Create positive changes in your personal and professional life now by learning and implementing Dr Ro’s

Communicating With Impact™ System.

Learn to be able to communicate like a master...even if you are nervous, lack confidence or have been told you can’t 

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STOP boring people, not getting what you want, being forgettable, being ignored, losing sales, staying single…

This and more is the impact of you not being able to communicate with impact. If you have ever been in a situation where you didn’t get that promotion, your kids didn’t listen to you, you couldn’t connect with your partner, you didn’t raise finance, you couldn’t recruit talented people, you couldn’t get someone to buy your product, you didn’t get the company to agree to your idea, you avoided public speaking, couldn’t capture an important persons attention, you were unable to raise money for charity….Then you need to ask yourself an important question…

...What impact is this having on your life? How does it affect your finances? How is it impacting your family life? How do people perceive you? How many times have you not got what you wanted? How is this impacting my relationships? What is this costing you in business?...

Now only you will know the true answer to those questions, but how would your life transform if just one of those areas improved? Maybe you close that deal which changes your families finances? Maybe you cultivate an amazing relationship with your children? Maybe you convince your key employee to stay and they go on to grow your company? Maybe you raise the money your charity desperately needs? Maybe you rise through your companies ranks?

At this point, the question I get is, but Dr Ro - HOW do you make this all possible? What is the one thing that can create the greatest transformation? Well, there is a fundamental human characteristic which makes all of this possible. Learning how to Communicate.

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.” - Brian Tracy.

I discovered ‘Communication is the new currency’ after acquiring it over 30 years of communicating with people one to one, and with audiences small and large. Over my time it has made me millions, allowed me to connect instantly with people, talk to thousands of people from the stage, help people through transformational coaching and more...but I did not realise it was the fundamental reason for so much of my success. The more my communication currency increased, the more positive impact I saw in my life. 30 years later and having taught and coached hundred’s of people in the art of communication in private settings, I saw that their lives also drastically changed rapidly. This has now lead me to finally take what has only been available behind closed doors and share with you, the opportunity to increase your own communication currency and truly master the art of communication...

Communicating With Impact™ Online Programme

Communicating With Impact™ Online is an intensive 6 hour - 8 module video programme designed to transform your life by equipping you with tools you need to communicate with power, effectiveness and impact. You will discover, learn and be able to implement components from my personal Total Communication Mastery System. This fundamentally teaches you how to communicate with yourself, with those around you whilst being conscious of the environment in which you communicate. This system like this is not taught anywhere and is as a of result of 30 years communicating to people one-to-one, audiences small and in the hundreds of thousands. I have packaged this up for you so that you don’t have to wait 30 years to learn and experience the results of being able to Communicate With Impact.

Enrol Now and Get 21 Bonuses Worth £2,364

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enrol Today

You will immediately get lifetime access to my Communicating With Impact™ Online programme. You will even get full access to ALL 8 video modules instantly. By working through all 8 modules within this intensive programme you will be on your way to communication mastery.

INSTANT access to 6 Hours of Dynamic Video and ALL 8 Modules

Unlike online courses which hold modules back, you will get full access to all 8 modules so you can work through them at your own speed and see benefits asap.

Practice with strategic EXERCISES

I want you to master these skills, so I have put together powerful exercises that allow you to turn theory into actionable results after every module. Meaning you can implement what you learn.

Life Time Access: Retake The Programme Again and Again, For FREE!

This course is comprehensive and intensive. So I want you to be able to retake the program again and again, for FREE! Every time you watch it, you get closer to mastery.

Practical STEP-BY-STEP process

Within each module, I will show you the exact formula to use, saving you time on trial and error and ensuring you get results QUICK!


I have been given permission by past Communicating With Impact delegates to share exactly how they used the programme and how it transformed their life. So you can use these relatable examples and apply them to your life.

Actual EVENT footage

I will be sharing with you never before seen LIVE event footage to give a new insight into the world of communication. Meaning you get a live event experience from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

It is always great when you can see how other people have used Communicating With Impact in their life and seen incredible results that are personal to them.

Nasiche McKenzie

Property Investor

Incredible return on investment

“So I have to say that after just 1 day of training with Dr Ro on this weekend, I was able to put my learning into practice and increase the value of my property portfolio by over £200,000. That is an incredible return on the investment for the training I paid for.”

