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This workshop is now sold out, no longer taking bookings.


The workshop is now closed.

Dr Ro and the team are now gearing up for the big Communicating With Impact™ 3-Day Virtual Event. To learn more click the button below:

Join Dr Ro and his team where over a 3-hour online workshop you'll discover - What Communicating With Impact™ is. How you can apply it to your personal & professional life. The results you can achieve? Plus practical tips and tools you can implement immediately after the workshop.

3 Hour Workshop Online

Join Dr Ro from the comfort of your own home. Where he will help you discover his trademarked total communication mastery system. The session will be hosted via Zoom.

2 x Workshop Dates 

Select from either a weekday or weekend workshop date to suit your schedule. (Select date at checkout). Workshop dates are:  Tue 23rd Feb (6PM GMT) SOLD OUT or Sat 27th Feb (10AM) SOLD OUT

Nominal Ticket Price

This will be an interactive workshop where you'll discover Dr Ro's trademarked CWI™ system first hand. To ensure maximum commitment of attendees there is a nominal £15+vat ticket price get access to this powerful workshop.

...You will come away with the skills and tools needed to be able to talk to absolutely anyone

“Trust me when I say this, you will come away with the skills and tools needed to be able to talk to absolutely anyone and possibly even mind read.”

...You will not regret it. It has changed my world

“Honestly, if you ever see that event pop up in your feed…or you meet Dr Ro and he is saying “Hey, you got to come to this amazing training!”, just grab it with both hands, you will not regret it. It has changed my world.”

To see the impact that can have through communication was astounding

“Using tips and tricks like social proofing, neuro-linguistic programming and mind reading, I mean the mind reading stuff was absolutely incredible. To see the impact that can have through communication was astounding.”

What you will learn at the workshop

  1. 1
    Discover the three major fundamental areas of communication you just have to get right in order to get serious results. (Most people typically only use one out of three. On the workshop you'll become aware of all three).
  2. 2
    How to use engagement tactics to instantly grab someone's attention during a presentation, pitch, on social media or social gathering. (Most people skip this step and get straight into the main talk - then wonder why no ones paying attention. On the workshop Dr Ro will share with you his favourites that work time and time again).
  3. 3
    Create an instant connection with another person. Even a complete stranger. (Most people now days are very transactional and wonder why their personal & professional life doesn't improve. This part of the workshop will change that for you).
  4. 4
    What it is to be truly authentic and how to access that part of you for the world to see. (Celebrity culture has distorted our view on what peopletruly want to see. On the workshop we'll show you how to communicate by being yourself and still get the results you expect from life).
  5. 5
    How to prove your business will fulfil its promise in order to secure the sale. (Most people walk away from your product, service or offer because your missing this vital communication component. On the workshop Dr Ro will show you how to get the sale).
  6. 6
    How to create the perfect environment to control any communication. (People typically get this wrong and end up losing the communication whether its a pitch, sale, raising money etc. On the workshop Dr Ro will share with you how to get this right).
  7. 7
    Discover Dr Ro's signature two-minute elevator pitch which you can use in any scenario. (Most people take 15-20 minutes to say what can be done in 2 minutes. Dr Ro will reveal all on the workshop). 
  8. 8
    And more... the agenda for the workshop is always subject to change as Dr Ro will tailor it for the audience, so you get the best experience. 

Change your Personal, Professional & Business Life by attending

Dr Ro's Communicating With Impact™  Workshop



Understand how your personal life including - relationships, parenting, social, friendships - can benefit from developing your communication skills. 


Communication is critical within your professional life - career, promotions, presentations, influence - all depend on being able to develop your communication skills.


Attracting customers, managing employees, negotiating deals, closing sales, having a leadership presence - and so much more pivots on developing your communication skills.

...Put my learning into practice and increase the value of my property portfolio by over £200,000

“So I have to say, that after just 1 day of training with Dr Ro on this weekend, I was able to put my learning into practice and increase the value of my property portfolio by over £200,000. That is an incredible return on the investment for the training I paid for.”

...Full of interesting content, things like neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, body language...

“This course Communicating with Impact, it’s really fantastic. It’s really the summation of Dr Ro’s 30 years of working in this whole field of communication. It is full of interesting content, things like neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, body language, tone of voice, a whole range of material there.”

...Give you a fool-proof way to control your nerves, get very clear on what you want to say...

“Dr Ro draws on his 30 years of incredible experience to give you a fool-proof way to control your nerves, get very clear on what you want to say, give structure to what you’re gonna say and actually help communicate with impact.”

Here is some of what you will experience on the workshop

Live Demo & Coaching

Dr Ro will give you live examples and turn the theory into practice so it becomes applicable to your life. 

Interactive Exercises

Thanks to technology we can replicate interactive exercises as individuals, pairs and in groups. 

Q&A Opportunity

Please grab this opportunity to ask me your communication question. Dr Ro rarely runs these workshops and is not available on a one-to-one basis. 

Practical Examples

Dr Ro will bring up volunteers from the audience and work through practical scenarios they are going through.

CWI Coaches

Dr Ro will have a group of CWI coaches at the event to help you during interactive exercises. 

Past Students of CWI™

Dr Ro has coached, trained and supported thousands of people over the years with their communication. So you will get to hear from some of these  wonderful people at the workshop.

Why others are booking on...

Clear message

“The main reason I’m here is basically, I needed to learn to make sure that my message is clear…because I’m working with many international clients and it’s important for me that they understand what I’m trying to pass on.”

Connect with others

“We’ve been learning about how to really connect with your audience, so it could be from being quite commanding to vulnerable. And also, how to connect with different types of people.”

