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  • September/October, 2020
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Episode 029 – Unleash your genius, master self-awareness, find your purpose, follow your intuition, create love and more – with Ryan Pinnick

Show Notes – Episode 029 – Unleash your genius, master self-awareness, find your purpose, follow your intuition, create love and more – with Ryan Pinnick

We are in a time when people are deeply in their heads, they have become disconnected with their own consciousness – this will all make sense as we go through today’s episode. As a population, we are being dictated and guided by technology and the external world, to such an extent that people have been disconnected with themselves and their own truth.  For this reason, we want to bring in someone who talks into this space and addresses the importance of tapping into our true self, your superconsciousness. 

Our guest today is Ryan Pinnick. Ryan is one of those unique educators that can take someone through a process and as a result they see transformation everywhere, for example, Business, Career, Relationships, Well-Being and Fulfilment. So you are in for a treat.

Ryan Pinnick

Ryan Pinnick is one of the UK’s most in-demand speakers empowering audiences to in applying superconsciousness to improve their careers, businesses, investments, relationships, healing and lifestyle.  He has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Lord Sugar, Grant Cardone, Andrea Pennington, Lewis Howes, Fabienne Fredrickson, David Goggins and has been a regular speaker at Rich Dad Education, The Business Show, Yes Group and Expert Empires.  

Ryan moved from Cape Town to London in 2000 as an electrical engineer but his entrepreneurial spirit lead him to leave employment to start a business in real estate during which he had many successes and failures. 

It was his passion for human behaviour and spiritual purpose that lead him to discover superconsciousness which for him, was the missing link to creating what he wanted in all areas of life.  

In 2014 he committed fully to teaching superconsciousness by launching his training company SuperGenius which has since generated over £7M in revenue due to the effectiveness of this unique methodology.

In this episode Ryan talks to us about:

His life growing up and the major turning points he had before
What does consciousness mean?
What happens if someone approaches you and says they want to unleash their genius in business and life?
How to master self-awareness and purpose
How to create what you love through superconsciousness?
And what is superconsciousness?
How does Ryan recommend using intuition and imagination to guarantee success
What to do if you have blocks, things stopping you? How to overcome your unconscious self-sabotage
And so much more

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For a full read of the podcast, here is a full transcript of everything Dr Ro and Harms covered in this episode of the Seekardo Podcast. 

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Harms: Hello, it’s Harms here and welcome to another episode of the Seekardo podcast and you’re in for a treat today.

We are in a time when people are deeply in their heads and I’ve been a victim to this myself many years ago and we have as a population just become disconnected with our own consciousness.

This will all make sense as we go through today’s episode. As a population, the reality is we are being dictated and guided by technology and by the external world to such an extent that people have been disconnected with themselves and their own truth.

For this reason we want to bring in someone who talks into this space on a deep level, just like myself and Ro love to do and addresses the importance of tapping into our super consciousness and that’s a powerful word.

Ro over to you to introduce our guest today.

Dr Ro: Thank you Harms and greetings everybody thanks for joining us again on the podcast today, particularly as we have one of my favourite people in the world on.

A very dear friend of mine who I have known for many years and you are in for a treat. You’ll hear lots of laughter today and deep messages.

We have a gentleman called Ryan Pinnick.

Ryan:  Hi everyone, thanks to both of you for inviting me.

I’m very honoured to have this opportunity to speak and share with your audience what I think is a really critical topic at this time.

Dr Ro: Particularly where we are at the moment and I know this is an evergreen podcast, but the message that Ryan has right now is one that we have to get out and I’ve known Ryan for a long time and the growth he’s gone through and the message he has expanded into the world is just too important, so we have to get it out there.

I’ll give you a bit of a formal introduction first. Ryan is the U.K.’s most in demand speakers.

It’s great for me to say that because I remember years ago when that was an aspiration of his. He’s in huge demand in the UK, empowering audiences in applying this whole concept of super consciousness which we hear about today, and this is used to improve careers, businesses, targeted to everyday people, entrepreneurs, high-level investors, high-level entrepreneurs, people who want to improve their relationships, healing themselves, but also improving their lifestyle.

To give you an idea of the scale at which he is taking this message he has shared the stage with people like Gary Vaynerchuck, Lord Sugar, Alan Sugar, Grant Cardone, who is massive in the world at the moment.