Geena Sudra

Business Owner

Fool-proof way to control your nerves

“Dr Ro draws on his 30 years of incredible experience to give you a fool-proof way to control your nerves, get very clear on what you want to say, give structure to what you’re gonna say and actually help communicate with impact.”

Dom Ioanna

Business owner & Web Developer

It has changed my world

“Honestly, if you ever see that event pop up in your feed…or you meet Dr Ro and he is saying “Hey, you got to come to this amazing training!”, just grab it with both hands, you will not regret it. It has changed my world.”

What you will learn in this course

Here’s a big-picture view of what you will learn in each module! Remember each module has the theory, exercises for you to do and real-life case studies of people who have learned Communicating With Impact™ and taken action.


Module 1

In this module, there are three parts where you will focus on the components - OUTCOME, YOUR MESSAGE & PREPARATION. In this module, you will learn how to get the outcome you want, present your message in a high impact way and always be prepared for any communication. Meaning you see your desired results take shape, allow people to understand you every time and make the most out of every communication opportunity.


Module 2

In this module, there are three parts where you will focus on the components - MINDSET, PHYSIOLOGY & STATE MANAGEMENT. In this module, you will learn how to transform your mindset, master your physiology and be able to change your state at any moment during a communication. Meaning you approach communication with a powerful mindset ready for anything, mesmerise people/audiences and grab their attention and no longer feel nervous or lack confidence.


Module 3

In this module, there are three parts where you will focus on the components - ENGAGEMENT, VOCAL POWER & COMMUNICATION. In this module, you will learn how to engage someone rapidly, come across powerful & clear and communicate with anyone anywhere. Meaning people stop, sit up & listen to you, you are always heard and can create impact every time either one to one or a large group.


Module 4

In this module, there are three parts where you will focus on the components - AUTHENTICITY, RAPPORT & CONNECTION. In this module, you will learn how to be authentic, instantly create a spark with someone/group and how to truly connect with someone/group. Meaning you are seen as real & believable, save time on small talk and stay memorable.


Module 5

In this module, there are three parts where you will focus on the components - KNOWLEDGE, CERTAINTY & IMPACT. In this module, you will learn how to use your knowledge in the right way, create a sense of certainly even in doubt and maximise impact at every opportunity. Meaning you wow people with what you know & not seem arrogant, be believable & trustworthy even if they have doubts and completely mesmerise people who talk to you.


Module 6

In this module, there are three parts where you will focus on the components - SOCIAL PROOF, SALES & INFLUENCE. In this module, you will learn how to use tools to be believable, sell with authenticity and influence people to your way of thinking. Meaning you are more believable, close more deals and get what you want out of a situation.


Module 7

In this module, there are three parts where you will focus on the components - DISTRACTION, EQUIPMENT & ENVIRONMENT. In this module, you will learn how to avoid distractions, always have the right equipment for any scenario and manage the environment around you. Meaning your audience never lose focus on what you are saying, avoid embarrassment and control the environment like a magician.


Module 8

In this module, there are three parts where you will focus on the components - BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER, PUTTING IT INTO ACTION & ACHIEVING MASTERY. In this module, you will learn where you must be using Communicating With Impact now, how to put into action what you have learned and becoming a total communication master. Meaning you are ready to use your new powerful tools at any moment, transform your life/relationship/business/career/finances and acquire the most lucrative currency there is - communication.


When you enrol today, you get access to exclusive BONUSES! I wanted to make this a no brainer for you by giving you access to two tools which will compliment your Communicating With Impact Online Programme!

Bonus 1
PDF Download of ALL slides from ALL EIGHT modules

Normally I would not give my personal slides away like this, but I really want you to focus on committing to CWI and taking action on what you learn. Therefore you will share these with you as a bonus today. Think of these as your Communicating With Impact™ flashcards!

Bonus 2
Guided visualisation audio

As you are purchasing CWI Online today, I want to give you another bonus through providing you additional support! This very special audio will guide you through communication transformation by unlocked parts of your belief system that may be holding you back - I believe in you!

