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Episode 021 - Listener COVID-19 Q&A including living alone, info overload and dealing with crushed goals

Episode 021 – Listener COVID-19 Q&A including living alone, info overload and dealing with crushed goals

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Dr Ro & Harms are back answering listeners most popular questions. Which happen to understandably focus around COVID-19.

Here is a list of questions answered in this week’s episode a snapshot of the answers for your quick reference:

I’m a business owner/community leader and I am getting bombarded with questions regarding what’s happening, I am starting to feel overwhelmed, what do I do?

  1. Let people know that you are handling a lot of Q’s and to be patient 
  2. Compartmentalise the areas of your life that are important
  3. Regards enquiries – group the questions to enable general answers
  4. In your life establish Imp/Urg   Imp Non Imp. Non urgent
  5. Deal with Important Urgent, plan the rest and delegate

I am a positive person by nature but I am really struggling to deal with the outside negativity?

  1. We all have tough / down days that is part of being human so don’t beat yourself up
  2. Gather some champions around you 2-3 like-minded and emotionally developed people
  3. Listen to positive messages / Pod Casts / Youtube etc
  4. Read the right books, for example, The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu
  5. Get out and walk and practice gratitude, Dr Ro will typically do this in the morning

There are a lot of people out there who are not adhering to social isolation, keeping their distance, staying at home? It’s really frustrating me and I’m behaving out of character. How do I stop focusing on others and spend that energy on myself?

  1. Yes you can focus on others and what they are not doing correctly OR you can focus on YOU to see how you can grow and become a better person from this experience
  2. Take time to sit and redefine your Purpose in different areas of our life (Turning Point Book – Step/Chapter 6). 
  3. Get clarity on what inspires YOU
  4. Reassess your core values and beliefs about the world and about yourself. 
  5. This is a chance to redefine your identity

Right now I feel like I am experiencing information overload, how do I manage this without completely shutting off?

  1. Start to FILTER, Harms talks about this in detail specifically around Social Media usage
  2. Manage your time carefully – stay mainly focussed on getting positive steps forward
  3. Stay aware but not overly reactive

I live by myself and am currently self-isolating, how do I manage this? I am not like others who are living with their family, partner or friends. Do you have any tips here?

  1. Set up a weekly online social get together with close friends or family
  2. My sister in law – in Denmark they have a drink and chat night (wine etc) online using Zoom or similar
  3. Learn something new – a new instrument / learn a language = grow grow & grow some more
  4. Come join us on GT loads in the vault:

I feel like my property business has come to a complete stop, I had expectations and goals for this year and I feel like it’s all just been ruined, I’m not quite sure what to do now I am feeling like this?

  1. This is a great question and there are thousands of inspirational people out there who are facing similar challenges – students off to Uni / young actors who are on hold business startups that have been stopped for now… so you are not alone
  2. There is plenty of preparation work that can be done
  3. If you have been attending courses – revisit notes – GET clarity on strategy and understand the detail and the numbers
  4. Go online and start researching markets / local council websites / look at the local demand and supply etc.. run tens and tens of CF calculations
  5. Narrow down your areas so that when the doors open again you are ready to go fast
  6. Stay in touch with your property networks

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions to The Seekardo Instagram account, we compiled those that appeared most commonly and that hit a range of topics. Enjoy listening to this week’s episode and remember the next Q&A episode will be on episode 30/31, so get those questions in before then.

This course has been made available as a gift to listeners completely FREE (normally paid) because we want to support self-education during these uncertain times TIME MANAGEMENT SERIES >>

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