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Dealing with negative people

I’m teaching at the moment and it reminded me of one of the things that continue throughout our lives, myself included, those of you striving to achieve greater things in life, possibly pursuing a new project, new idea, new business. 

Looking at doing something it is not unusual to deal with and have to tackle and face negative people. 

I think it is part of life. 

I think some people get a little bit frustrated with and don’t know how to deal with those situations and often it’s the people closest to us that can be the most negative. SNIOP something I learned about 30 years ago. 

I was at a seminar with an American speaker and he was talking about things like SNIOP and it was susceptible to the negative influence of other people and the conversation was very much around, how if you allow yourself to be susceptible and tuning into these people, as human tuning forks if you vibrate at certain frequencies somebody else vibrates at another frequency that is really negative if you’re not careful, you can find your own vibrational frequency being drawn into theirs. 

You’ve got to really change the way you vibrate to protect yourself by putting a shield around yourself, but equally maximising your vibrational frequency, so that whatever they do, it bounces off. 

If you face any negative people over the next coming weeks and months ahead, ask yourself a simple question: is listening to them and listening to their bullshit serving you?

Is it serving you to listen to them, is what they’re saying to me, even serving me in other words it’s steering me away from my compass? I’d say, nine times out of 10 they’re just unloading their bull shit on you and their fears and they’re dumping it on you some and it comes to a point where you can’t bear it. 

Often people will cave into it or just shrink our lives down to accommodate them, tune into their beliefs and find ourselves drawn into the negative beliefs. 

We don’t want to do that. Is it coming from a place of love, kindness, and genuinely, objective feedback, or is it just a blurb that they’re throwing out because that’s what they do when they feel fearful, challenged or challenging their beliefs? If it is not serving you keep going in the same direction. 

Number three is how does it make you feel? What’s the feeling you’re getting by associating with that person, those people that vibrate or engage in that conversation? 

Do you need to have that conversation with me? I found over the years, as it can be frustrating sometimes I hear a repeat conversation? Something I found over the years is I get frustrated sometimes when I hear a repeat conversation happening. It’s continuous and it never changes. How does that make you feel? If the feeling is actually I don’t like having this energy, this vibration, I don’t want to be around this person and you don’t know how to manage that you have to tell them. 

You have to make a decision because why should you suffer just because you want to be polite. 

My rule of thumb is just say thank you. Thank you for your opinion and appreciate you’ve got your own view. However, I have my own view and create a shield and walk away. But respectfully say to them, I appreciate your opinion, my opinions are different to yours, so we don’t really need to discuss this any further. Thank you very much. I’ve got to get on now. They’re left in that space just vibrating and that’s fine, don’t feel bad about that. 

Finally, tune into a higher frequency. 

After a conversation like that you need to plug as quickly as possible into people around you that can support you. Encourage, motivate and inspire you. It’s not that you need to someone to feed you that but sometimes we need the energy of people around us to lift us a little bit somebody who is accountable with you and to you and you to them, but find another frequency because remember, if you’re vibrating, you’re always going to tune into ultimately frequencies that are around you that are powerful. 

That’s something I’ll do if I’m feeling a bit whacked, I’ll plug into someone who has got a great vibrational frequency and help me lift myself up as well. 

People who have a negative attitude towards you and what you do have no right to steal your dreams and piss all over what you’re doing because ultimately, it’s just their fears they bring to the table. 

You’ve got to be strong and have your own identity.

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