That's not will get x21 EXTRA bonuses for buying today

By showing an interest in improving your communication, by default, you have a GROWTH MINDSET. Which means you're willing to invest your time and money into improving yourself. Because of this, I want to make sure you are equipped with the very best tools to improve your communication and other areas of your life.

Here are the BONUS tools you'll get for buying now:

Bonus 3

Where Are You? | Video Series

The key starting point for everyone. By fully assessing where we are now, we are able to step forwards with confidence and direction. Whether it feels like you are stuck treading a well-worn path or you are already on your new journey, this stage in the personal development process is invaluable to your growth. 


6-Part series

Worth £97

Bonus 4

Who Are You? | Video Series

The ‘Who Are You?’ series is a truly powerful series to get clarity on who you are and how you show up in the world. This is a vital series for everyone regardless of where you are at in your life right now. By understanding your top basic human needs, reconnecting with your inner selves and aligning your language, values and beliefs, you will have a powerful foundation to build upon in any area of your life.


6-Part series

Worth £97

Bonus 5

Blocks and Fears | Video Series

We all have challenges and fears that come up from time to time or those that have lingered over several years. In this series Dr Ro will take you through a process of identifying your blocks and fears, understanding which are having the greatest negative impact on your life and how you can remove these blocks and fears once and for all. 


6-Part series

Worth £97

Bonus 6

Your Life Purpose | Video Series

During this series you will discover Dr Ro’s six-step process for creating purpose in any area of your life. Work with Dr Ro’s own template to help you design your personal vision and to activate the law of attraction. Enhance your vision, passion and motivation whilst learning from those who have already taken a journey of transformation with their life purpose.


6-Part series

Worth £97

Bonus 7

Re-Engineer Your Future | Audio

  • Build new empowering beliefs around money.
  • Increased self-assurance and better time management.
  • Release past blocks.
  • Achieve a deep level of relaxation within a short amount of time.



Worth £47

Bonus 8

Health and Vitality  | Video Series

Truly create health and vitality with Dr Ro’s support and guidance. Discover how you manage your health and work on your vision on a daily basis. Create change, look deeply into your habits and create a platform to revitalise your health. Allow this series to be the catalyst for change in all aspects of your health.


6-Part Series

Worth £97

Bonus 9

Clarity and Confidence  | Audio

  • Release past blocks.
  • Build empowering new images in your subconscious. 
  • Learn to trust yourself and your unconscious. 
  • Connect with a greater wisdom.
  • Gain clarity on your goals.
  • Step onto a brighter, calmer path.
  • Achieve progress with your aspirations.



Worth £47

Bonus 10

Life Balance  | Video Series

There are always going to be challenges that can make you feel out of balance, over worked, tired or feeling that quality time with your loved ones isn’t happening frequently enough. This Life Balance series goes through the importance of creating life harmony and balance with specific guidance on time management, vitality, adventure, rest, relaxation, contribution, family life, personal growth and much more. 


6-part series

Worth £97

Bonus 11

Master Relationships  | Video Series

Dr Ro candidly talks us through the most sensitive of subjects, our intimate relationships. Drawing on his own personal experience we unfold where we are with regards to relationships, how things might have brought us to this point, and how we can release patterns and welcome change. Dr Ro shares with you his formula for a strong, lasting relationship. Identify Dr Ro’s 4 Levels of Relationships and consider where you and your partner currently sit. 


6-part series

Worth £97

Bonus 12

Re-Design Your Relationships  | Audio

  • Identify and release old patterns.
  • Affirmations reinforced at a deep unconscious level.
  • Attract the right people into your life.
  • Find alignment with yourself and your partner.
  • Discover amazing things about you.


    Worth £47

    Bonus 13

    Time Management | Video Series

    This series is designed to give you powerful tools that you can use to become more efficient with your time. It takes you through a top-down approach from the vision of how you want your life to look, to specific projects that you are working on, right down to ground level operations and how to manage these on a day-to-day basis. This is an information-packed series with methods and techniques that help you focus in on your daily activities to get more powerful results.


    6-Part Series

    Worth £97

    Bonus 14

    Creating Flow  | Audio

  • Gain methods to apply on a day to day basis.
  • Align with your purpose and maximise your results.
  • Transform your process and clarify goals.
  • Find synchronicity and ease within projects, people you work with and family connections.