You don’t get on these stages unless you’ve got a big message to share. Andrea Pennington, Fabian Fredrickson, who some of you may or may not come across, David Goggins, who some of you either relate to or don’t. But he is a powerhouse.

Ryan has been a regular speaker on so many platforms, including, the business show, yes group, which is huge around the UK and globally and expert empires that’s just to name a few. He moved from Cape to London in 2000 as an electrical engineer, a far cry from where he is today. His entrepreneurial spirit and I met him in that period by way, 15 to 20 years.

That led him to leave employment and start his own business, a natural entrepreneur. To start his own business in real estate, during which he had many successes and failures, and I was with him along that journey for many years.

In fact, for a period he came and supported and became a great speaker and a teacher even in that field alone but had a higher calling.

I’m speaking now personally, having watched him for human behaviours and spiritual purposes, and it is this passion that led him to discover super consciousness.

That is something I’ve seen him explore from a young age, but just continue to grow and mature and develop as a person growing in this industry and in the world.

For him it was the missing link that he wanted in all areas of his life.

When you hear his story and a profound story by the way, I’m glad that he’s actually openly agreed to share this story with us today.

In 2014 he committed fully to teaching this and by launching his training company, which I’ve been very blessed to stick my head in a few times and he’s been in the same hotel as me sometimes speaking.

He has generated over £7 million in revenue due to the effectiveness of his unique methodology market, not just in how he teaches but how he gets the message out to the world as well.

Ryan is one of the unique educators that can take someone through this process and as a result, see huge transformations and for me to say that having been in this field for 30 years I don’t say that about everybody.

I’m very specific about who I put on a pedestal and say this is somebody you’ve got to see. He has helped people elevate their businesses, career, relationships, their health, and total fulfilment in their lives.

Ryan, it’s an absolute pleasure. I just want to say as a dear friend as well thank you for coming on and just as a close friend of yours it’s an inspiration to see the change in you as a person and the messages I hear from different people.

Take us through your story and bless us with what happened to you and how you got to this point now in your life.

Ryan: Thanks Ro, just listening to that introduction coming from you, as I’ve heard my introduction over the last six years but hearing it from you I got emotional.

I was thinking about our call today and I’m lucky to have a bit of freedom and time to really put a lot of thought into things, I like to prepare, I like to meditate.

I was spending some time in thought in relation to our interaction today and it made me realise how critical it is actually to have people in your life who believe in you when perhaps you don’t yet believe in yourself.

That’s not something I’ve shared.

In preparation for today I reflected on our relationship and I have to say I’m sincerely, eternally grateful for the significant impact that you had in my life.

I realised that actually one of the most critical structures and whether I was lucky or through design or whatever the case is, I really have to acknowledge every single person who systematically almost through some divine intervention to speak, who just believed in me enough to make me go to the next step.

I was doing some of the superconscious work that I teach people and right now in my journey I’m 41 I’m believing in myself only now, enough to maybe not need to rely on other people to believe in me.

I think that’s really important.

People like yourself who are mentors, people who have been bashed around by ups and downs of life.

And yes, we are interacting now and at a very unique time in history, and there will be many more ups and downs, both personally for people listening to this who may not have been impacted by the current circumstances.

But when they listen to this in one, two, five, 10 years’ time they are going through perhaps a relationship rollercoaster or a health rollercoaster, or mental and emotional rollercoaster. You just need people around you who will just dust you off when you’ve been battered by circumstances.

I remember you gave me a microphone in a property seminar and said share your story. I don’t think I said a word, I broke down.

For it was a massive catalyst and I think the really empowering thing that gives me hope is that it doesn’t matter where someone comes from, if you somehow force your way into a situation where you are surrounded by people who believe in your dreams, I think that’s half the battle.

Anyone who’s watched the TV series called Sons of Anarchy I grew up in that environment. My dad was the president of one of the largest motorcycle gangs in South Africa, very violent, alcoholic, very racist.

That determined my values, my fighting spirit for human kind.

At the age of 19 I created a situation where my first girlfriend fell pregnant and I used to allow people to bully me, particularly people who have positions of authority.

I had serious dysfunction around being submissive to powerful people which is a problem because I was destined to be powerful as a speaker.

Inside I had this intuitive desire to shed light and empower people and this huge trauma because of my relationship with my father around standing up for myself and at 19 it was probably a make or break situation for me.

