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Dr Ro’s top tips on event preparation

I’m in the office getting ready for what’s going to be a full on event this weekend. 

I want to give you a few tips on this.

Going into an event it’s really important to anticipate every step of it. This is a very unusual and unique event. 

There’s nothing really like it in the United Kingdom we’re doing a lot of different processes using zoom this weekend.

Which involves going in and out of breakout rooms, involves interactivity, live interventional coaching with the audience on the subject around which the learning but also in their businesses and their personal life around communication. 

There’s multiple elements happening. Added to which, I’m going to have a couple of amazing people in the office with me here helping out making sure that we deliver the best experience. 

To give you an idea, one of the first things to do is make sure that you’re absolutely clear on what I call the syntax: the timing of every element of your event, every single minute accounted for here in the spreadsheet. 

Colour coding representing exercise interactivity breaks et cetera combining that with any slide you might be using. I’ve got to make sure the slides are time coded and connected directly with my timescales every day. The notes are extensive.

I’m working off a 60,000 word manual whereby I have all of the content in here, but the content is time coded here with what’s going on in here and what’s happening in the slides. 

It takes weeks and weeks to put the preparation in behind this.

They will have printouts of absolutely everything. They have to be aware of what’s going on, they will be on the screens watching the audience and the audience are getting hard copy workbooks to work through and brochures, et cetera. If you’re putting any presentation together, the more prepared you are, breaking down the key elements of what the aspects are, what messages you need to get across and then making sure that it correlates with your timings. 

This has all been sent out to my support coaches that are happening for the weekend. 

Descriptions of what processes are needed and when they might be needed. 

Anybody you’ve got joining you all these things have to come into play and this is just one tiny aspect of the process of communication I’m going to be teaching them this weekend. 

So although this might seem like a lot, you’ve got three days of this.

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