    Worth £47

    Bonus 15

    Money & Me  | Video Series

    This series is focused on you and all aspects around your finances. Often a sensitive subject, our relationship with money shows up in all aspects of our life. Dr Ro offers practical, logical and emotional insight to halt negative behaviour and set you and your family on a new path of intention, belief and purpose. 



    Worth £147

    Bonus 16

    Money Mastery  | Audio

  • Remove existing limiting beliefs.
  • Release past blocks and build empowering new images.
  • Attracting money into your life and business.
  • Plan your expenses.
  • Strengthen and reinforce your financial and money beliefs.
  • BONUS Audio


    Worth £97

    Bonus 17

    Career Transition  | Video Series

    The Career Transition series takes you on a step by step journey for bridging the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to transition to. Whether you are transitioning job roles, companies or back into or out of a career – this series is the ideal guide for your journey.



    Worth £147

    Bonus 18

    Financial Freedom  | Audio 

  • Work towards financial freedom.
  • A money management system.
  • Vital insights, moving from Self Employed to owning a business.
  • Action the tools Dr Ro empowers you with to create financial freedom.
  • A process to be able to step away from your job.


    Worth £97

    Bonus 19

    Property Investing Strategies  | Audio 

  • Gain a deeper understanding, with Dr Ro’s wealth of experience of training tens of thousands of people worldwide, in property investment. 
  • Take a new look at property, understand why it’s a vehicle to invest in.  
  • Technique for understanding areas and the market.   
  • Vital principles for using your time and funds wisely.
  • Goal setting and strategic planning.


    Worth £97

    Bonus 20

    Business Start-Up Tips  | Video Series

    Start your business with clarity, structure and powerful foundations. Through Dr Ro’s guidance you will feel confident in your business’ vision, concept and systems. You will gain tools to help you maximise your branding, marketing and sales approach, as well as key pointers for the growth of your business beyond the start-up period. This Business Start Up series will enable you to gain a clear strategy for smashing those sales targets, managing your paperwork with ease and moving your brand into new markets.


    6-Part SERIES

    Worth £197

    Bonus 21

    Build It: Network Marketing Edition  | Audio

  • Communicate clearly down through your business and network.
  • Direct conversations and influence others. 
  • Learn to deal with different personality types.
  • Rapidly build confidence in prospecting and pitching.
  • Attract more people into your business.
  • Promote and market your products and service with new insight. 
  • Change your emotional state.
  • Be effective and resourceful in any situation.

    7-Part SERIES

    Worth £297

    That was a lot right? Well here's a summary of what you will get when you buy today:

    • Communicating With Impact Online Programme | Video Course (£297 value)
    • Bonus #1: CWI Online Programme | PDF Slides (£27 value)
    • Bonus #2: Guided Visualisation | Audio Download (£47 value)
    • Bonus #3: Where are you now? | Video Course (£97 value)
    • Bonus #4: Who are you? | Video Course (£97 value)
    • Bonus #5: Blocks and Fears | Video Course (£97 value)
    • Bonus #6: Your Life Purposes | Video Course (£97 value)
    • Bonus #7: Re-Design your Future | Audio Download (£47 value)
    • Bonus #8: Health and Vitality | Video Course (£97 value)
    • Bonus #9: Gaining Clarity and Confidence | Audio Download (£47 value)
    • Bonus #10: Life Balance | Video Course (£97 value)
    • Bonus #11: Master Your Relationships | Video Course (£97 value)
    • Bonus #12: Re-Design Your Relationships | Audio Download (£47 value)
    • Bonus #13: Time Management | Video Course (£97 value)
    • Bonus #14: Create Flow | Audio Download (£47 value)
    • Bonus #15: Money and Me | Video Course (£147 value)
    • Bonus #16: Money Mastery | Audio Download (£97 value)
    • Bonus #17: Career Transitions | Video Course (£147 value)
    • Bonus #18: Financial Freedom | Audio Download (£97 value)
    • Bonus #19: Property Investing Strategies | Audio Download (£97 value)
    • Bonus #20: Business Start-Up Tips | Video Course (£147 value)
    • Bonus #21: Build It: Network Marketing Edition  | Audio Download (£297 value)