Maintaining energy

“What I absolutely love about this whole event is the energy level…Ro is doing an incredible job at keeping everyone’s energy level high and the room are just loving it.”

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

You are in for one incredible programme. Dr Ro as he is known by delegates of his programmes has over 30 years of speaking & coaching experience globally! He has spoken to audiences in over 20 countries and helped 100,000’s people in the process.

As a speaker, he has generated millions in revenue (and can show you how to do the same) by talking on the subjects of Communication Mastery, Life Mastery and Wealth Education. All whilst using his communication skills to raise money for well-known charities.

Finally, he has used his communication skills to author an Amazon best-selling book - ‘Turning Point’ and co-host the highly popular ‘The Seekardo Show’.

He fundamentally accredits his personal and financial success to his ability to Communicate With Impact™.

He is excited to reveal 30 years of these tools with you on the Communicating With Impact™ Virtual Event.

Professional speakers & specialists I have helped coach and work with...

“Massively endorse the work Dr Ro does, a real specialist, a supreme communicator, not only who understands it but can teach it.”

Steve Backley OBE

Olympic Athlete & High Performance Specialist

“Do whatever it takes to be there…help you get clearer on what you want to communicate…adjust to different environments for example business meeting, sales meeting, intimate relationship…Go reap the rewards.”

Siobhan Bermingham

Communication, Confidence & Self Esteem Coach

“Ro is an expert on communication….he has the skills to teach you how to communicate 1 on 1 and with lots of people”

Roger Black MBE

Olympic Athlete & High Performance Specialist

“He is an absolute master at getting the best out of people…if you can get the opportunity to learn from him I will strongly advise you to take that opportunity…a unique, one off, first time offer…have great fun and enjoy.”

Caroline Claydon

Property Investor & Wealth Educator

“The key things I learnt from Rohan. The ability to stand in front of a room of people, teach those people and impact those people…there is an art to communication and Rohan is an absolute master at that….I have known Rohan for 12 years and he has never done this before.”

Ali Crooks

Founder of Trader Support Club

“Rohan was instrumental in guiding me in the speaking profession….knowing how to speak with estate agents, letting agents, communicate with angels in the right way so they are wanting to give you the money….this is a one off event, he has not done it in the last 15 years….don't hesitate this is an absolute no brainer.”

Mark Dalton

Property Investor & Wealth Educator

“The things I learnt from Ro over the years have hugely helped me…how to speak to multiple groups of people, 5-10,000 or 1 to 2 people…if you have the opportunity to work with him, grab it and sprint.”

Corey Donoghue

High Performance Coach

“What he can help you to achieve…improve your business communication for raise funding….relationships, to create a more harmonious environment….do not miss this opportunity…what Ro has helped me achieved as an individual, I cannot put any level of quantity on that…step up to the plate…to take you to a whole new level.”

Greg Ellis

Property Investor & Wealth Educator

“I have learnt from him about the property business, it’s not just bricks and mortar, it’s a people business….therefore communication is key….subtle points in communication…tips…it has helped skyrocket our business and we have raised over a £1million pounds in the last 2 years…I wish I could be there with you guys.”

Daniel Sim

International Property investor

“Ro has taught me many strategies, techniques and tactics…how to speak well with confidence and impact. How to control an audience and get the desired outcome. How to build rapport very quickly. He will show you ways to improve your results very quickly.”

Sean Thompson

Property Investor & Wealth Educator

“Learning how to public speak and communicate effectively is a massive skill that you need to add to your toolbox…raise more money, find more deals, communicate with power team effectively…taking your business to the next level.”

Ravi Vekaria & James Trickett

Business Acquisition Specialists

“I have become an absolute raving fan…I 100% fully support….speaking, learning to pitch investors, speak to people about your business, jump in, it will be absolutely fantastic.”

Amanda Woodward

Property Investor & International Public Speaker

You can use these tools when you are pitching for angel money, if you are presenting in front of an audience...

“You can use these tools when you are pitching for angel money, if you are presenting in front of an audience, it could be when you are talking one to one to people and you could also just be talking to your friends and family and you want to get the message across clearly.”

That was something I didn’t know about and I felt that I have managed to master that within the short time...

“…and the other thing for me is having good voice command and going through different types of speaking. That was something I didn’t know about and I felt that I have managed to master that within the short time we had in the workshop.”

I was never, ever able to do such a thing before. And I did it, I felt so great...

“I went on stage with a mic in front of many people and I was never, ever able to do such a thing before. And I did it, I felt so great after doing it.”

Here's what others have to say about CWI™

Word of warning - these people are go-getters. The type of people who dream it and then go get what they want. They understand that to set themselves apart within the 1% they have to work on areas where others aren't willing. Everyone below (and more) committed to improving their communication skills  because they understood the power of communication and how it positively impacts every part of their life. They are now sound in the knowledge that their new skills put them head and shoulders above the competition in their chosen industry. Hear what they have to say and come learn what their first step was in discovering Dr Ro's Total Communication Mastery System.

Donna Simmons
Martin Godfrey
Cat Settle
Terjinder Bagri
Jack English
Nasiche McKenzie
Donna McCloskey
Curtis Malcolm
Tom Scarth
Salik Rashid
Suneta Bagri
Jonathon Cowie
Fiona Crichton
Mags Lewo-Brzeska
Dom Ioanna
Steve Kelsey
Helena Gyllensward
Geena Sudra
Karishma Davdra
Bruce Lessels
Leo Shkembi
Harminder Toor
Vishal Bharakda
Shirley Harrison

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