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Dealing with change and uncertainty

We have recorded a podcast addressing the subject of emotional health, mental health, dealing with change, dealing with what’s going on at the moment around us. 

What happened was we were in the middle of a conversation discussing future podcasts and what we were going to cover and Harminder started throwing a lot of questions at me, and I jumped into a form of coaching mode. 

So, what evolved was a podcast that involved me literally coaching Harminder as though he was somebody going through specific challenges and this to do with a career change, loss in the current climate, dealing with financial challenges as a result of Covid, situations at home, family life, aspirational changes. 

One of the biggest challenges right now facing people is having to deal with uncertainty and we address this head on. 

This is a really raw, gloves off style podcast. It’s the fact that moving around us there are so many different pieces. 

Now the economy is changing, the government is changing the announcements all the time on concerns about people’s health, people’s careers and businesses that are teetering on. 

One of the things we talk about is the lack of control people feel like they’ve got at the moment and how do we deal with that. I throw Harminder into a situation and start asking questions based on a scenario and he has to role play. 

It got very emotional. There were tears in both our eyes at that point. I’m really going to encourage you to listen to this. If you’ve got any concerns, tune into that podcast. It will give you great inspiration. 

I think it will give you a really strong wake up call. We talk about divorce rates, people’s mental health, finances, et cetera so it’s a raw podcast but it gives some great tools and it really finishes on a high. 

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