    Total Value: £2,364

    It's Time to Improve Your Communication - Enrol Now and Get ALL x21 bonuses worth £2,364


    Complete Communicating With Impact™ Online Programme

    Normally £197+vat

    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules
    • Bonus #1 - PDF Download
    • Bonus #2 - Guided Visualisation | Audio
    • Bonus #3 - Where are you now? | Video Course
    • Bonus #4 - Who are you? | Video Course
    • Bonus #5 - Blocks and Fears | Video Course
    • Bonus #6 - Your Life Purpose | Video Course
    • Bonus #7 - Re-Design Your Future | Audio
    • Bonus #8 - Health and Vitality | Video Course
    • Bonus #9 - Gaining Clarity and Confidence | Audio
    • Bonus #10 - Life Balance | Video Course
    • Bonus #11 - Master Your Relationships | Video Course
    • Bonus #12 - Re-Design Your Relationships | Audio
    • Bonus #13 - Time Management | Video Course
    • Bonus #14 - Create Flow | Audio
    • Bonus #15 - Money and Me | Video Course
    • Bonus #16 - Money Mastery | Audio
    • Bonus #17 - Career Transition | Video Course
    • Bonus #18 - Financial Freedom | Audio
    • Bonus #19 - Property Investing | Audio
    • Bonus #20 - Business Start-Up Tips | Video Course
    • Bonus #21 - Build It! Networking Marketing | Audio

    Bonuses Available Until...


    100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

    All you have to do is show me you did the work and you saw no benefits.

    Let me explain, I have taught hundreds of people the tools you are about to learn. The important thing here is they committed and took action to learn this. As a result, I get hundreds of messages (some of which you can see on this page) of people explaining to me how Communicating With Impact™ changed their life.

     Now don’t get me wrong, I sometimes get some angry and annoyed individuals! They just can’t believe why no one had taught them these powerful tools before. And even more annoyed at why they never learned how to communicate in school or through company training programmes.

    That is partly why I had to turn what I knew into a programme you could use. That’s the key here. Use it! Practice it! Master it! If it then does not work for have my 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30-Days. You simply contact my support team and show us you did the work by completing a worksheet and we’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund.

    About The Programme Teacher,
    Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

    You are in for one incredible programme. Dr Ro as he is known by delegates of his programmes has over 30 years of speaking & coaching experience globally!  He has spoken to audiences in over 20 countries and helped 100,000’s people in the process.

    As a speaker, he has generated millions in revenue (and can show you how to do the same) by talking on the subjects of Communication Mastery, Life Mastery and Wealth Education. All whilst using his communication skills to raise money for well-known charities.

    Finally, he has used his communication skills to author an Amazon best-selling book - ‘Turning Point’ and co-host the highly popular ‘The Seekardo Show’.

    He fundamentally accredits his personal and financial success to his ability to Communicate With Impact. He is excited to unpackage 30 years of these tools with you on the Communicating With Impact™ Online Programme.

    Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

    Corey Donoghue

    Professional Coach

    “The things I learnt from Ro over the years have hugely helped me…how to speak to multiple groups of people, 5-10,000 or 1 to 2 people…if you have the opportunity to work with him, grab it and sprint.”

    Mark Dalton

    Property Investor & Business Coach

    “Rohan was instrumental in guiding me in the speaking profession….knowing how to speak with estate agents, letting agents, communicate with angels in the right way so they are wanting to give you the money….this is a one-off event, he has not done it in the last 15 years….don't hesitate this is an absolute no brainer.”

    Sean Thompson

    Property Investor & Public Speaker

    “Ro has taught me many strategies, techniques and tactics…how to speak well with confidence and impact. How to control an audience and get the desired outcome. How to build rapport very quickly. He will show you ways to improve your results very quickly.”

    How much has not being able to Communicate With Impact cost you?

    Learning how to communicate effectively is different from ‘learning skills for a new job’ ‘real estate’, ‘trading the stock market’, ‘starting on an online business’. Communication is even more critical to your financial success. 

    Whilst most people are looking at ‘classic wealth creation strategies’ and what they ‘could make’. They are losing out financially every day because they don’t have this fundamental skill, which interestingly enough makes you even better in your career, at real estate, trading and online business.