I failed as a father, I abandoned my responsibilities of looking after and fighting really for the one thing that has been the most beautiful loving experience I’ve ever had in my life, and that was to bring a daughter into the world.

I didn’t have courage or power or believe in myself to fight a family who said I would be a failure as a father.

I believed that nonsense.

My girlfriend’s family said you come from an area where no one achieves anything and you’re not going to be a good father so we want you to leave.

I bought that story.

Harms: When you described your connection with Ro.

Ro at a point in time believed in you.

So is it fair to say that at this point in your journey or your story, that there wasn’t anybody around you who believed in you?

What they were doing in fact was the complete opposite.

Ryan: I would say there wasn’t one single person who believed in me, even my own parents.

I love my parents; I’ve really learnt how to love people from different perspectives.

The true meaning of unconditional love. I could see my mum’s pain. She went to be a gran but she made the situation her own problem. She didn’t ask me how I was and my dad was at that stage off the rails alcoholic and wasn’t around.

I obviously just completely went through demise in my mental, emotional state. I was very suicidal and I suppose if I can say this, fortunately, started drinking and taking drugs. I was very geeky, nerdy did my homework, well behaved, and then lost the plot a bit.

My work ethic was always there. I have to thank my grandparents for that. I landed myself in England, electrical engineer and very quickly my addiction led me to a serious physical situation as a result of a rare heart condition.

There was a turning point when I was in Charing Cross Hospital in London, where one of the physicians said to me if you don’t stop doing cocaine otherwise you’re going to die.

I said okay.

Then five days later I was doing cocaine again and I realised I’ve got a problem. I went on a journey of spirituality and that opened up my mind.

I got into personal development, walked on fire, jumped out planes.

That was the start of my journey.

Dr Ro: What age group were you in?

Ryan: I was mid-20s, totally clueless around life, entrepreneurship, money management, mental, emotional well-being.

I was probably one of the lowest forms of consciousness anyone can have on the planet apart from being homeless on the street.

The reason I’m very direct with that and not ashamed to say that is I hope people can draw inspiration from this because I can often beat myself up when I look at my peers in the industry Ro.

I compare myself financially in other ways, and it’s times like this when I get asked my story, I go wow, if you said I’d be where I am today in 15 years’ time I’d say it’s impossible.

It’s quite profound how we oscillate between feeling not good enough and then gratitude and then not feeling good enough.

Harms: That was an important point so thanks for sharing that because if somebody is 20, 22, 25 and they are in that feeling of I’m not going to get to a point where I’ll be happy or whatever that success mission is for them.

That’s an important message because it’s such a contrast to where you were, as to where you are now in which we describe in your bio.

It is useful for the listeners, especially someone who is in the mid-20s who may feel completely lost it might not be to the extent that somebody is addicted to drugs, but it could be somebody’s just completely lost and so far away from what they think they success is for them, or what they would like to do in their lives.

Hopefully, we start to help them unlock that path today.

 Dr Ro: Or the other side of it is as Ryan has described not necessarily addiction but being consumed by people’s opinion of them and believing that.

I think that’s a distinct message that is coming out already. I remember in 2006, 2007 walking on a hill back of my house.

You might remember Ryan as you came over and spent some time there and there’s a lot of history here that most of you don’t know about.

I remember walking, looking out over Herefordshire and you and I just exploring ideas, you aspiring to all these things. If you don’t see it in yourself, find someone you trust that you believe speaks the truth, and I just remember openly sharing what I saw in you, and although you might not necessarily see the full extent I could see it and you’ve literally manifested that.

It was actually about 40 years ago, it is crazy bro, a long time.

Ryan was at a point and sometimes you don’t know you are there and I guess because I was a little bit older, I could feel it.

He was at a point just exploring and it was a space just with no limits, it was a limitless conversation.

Ryan: The first moment I really felt lost I was 17 and I started to realise I was coming to the end of my school career, and I did exactly what everyone told me to do.

I really worked hard and I’m not being modest here, I wasn’t the naturally smart kid. I got great grades because I worked my socks off and I really studied and found my own method of learning.

I honour my Gran for this as she recognised the best way for me to learn was to teach. I taught my grandparents through my high school career I could possibly have put them in an exam room and they would have done really well.

Isn’t it interesting how my Gran Mary spotted potential in me as a teacher.

That’s when I realised oh my gosh I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life.

That was the first stressful moment of my life.

