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Dr Ro’s advice to anyone at a point in making an important decision

Hello, it’s Dr Ro here, I wanted to talk about this subject briefly and it comes up a lot. 

Each of us on a daily basis, face decisions we have to make, whether it’s a small decision, occasionally a big decision and then sometimes and in our life we get these big life changing decisions. 

The ones that we know if we make this decision and we stick with it and we put the work behind it, it’s going to completely transform our lives. I have a phrase quite often when I’m in front of an audience I talk about are you in or out? 

My favourite one I have to say is, are you curious or are you serious? 

It’s as simple as that. 

For me if you’re serious you’re in and if you’re curious you’re out. There is no middle ground when it comes to making an important decision but by making a decision not to make a decision you’ve already made a decision. 

A classic example is somebody that wants to develop a business or property business, I’m doing an event shortly and that’s going to be the same challenge for the people sitting watching me and have done for many years and anyone else inspiring teaching you to do something new. Stock market trading, writing a book, and developing an online business. 

If you see something, an opportunity, the greatest challenge you have at that point there, I don’t think it’s a challenge if you have the commitment. But for someone who is like maybe, maybe not if you’re not completely committed to it you’re not going to make the right decision. 

The problem is, if you’re sat, for example watching that presentation like the people watching me doing this program to do with investing in real estate property, they’re there for a reason.

They haven’t done research; they haven’t looked at which companies teach. They haven’t had an interest and thought I want to do that and then found out where to do it, attend a free presentation and then paid to come. They haven’t come all the way down that rabbit hole to suddenly say this is not for me, they must be there because it’s something that’s really serious. It’s important to them that it’s life changing.

From that perspective when you’ve come down that rabbit hole to that point you’ve made several decisions that get you there now you’re at a tipping point where it needs more weight on one side to make that decision right, to follow it through and to be committed because the alternative is to stay doing what you’re doing. 

For example, if someone is watching a property training I do and they’re pissed off with their job, they’re frustrated. They want to do something different. They know they need to make a decision and if they don’t make a change they carry on doing what they’re doing. By not making a decision to step up to invest in themselves to go and look at properties to do the research. Ideally, to have somebody coach and mentor and to guide them through the process, they don’t make that decision they’ve already made a decision by default to continue on the existing path. 

That’s the one I’m more afraid of than the decision to make a change because the decision to make a change is one they’re in control of. The ability to engage with the right people to guide them, people who have done it the correct way. 

Whereas the other decision is no different to anything else they’ve done for the last five, 10, 15 years, staying in the same place carries on doing the same thing getting the same result. Getting more frustrated not having security. That’s very expensive. You then equate that to the number of years spent in that job the loss is into the millions. 

Three things I want you to consider if you’re at a point in a crossroads where you’ve got this tipping, this balancing point and you’ve got to put enough weight to make the right decision over here. For example, over here you might need to add one more stone to the top there to tip it in the right direction.

Number one is the importance of this decision, this is where people get decisions wrong. Going for a restaurant, do I go to that one or that one? That isn’t as important as do I choose this path in my life or this path in my life? Rosa Parks didn’t give up a seat to a white person; it was transformational not just for her, but for all blacks within America and it helped that catalyst.

It created that catalyst that really triggered this inspirational change. She made a decision which at the time most people weren’t prepared to make. 

That’s the first question if you’re watching this right now how important is it that you make a life change and if it is really important just get the hell on and do it. Don’t hesitate because being stuck in the same place is a lot worse. Over here’s a block it’s frustrating, it pisses you off and you know you’ve got to make a change. Even if the people around you are negative and holding you back, frankly, that’s their choice, not yours. 

You’re the person who has the power to make that decision. 

Number two is how committed are you? 

Are you more committed to working for someone else to earn enough money to get by but earning enough money for them to have a better lifestyle than you and for the company to grow? 

Or are you more committed to putting time to grow your business and generate more success and financial security for you and your family, such that commitment allows you to have the time to do the things you want to do. This is a really important question. Commitment comes into this; it’s not just about the importance, but the commitment to the importance.

Is it a case of it would be really nice or it would be amazing to have it. I’m prepared to put the hours and I appreciate investing money myself in my business, investing time getting the right people around me and putting the effort in. 

I appreciate all that and I’m committed to doing that or are you going to be committed into putting more time and effort, energy, and money into somebody else? Somebody else’s business, as you’re working for them. It’s as simple as that, the block over here is the job over here, how many reasons can you stack over here to tip it in your favour.

You’re the only one who can make the difference. The boss can’t, your mum can’t, your brother, sister, family, partner can’t. 

None of them can make a difference as you’re the one that’s going to put the work in. Yes, it’s nice to have support but if they don’t support you what are you going to do? 

Sit back and wait in life until everything lines up until the crabs are gone and then you make a decision and then you make a commitment? I don’t think it works that way you have to just get on and do whatever it takes and if people don’t support you that’s fine get on and do it anyway and allow them to be part of your journey. They can be observers in your journey but you’re going to be the person that drives the vehicle and the last one there’s the consequence. 

This is the biggest one and what we call leverage.

What if you don’t make that decision? 

What if you just say no, I don’t want to make this investment. On the courses I used to teach people were paying £25,000 to go and do a property course that is what I did, but I looked at the importance, I looked at the consequences and I looked at the commitment and the consequences if I didn’t were going to cost me a lot more to not be financially free for another 25, 30 years. Because the money that you could have made an annual basis over that period equated to that so when I look at it from that perspective, but then you add on the time you can spend with your family, the opportunity you get to create. 

The chances it opens to start a business, create your ideas to write a book to expand and grow as a person having more purpose that is invaluable. 

So you’re scribbling and squabbling over five, £10,000 wherever it is to educate yourself to become different to build a business and you can’t start a business on 1p, you need to invest both yourself and your business and the future. Look at the consequences of not doing it if I don’t do it this is what my life is going to be like. 

I won’t be able to do this with my family, this is what I won’t be able to achieve. If you start to weigh that up against if I do it yes, there’s going to be an outlet of time and money, but my goodness me it’s going to outweigh completely the other. That’s three things. 

They are three more things we’re going to stack over here importance, commitment, and consequences. 

Don’t underestimate this. 

This is the easiest way to make a decision, this is the easiest way to influence which way you swing and by not making a decision by default, you’ve already made a decision. Which means you’re going to stay in the status quo, average, middle-of-the-road doing things you don’t want to do because you would not have got to that point, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity. 

You wouldn’t have somebody pushing you, stretch and challenge you at this point if it weren’t important. I think that’s the thing to remember.

Hope that helps. 

People come and ask questions on how I make decisions so I like to share here in this space to help you.

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