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Delegate to clear up your headspace

Good morning folks it’s Dr Ro here, hope you are well.

It is a beautiful sunny day; I don’t know if you can see outside where I’m currently staying. It is lovely.

It’s Monday so we have our first ingredient of the week. As you know every week we’ve got five ingredients, all part of the recipe for success and it’s Dr Ro in the flow. 

Just been away on a great weekend with some amazing people all of whom in a really good space and looking to improve their lives. Part of that as you know are these five ingredients that I like to talk about. 

Today’s ingredient is on the area of mind.

Remember it is mind, body, self, relationships and money.

Mind is about the conscious way we show up on a daily basis, it is not just about the mind, but it’s about how we work the mind and how we can use our mind to control our lives in a better way.

Today’s mind ingredient is to do with delegation.

I want you to have a think about a specific area of your life today that you want to focus on, something that is really either personal, business, professional, project, charity whatever it is and think about how many times you’ve let yourself be distracted.

Possibly many things going on around you and you are like, “ah man I didn’t get that done today because this came up and this came up and I had to do that.” It’s just boom, boom, boom.

A lot of people do what they do is they get to the end of the day and they go, “yeah I know I didn’t get that done but there’s a lot of stuff I got done today. I was busy.”

Busy doesn’t mean to say you’re effective and that’s the challenge. There is a great quote, you can be a busy fool.

Today’s ingredient is to delegate something that you can pass on to somebody else that they can do to enable you to be able to stay focused on the current and most important project or activity, or area, or business whatever it is in your life right now, today.

Imagine you’ve got three or four things on the table today and one of those things is really important. You have to get that done.

It’s part of maybe contributing to charity that you’re building or working with. It might be to do with finishing off closing on a property deal you’re doing if you’re a property investor. It might be to do with putting some stuff together for your kids.

One of the things we are looking at doing at the moment is home-based projects with our kids, so could be something on a personal level.

It might be to do with setting up or arranging something for you to have an amazing experience with your partner, whatever that is, if that’s your main focus, then keep focused on that and then delegate other things that are going on around you, that could potentially distract you.

That’s the biggest challenge for people with distraction, “yeah you know I was trying to arrange that evening out for me and my lovely wife/husband, I know I’ve got to see that builder to try and set things up, I’ve got to call that angel investor to raise that money, but there are all these other things going on around me.”

What we’ll often do is we will tend to lean on the things that we are good at or the things that we feel are easier, or the things that are less hassle, less painful, or we feel most comfortable with.

We tend to shy away from the things that we feel more painful or that we are uncomfortable with, we don’t want to do it, what if it goes wrong? What if I get rejected? 

Or we just are not necessarily inspired by but we know we need to do that in order to get this project done.

If it’s something that you really have to do then stay focused on that now around you there will be these things going on that you’re good at. Someone asks you, “yeah I can do that.”

It’s very easy, but if you do three or four things that you’re really good at and you find yourself taking an hour to do that, that’s an hour out of the time that you should be putting into the thing that’s most important.

So going back to the main ingredient that is basically giving someone else the opportunity to do it for you.

That’s another way of wording it, another way is delegating it however you want to phrase it.

Find an activity or activities today that you can pass on to somebody else that will free up that time to keep you focused on the eye of the tiger, so you are absolutely going to get the result you’re looking to achieve today.

That is the ingredient for today’s recipe for success. 

I shall see you later, Dr Ro signing out.

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