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Dr Ro’s disposable strategy – Get rid of those excuses

Hey folks, it’s Dr Ro I hope you are well. 

I’ve got to share something with you that we’ve used in the past. 

It’s fun and a great way to let go of baggage and I have a bunch of these here in our drawers and I found it at the weekend. It’s a useful tool you might want to create one for yourself. It’s called my bullshit bag.

A very good friend of mine called Craig and his wife Helen had something similar to this a few years back and we modified it slightly and turned it into a big envelope, which actually is a4 envelope. It says disposable bullshit bag. 

What’s the purpose of this? 

Every one of us, myself included at times we find ourselves saying things or making excuses why we can’t do something, I haven’t got the time for this, too tired, no money. Whatever it is you know I’m too old. I can’t get out and go for that run, I haven’t got my tools, my equipment, my running shoes, can’t start that business, I can’t go into property. 

We had a few people sign up this weekend, we had a bunch of people which was amazing, but there were of course a few people that made excuses for themselves and that’s their choice at the end of the day. But if they took a look at it they wanted it they just made excuses and a lot of those excuses are just belief systems. This is your bullshit bag release system let me show you how this works. 

It says directions and you can create something similar for yourself. Open the bag before opening your mouth. Tuck the open bag beneath the chin, start talking and let the BS flow and finally when full seal the bag and dispose of it. I’m too old. I can’t do this because I just don’t think I’ve got the energy anymore and we spew it into here. 

What I really find fun is that they do not tend to dispose of your BS to any government agency as they produce more bullshit than they can dispose of themselves. We suggest that you send it to the major networks and social media sites and in return for all that they send out each day. Why are we doing this? 

As actually a lot of the time we carry things around. If you can empty it out, seal it up or burn it that’s one way, you could rip it up, you can dump it on someone’s desk and say I’m just bringing back some of the stuff you dumped on me a few years ago. Either way, start of the year and I’m already hearing some people say I started these resolutions, but because of this, I was unable to see it through, because of this I’m running a bit out of steam. 

We’ve got to get rid of it. To lighten the load keep us a little bit more mobile to get to function, get things done then all I say to you is this, dump the frigging bullshit and have a bit of fun.

Hopefully you enjoyed that, see you on the next bullshit free post. See you then, have fun and happy disposing.

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