Like, why am I here that’s when the addiction to finding meaning and purpose started. I would say for most of my 20s that was probably my biggest stress.

Why am I here, what’s my purpose, my meaning?

Dr Ro: So you’re in your 20s carry on the journey because it’s a fascinating unfold.

Ryan: I remember distinctly where I was when I said something to you and I was a bit pissed off by your response.

I was on a virgin train while travelling somewhere maybe doing work for the Rich dad. I was fascinated and I think this was the nature of our conversation . Why is it that some people get different results in that environment when we’re teaching them the same stuff?

I want to fix that problem. I was really annoyed and frustrated with that uncertainty. I said to you, specifically Ro we are here to do greater things than speaking for Rich Dad, no disrespect here and you were like what is that?

I said I don’t know.

So I said I’m going to go all in on figuring out how do I help people who are not getting the results because it’s great when you’re teaching real estate or anything.

It’s cool seeing people get the results on their own but I suppose because of my background, I wanted to help the person who is least likely to be successful to get the benefit.

That’s why I started on a lot of personal development but I saw the same result. People went to seminars, the content great, teachers great, but the audience were getting mixed reactions, I thought why is that?

I realised it came down to consciousness and that’s when I discovered consciousness when I discovered the subconscious mind.

When I discovered according to Kyle Young, from the age of nought to seven we go through individuation experience. Where we make up the beliefs that make up our consciousness, our behaviours and thoughts and emotions, and when you heal that you can be great and everyone can do it.

I was like, this is going to be a tough sell in terms of actually making money.

Selling consciousness is quite difficult and convincing people that it’s important is very difficult.

But I’m going to do it.

I believe that our planet doesn’t matter when you listen to this, I think the number one problem our planet has is consciousness.

Things like the environment, social situations, what we see on the television right now about racism and black lives matter, all very good movements and I believe that if we can raise the consciousness of the planet we wouldn’t have to be protesting.

These situations would naturally resolve themselves with love.

Dr Ro: Agreed and I think that’s the difficulty that people wrestle with because in order to do that they have to take responsibility for that as well, whereas the ones that don’t have a level of consciousness can just point the finger at somebody else and don’t want to take responsibility for the fact that I can be more conscious about that.

Ryan: The first time I told my story 24, 26 the way I would have told my story back then which is my girlfriend’s father bullied me into not having access to my daughter.

I would have come from a powerless perspective. I don’t like the word victim as I think I need to respect or anyone that uses the word victim, people are victimised.

People are experiencing their stuff in life, I’d rather use the word powerless, whereas now I’m saying, the level of depth that I go into people’s consciousness I can see how a childhood incident that I experienced at the age of six weeks was programmed into my consciousness and I attracted a behaviour from my girlfriend’s father where he bullied me.

We’ve gone from white belt conversation to black belt conversation within 30 seconds.

But the benefit of taking responsibility of your reality number one and then asking and finding out how in your consciousness you are orchestrating what’s going on in your reality in your mind that gives you power, because then even if you have coronavirus, or Brexit or whichever the next crisis is you can always still create your dreams.

You’re not powerless to your circumstances and this is crucial and the difficult part is that thousands of people have come to my workshops in the last five years and you really have to have courage to take 100% responsibility for your life.

It is a very brave decision to make in a person’s existence.

Dr Ro: It’s that head, not the deeper level of understanding and by the way I love your word powerless. Shifting away from the concept of victim.

I agree, some people can create a sense of being a victim by the language patterns, but there are others that genuinely experience it.

Harms: I love this phrasing where you explain that we’ve gone from a white belt conversation to a black conversation.

For listeners, you will know that the typical conversation myself and Ro have and what I love is Ryan is completely aligned with that.

We do typically go straight into black belt conversations.

I think that is one of their challenges with lots of stuff on topics of external forces that hit the world, which is everybody’s having that white belt conversation but nobody is tapping into the consciousness which hopefully will explain in a moment, which starts to escalate us up to be able to have a black belt conversation because we have to go there.

I don’t know if people are equipped to do it.

I don’t know if people are open to doing it, but maybe it’s just so much easier to have that white belt conversation and blame people.

Dr Ro: I think a lot of millennial’s talk black belts but they act white belts.

Would that be a fair statement or is that me being an old bully?

Harms: I think people would like to think they’re having a black belt conversation because if you’re on Twitter, Instagram, you can say something in 180 characters and sound supersmart.

