedback, tips and light bulb moments can be the difference between a quiet business or a six-figure income. 

Here are three major wins you will experience from your coaching programme:

External feedback

Get an external analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. Then utilise these insights  to double down on your strengths and improving your weaknesses.

Permanently change habits

CWI™ is not a theoretical subject. It's true power is in application. However application is easier said than done. With the support of a coach holding you accountable you will make high quality communication a part of your daily habits.

Rapid improvement

With step-by-step guidance you can expect to see rapid improvement in your communication application. How fast you will grow in 3 to 6 months would take someone without a coach 3 to 6 years.

Make CWI a permanent part of your life


Three coaching packages suitable for all budgets

Decide what coaching package is right for you and your personal development budget. Each package is designed to improve your communication on a permanent basis.

Group Coaching
2 months | 8 sessions

The ultimate test-driving experience.

Put your learnings and newfound communication skills through their paces with 8 intense group coaching sessions, full of challenges, powerful exercises and live demos to help you Master Dr Ro’s 38 Component CWI™ System.

3 months | 12 sessions

Clarify any questions you have following Dr Ro’s amazing CWI™ event. Plus be guided step by step through the process of ingraining these techniques into your daily communication.

Benefit from focusing in on 1 or 2 projects where you want to excel in your communication, so you can put your newfound skills into practise with regular feedback on your results.

6 months | 24 sessions

Take this 6-month journey and catapult your success to heights many don’t reach in 5 years.

Focus in on your communication skills within 1 particular area such as your business, public speaking or angel investments or select 3 or 4 smaller projects where you would like to take things to a new level.

This is only for a select few who truly want to embody excellent communication, sky-rocket their business success, engrain long-term habits and mindset shifts, transform their confidence, or master their public speaking skills.

Group Coaching

What's included

Practice your skills

Practice your skills with scenarios specific to your journey or business, so you can become more confident and effective.

Live demonstrations

Practice through live demonstrations and interventions with Lead CWI coach Siobhan Bermingham for instant feedback and tips.

practical Exercises

Gain exercises every week that will help you hone how you adapt the use of Dr Ro’s CWI system in your business meetings, pitching to investors, finding new business partners and communicating with confidence.


Delve deep into WHY powerful communication is important to you and your vision, to help ignite your passion and propel your success.


Identify the weaknesses you need to work on for more powerful communication moving forwards.


Role-play challenging scenarios to put your skills through their paces and learn from watching others do the same.


Draw insights from witnessing how others apply Dr Ro’s CWI™ system and learn how to adapt in the moment, to help you achieve greater success.

3 months

What's included


Focus in on 1 or 2 key projects where you want your communication to go to the next level and work with Siobhan to address the missing links in your current approach.


Receive a personalised analysis of your strengths and weaknesses in the areas of YOU, THEM and ENVIRONMENT so you can focus your learning for more effective growth.


Gain personalised tips, techniques and step-by-step feedback to help you transform your success and get results in a shorter time frame.


Fine tune and master your Turning Point Tale and roleplay how to link this to your desired audience/outcomes.


Discover how to adjust your tonality, pitch and vocal techniques to engage and impact those you are speaking to.


Work on mastering questions and statements to gain laser beam focus when engaging investors, business partners, customers and an audience.


Learn how your breathing technique is enhancing or hindering your communication and what to do to breathe like a pro.


Practice delivering your pitches to investors or business prospects until your communication is focused, impactful and dynamic so you can inspire others to work with you.


Learn how to turn rejections into opportunities with personalised guidance from Siobhan based on your individual challenges.


Set up for success and put your communication skills to the test with Siobhan’s Communication Challenges - focusing on timing, distractions, objections, technical issues, NLP and Leverage.

6 months

What's included

You will get all of the features included in the 3 month one-to-one coaching PLUS all of the below:


Receive a personalised analysis of your current ability level in each of the 38 components of Dr Ro’s CWI system, with feedback and tips on how you can take ALL 38 components to a whole new level.


Dig deep into what beliefs, confidence/self-esteem or mindset shifts are needed for you to build the life you’ve dreamed of for yourself and your loved ones.


Delve into the power of NLP techniques to enhance your business success, sales techniques and one-to-one communication.


Learn how to maximize your networking ability and adjust to different personality types, so you can create effective outcomes whoever you are speaking to.


Practise adjusting your Delivery Styles with instant feedback and tips on the styles which help you communicate more authentically and ‘on-brand’.


Maximise certain CWI™ components when communicating to help you to delegate tasks successfully, so you can free up your time to do more of what you love.


Harmonise the flow between the YOU, THEM and ENVIRONMENT aspects of the CWI™ system so you can adapt with ease during business meetings, public speaking and investment opportunities.


Practice various scenarios from your business or meetings to implement leverage in the face of common challenges.


Learn key techniques for success on audio/phone calls that most people never learn, so you can effectively communicate and grow your business.


Receive step-by-step guidance on how you need to adapt to embody the four key archetypes and personalised tips to help you get more comfortable utilising the archetypes for your business and daily communication.


Practice maximising key language patterns to direct conversations towards your desired outcome.


Discover how you can integrate NLP techniques into your business presentations and investor pitches on a regular basis for greater rapport, alignment and business growth.

Meet Siobhan Berminghan

Dr Ro has personally hand picked Siobhan as Lead Coach for CWI because of her extensive experience in this field and ability to apply the CWI system into any situation personal or professional.

Siobhan has dedicated herself to ongoing personal development, training in a multitude of techniques for mindset coaching, hypnosis, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), healing work, Dr Ro’s CWI™ System and most recently Sound Healing Meditation work.

As a Master NLP Practitioner, Siobhan began building her communication/public speaking coaching with private clients over a decade ago and has spoken on stages in front of hundreds of people, giving trainings on Public speaking, Vocal Power, mindset techniques and how to fully step into your greatness.

Over the last 10 years, helping hundreds of people, Siobhan has discovered time and time again that a person’s level of Confidence and Self-Esteem along with their willingness to grow and evolve has a direct impact on their long-term happiness and success. This has set Siobhan on a mission to help people live fuller, more abundant lives where they can express the fullest version of themselves.

Siobhan Bermingham

Coaching Package Pricing

There are three distinct coaching packages to suit each person's aspiration and budget. Please note that these coaching packages are only available to those who have attended the Communicating With Impact™ programme with Dr Ro. Pricing is available at live events or by contacting the team at contact@seekardo.com.


2 months | 8 Sessions | 1 Hour each




  • Group coaching
  • Online video sessions
  • 8 Sessions
  • 1 Hour each

MOST Popular


3 months | 12 Sessions | 1 Hour each




  • One-to-one coaching
  • Online video sessions
  • 12 Sessions
  • 1 Hour each

6 months | 24 Sessions | 1 Hour each




  • One-to-one coaching
  • Online video sessions
  • 24 Sessions
  • 1 Hour each

Make all 38 components from Dr Ro's CWI™ system a part of your daily life for truly remarkable results

Work with Dr Ro's lead CWI™ coach Siobhan Bermingham on a group or one-to-one basis and rapidly improve your communication for life.