    By Communicating With Imapct™ you will have the ability to increase your confidence, increase your business turnover, engage any audience, grow any online/offline network, increase your income, increase your sales conversions, raise more angel finance, connect with your children, improve your relationship, make hundreds-of-thousands as a speaker, increase your social media following, double/triple your sales and so much more…

    So I can’t answer this question for your specific outcome, industry, career, business...but if you could improve in any of those areas, how much additional income would it bring in a month? A year? Now imagine mastering what you are about to learn over 10 much do you now earn over 10 years? A £10,000 pay rise. 300%+ increase in social followers. £100,000s in new sales. Closing a deal worth £1millions. This is all possible...

    The tools of communication will no longer remain a secret to you. I share with you all the tools you need from my Total Communication Mastery System™ to yield you incredible results. Not knowing these tools is costing you too much!

    Don't lose out ever again! Learn how to Communicate With Impact Now.

    Don’t wait to get started! Look at what past students have to say about Communicating With Impact™.

    Having taught thousands of people over the years, I get countless personal messages on how they were so glad they made the right decision to spend time and learn Communicating WIth Impact™.

    Cat Settle

    Propety Developer & Public Speaker

    “I have learnt from him about the property business, it’s not just bricks and mortar, it’s a people business….therefore communication is key….subtle points in communication…tips…it has helped skyrocket our business and we have raised over a £1million pounds in the last 2 years…using these principles”

    Suneta Bagri

    Public Speaker & Community Leader

    “We’ve been learning about how to really connect with your audience, so it could be from being quite commanding to vulnerable. And also, how to connect with different types of people.”

    Tom Scarth

    Property Investor

    “Learning to completely engage with people at a deep, extreme, emotional level is the most powerful thing I have ever seen. It’s a tool that can be in my kit box for the rest of my life.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I watch all the videos in sequence without having to wait?

    Yes absolutely, you get INSTANT access to all 6 hours worth of video training and ALL 8 modules. Plus I will be sharing with you a bonus - my slides which you can use as CWI FlashCards for quick reference.

    What if I am not a public speaker, is this programme for me?

    Yes - even more so. The common misconception is a communication means you can speak confidently in public or in front of an audience. That’s just a bonus benefit from this programme. True communication happens when dating, between spouses, between parent and child, when applying for a job, attending a job interview, at a social gathering...the list goes on right? Think about ANY time you have to speak to are communicating. This programme is absolutely for you.

    I sometimes lack confidence or get nervous when speaking to people, will this programme help me?

    Yes - because often we lack confidence and get nervous because we do not have the tools to a. Communicate with ourselves b. Communicate with others c. Manage the environment in which we communicate. I share with you all those tools in an easy step-by-step process with examples of people who have overcome confidence challenges to go on to communicate amazingly. Get the tools!

    How do I get access to the programme?

    Once you enrol (don’t forget the bonuses you get for enrolling today) you will get a welcome email. Use your new username and password that you would have created to access your online programme. This will give you private secure access to your online programme.

    What happens if I need to pause, rewind or come back and re-sit the programme?

    You can stop your programme at any time and pick up where you left off. Your progress is saved! If you want to refresh yourself on anything you have learned - I want to give you LIFETIME access, I know there will be so many incredible tools to try out and master. Lot’s of people re-watch the course multiple times! Any great student does! 

    I am a public speaker, will this programme help me?

    Yes - there is a reason why most public speakers have to apply for speaking engagement and often don’t get paid. Because they just have the confidence to deliver their talk. Whereas I want you to complete this programme - mesmerise people with your new-found skills, and be INVITED to speak and PAID to speak! I have generated millions as a public speaker - I will be showing you how you can do the same.

    A personal note

    I encourage you to take this opportunity to learn how to communicate. I truly believe as the world around us evolves through technology, globalisation and changes in the job market - ‘Communication is the new currency’. Relationships will thank it, companies will beg for it, your children will wish you had it and society as a whole needs it. The time of being mesmerised by movie stars, leaders, influencers and heads of organisations - is over! So regardless of what you want to communicate better in and for - it starts with learning how to do it once and for a result, your relationship, finances, career, business and day-to-day life will never look the same again.

    Kind Regards,

    Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

    Seekardo International Limited