How to Improve your Communication

 within Your Career

What You’ll learn in this webinar:

I want to share with you - tools, techniques and skills - I typically only share with private clients who want to get amazing results in their workplace.

Access these new skills in 10 different career areas (either now or in the future).

Become aware of 3 core areas of communication within the workplace (you’ll feel like you have radar vision).

Sequence these 3 components from my system to get what you want 99% of the time (they have to be in this order).

Get the edge with the finer details of communication (most people never consider these components of communication in their day to day).

I’ll share with you the 2 most overlooked areas of communication in the workplace (It even happens to me during this webclass, see if you can spot it).

Why not to underestimate the power of communication in getting you the results you want out of your job.

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Your WebClass Host:

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

You are in for one incredible WebClass. Dr Ro as he is known by delegates of his trainings, has over 30 years of speaking & coaching experience globally!  He has spoken to audiences in over 20 countries and helped 100,000’s people in the process.

As a speaker, he has generated millions in revenue (and can show you how to do the same in your career) by talking on the subjects of Communication Mastery, Life Mastery and Wealth Education. All whilst using his communication skills to raise money for well-known charities.

Finally, he has used his communication skills to author an Amazon best-selling book - ‘Turning Point’ and co-host the highly popular ‘The Seekardo™ Show’.

He fundamentally accredits his personal and financial success to his ability to Communicate With Impact. He is excited to unpackage 30 years of these tools with you on the Communicating With Impact™ Online Programme.

This WebClass won't be FREE for long...

My team are working on packaging this up as a paid training for my online audience. Watch it now whilst it's still available for free.