But like you said, in terms of action is what dictates how things play out, and very much people are having the white belt.

Think partly that is because there is a missing level of experience between the white and black belt like how many people go through the process Ryan which is a form of experiential learning, that is taking people from white belt to black belt because we can all talk black belt, but unless we’ve experienced something to be able to back that up it is very difficult.

I’m blessed to be on a podcast with the listeners with Dr Ro and Ryan who both went through this and now I’m feeding off their experiential learning here, so that’s probably my answer to that question.

Ryan I am sure you see people come through the door at your events, or if you’re working with them privately and there is a desire there, but there’s also that they know they have to go there, they can’t watch this anymore.

They have to move into the experience, as opposed to being an observer of it and intellectualising it.

Ryan: I think both of you are right because the world is just way more polarised social media has a profound effect in terms of its ability to educate and empower.

How much hate and impact does that hate to have on social media and young people.

One of the fundamental philosophies that I teach which really was a lightbulb moment for me was an introduction to hermetic philosophy, that’s the foundation of what I teach.

The problem is you have something called a pendulum which is always swinging. Markets go up, markets go down, tides go in and out, relationships go up and down. When you realise that the whole world is just an ongoing pendulum firstly, you realise actually the market going down is not a bad thing, it’s nature.

You’ve just got to adapt and change your approach and still keep your eye on the ball.

The analogy I use is imagine being on a plane and you have turbulence, you’re not going to die from turbulence although it feels like that sometimes you’ve got to make sure the plane continues flying in the direction you were destined to go.

That’s life.

What I’m noticing and this shocked me, I have lots of people come to my events. Lots of really young people as well.

Probably more young people in their 20s, even 18, 19, 20 years old coming, I’ve opened the doors now to younger people, because the desire is there.

I remember stopping this one dude, a millennial and I said what the hell are you doing at a consciousness workshop? He said what do you mean?

I had a conversation with him for 40 minutes really black belt level and I said with all respect where did you learn this?

Now I’m going to start showing my age, he said I learnt this on YouTube. The information is all online. I didn’t have that luxury, you didn’t Ro.

I said wow, how powerful is information, connectivity and also how destructive can it be.

I think this is a time where people like us need to have very frank conversations with people and wake people up and say, stop acting dysfunctional and mistreating people and get your act together.

I have an interesting style because I’m fun and humorous but I am also quite real about what it takes to get results.

My fiancé came to my workshops when she was 19 she is now 26 and she consumed consciousness content through mind value, which is a fantastic level.

She’s doing meditations she was interested in and she didn’t have the advanced application she was learning or trying to get from the meditations. She has created an amazing life.

She is a very high consciousness person. She’s created a fantastic opportunity in the dance industry, which is quite difficult to generate income in.

Again had to overcome tremendous inner demons. Part of the journey of consciousness is you got to go battle your demons.

The one thing about personal development mainstream is missing is the fact that yes, you must focus on goals, yes you must have affirmations.

Yes, you must have the vision boards but the more you create, the more your demons try to pull you down, your inner demons. Your fears, anxieties, your lack of self-worth.

Once you get yourself out there people start criticising.

If you’re not used to that it hurts.

My fiancé half Thai grew up in Birmingham with a lot of racism and she was born to dance but created tremendous fear around standing out.

She squashed that inner desire to dance and never actually manifested it until she did some genius workshops with me and now you can’t stop here.

Harms: I want to take a couple of belts down and start to define a word which we’ve used as a phrase, but maybe we haven’t explained to the listeners.

You’ve explained the results that people start to see, the transformation that you describe in yourself and additional stories, these are a direct result of someone’s consciousness and the change in that.

Now we all have a different understanding of what that means.

So for the listeners at home in your world what does that mean and how should people be aware of that?

Ryan: I like to think of consciousness as a garden, we all will have a garden.

We have past experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs. I like to think of these symbolically as weeds in the garden.

The first thing when evolving your consciousness is to actually prepare the soil of your mind for receiving what it is that you want and you do that by where is my fear coming from?

Why do I get angry when I see a stranger giving their child a clip around the ear in a supermarket? When you can weed out the low vibration.

Effectively the programme you’ve got to survive from the consciousness and then you plug-in intuition, you plug-in imagination, you plug-in love, creativity, purpose.

Over time you start to nurture your dreams, that’s how I like to explain it.

