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Don’t quit – A personal message from Dr Ro

I’ve just finished a long day training and I was moved to tears because we did a share on the training why people wanted to do what we were teaching to do which is to build a business for themselves, expand the property portfolio to give them choices and it was beautiful to hear some of the reasons. 

They want to do it for their kids, families, people pissed off with their job, people being stuck in the rat race. Some people have family members that have got illnesses and challenges and financial challenges and a number of things that are coming up. 

My message is simple, don’t bloody quit.

If you’re embarking on writing a book, creating a new business, learning to become a coach or professional speaker or wanting to just simply go out there and do something for charity, become a better parent or move away from your job, or possibly climb the corporate ladder and get to another place where you’ve got more income you’ll be respected whatever it is, there is going to be shit happening in your life.

I just simply want to say do not quit because the world is full of people who just gave up. 

That’s it. 

They gave up and just started something, had an idea, were passionate about it, and then they gave up. The people who give up typically do not have a deep-rooted passion to do what they’re doing. They give up because they’re put off by somebody else, because it was a little bit harder than they thought it was, they give up because they feel they are too tired or don’t have the time to fit it in. They give up because of people in their ears saying they can’t do this and can’t do that and I told you so. 

They give up because that’s what people do immediately they revert back to apathy and it’s innate in all of us to be able to chill out it’s only a small percentage of people that we recognise in the world who have done amazing things actually they were just amazing at being persistent, amazing at not quitting, amazing to keep getting going. 

That’s all I want to say. 

If nothing else is a message of inspiration I’ve been through in my life and when I did my PhD man did I feel like quitting? 

Yes, one point in my PhD was due to set circumstances. I was attacked in Manchester, on my nose I’ve got a scar. I was badly beaten up, smashed against the wall and my face just exploded. I came back to university that next week and I’ve been there for a long time bearing in mind I’d done a degree, PhD and people that knew me were just shocked. All I felt like doing was crawling into a hole and just disappearing for three or four months but I had to go back and carry on what I was doing. I was on track to finish my PhD off. I had a very dear friend of mine, Devan drove up from London to see me, he was so concerned. But I was in a really dark place because physically I was battered but I didn’t give up. I just knew if I can work through this I can work through anything. 

There were times in my businesses that I built where we had challenges. I had people screw me over and my back was against the wall, is it going to work? Property deals, but you know what I persisted to become a professional speaker and man that takes a lot of hours and hours and hours and hours. Malcom Gladwell says keep going, get the 10,000 hours in to move yourself to an elevated place where you are beyond what other people are doing. 

I started speaking when I was in my 20s and I was standing up, sometimes stuttering, people looking at me in a funny way, a bit of rejection but I just had this passion. I wanted to share a message and if you keep going, whatever you’re doing people can laugh, criticise you, but the truth is, if your heart is in the right place and your intentions are pure the universe will get out of the way. It’s the same for you and look, some people aren’t going to like your style, the way you do business, your personality, but your job in this world is not to go out there and to try and impress everybody. Your job is not to be liked by everybody in the world. 

Your job as a human being in my personal belief is to be authentic to yourself, to be real to what you stand for and to represent that in a way that has integrity and if people don’t like that that’s not your problem. 

That is their problem because rejection and denial, self-worth is one of the biggest areas that people stop doing. When you’re born you wake up in the morning every single day. It’s a gift that you came to earth and you had to fight against 100 million, 50 million or whatever sperm to get in there, you were the champion. 

Success is measured in so many different ways. 

Try not to measure yourself against what other people do or what they say about what you should be doing just be yourself, be authentic, be real and just don’t quit. The only time you give up on something is when it doesn’t feel aligned with who you are as a person or now this is not your path otherwise it’s just that extra gram. 

Balance is like this: you put grains of sand grains of sand grains of sand grains, you never know which grain of sand is going to be the one and it’s gone, so be persistent. 

In the words of Winston Churchill, never, never quit.

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