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Develop more confidence – Part 3

Hi it’s Dr Ro here speaking to you from Singapore.
This is the third in my three videos and the last video on how to improve your confidence and how to get yourself across with more confidence when you’re communicating with other people.
I wanted to record this here because it is beautiful, I’m literally by the waterfront here you can see. I apologise if the sound of the sea is in the background, but it’s a lovely spot for me to record.
If you’ve watched the last two videos you’ll know the video one was really about understanding what your current beliefs are about who you are and what beliefs you need in order to be the best communicator, the most confident person you can be with other people.
And remember it doesn’t matter what the scenario is, as I said in the first video it could be how you feel confident about yourself in a relationship, as a parent, a child, with other people, as a teacher, as an employee, as an employer, with your customers, it really doesn’t matter.
This is really about coming up with some really key powerful strategies and there are three.
The first part we talked about already which was about who you are right now and who you need to be.
Second part was to do with three key elements in terms of modelling another person, go and watch that last video. And this last video has two components to it.
The first component is to do with your existing beliefs and making sure you’ve got rid of them.

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