We all have a garden of possibility and at my house we have to get the gardeners around twice a month just to keep it manageable and if I don’t manage the garden if we don’t get people around to tidy it up, and do the great work they do in six weeks’ time it’s going to look horrendous.

Consciousness isn’t like a black and white thing where you work on it once, you really do need to attend to it I would argue on a daily basis. If you want to really get close to exploring anything like your full potential.

Dr Ro: Expand on nurture in your mind what does nature mean to you?

Because someone that hasn’t got that level of consciousness might think I went for a walk today and it is a nice sunny day and I took some fresh air and had a nice thought.

Is that what you’re referring to or is it something higher up the belt scale?

Ryan: Instinctively I’m a very smart person and anyone can work on consciousness for me.

My mission is to be the Henry Ford of consciousness.

I want everybody to be excited about consciousness.

I want to inspire my parents to be curious about consciousness so I don’t think it’s something for the elite, or for people who are really smart. All that we’re looking at here is saying what am I thinking and feeling?

If you then want to understand how to change your life why do I think that?

A lot of mainstream personal development will say change your thoughts and feelings, but if you don’t know why you feel like that. It’s a bit like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.

It is futile, but if I understand, for example, it took me a long time to get into a relationship where I was fully committed.

When I understood that because I witnessed my dad severely violating my mother on many levels, that my insecurity in the relationship came from that okay now I’ve taken that weed out of my consciousness, now I can start putting fertiliser in, which can be love, which could be hanging out with cool people.

It could be yoga, we will have intuition, we will all attract whatever nutrients we can get into our life. It could be silly things like I love watching Liverpool play football.

One of my passions is riding motorcycles, really fast. Whatever we can do to lift our spirits like to dance, some people like to bake, go for a walk-in nature, it does not always have to be personal development related.

Whatever brings you joy do more of that, because if you then want to really start getting a bit crazy about your ability to synchronously attract what you want in your life, the more you raise your vibration through what you eat, how you exercise, where you live, who you hang out with, whether you attend to your consciousness, mind in your thoughts and feelings.

The more you can do all of that then you start to really step into the row of magic where you can literally have a thought and instantly or within a few hours you attract someone or an opportunity or an idea to make that thought become a reality.

The thing that is missing in the secret is the fact that you’ve got to take your weeds out first that are holding you back, and then you focus on what you want.

I think that’s why people struggle with the secret.

Harms: The secret is a book, video series and a documentary movie that came out which described the law of attraction.

Dr Ro: I fully support Ryan, the secret developed a philosophy where people just thought great doesn’t matter what’s going on around me if I just focus on something I want it will come to me, but there are huge gaps in that as you’re describing there.

We’re talking about unleashing this genius that is within each of us.

For example if someone in business of the life comes to you and says they want to improve on these two areas of my life, from your experience, from your perspective, from your view of super genius and how the mind works and the tools in the body and the soul all connected together, what conversation takes place next?

Ryan: I think you can’t answer this question without defining what super genius means.

This is something that I just stumbled across because a bit like you guys I super love consuming information and learning about absolutely everything.

I came across this idea of genius, we typically think of a genius as someone who can do a Rubik’s cube in three seconds with their eyes closed.

Someone who is intellectually intelligent and that is a genius, but then we have to acknowledge that you get a humanitarian genius for example Mother Teresa, you get a leadership genius like Nelson Mandela.

Genius’s take on many forms, and when I looked up the original definition of genius it actually means a guiding spirit.

That’s where the story you rub the lamp and you get three wishes and a Genie comes up, that’s a metaphor for the fact that we all have an inner guiding spirit.

We all have a 24 seven, life coach, that we’re not employing and that’s what I do.

I like to empower people in intuition. Stephen Spielberg calls it the whisper. He was interviewed and asked what advice would you give your son and he said you all have an inner whisper.

It’s quiet but you’ve got to figure out a way to listen to the silence of the whisper because it somehow knows what you are born to do and if you follow that, then you will benefit and the world will benefit from that too.

I always drive the conversation down to do you know what your inner whisper is saying to you?

Because if not we need to do work on that, we need to ramp up the volume of your genius or spiritual inner guide and quieten down that ego that is telling you that you’re not good enough.

That you’re not going to fit in, that people are going to criticise you, that you feel rejected all of these. We have to quieten the volume of those down and increase volume of the whisper and everything else will take care of itself.

Dr Ro: What would be a typical conversation. You would just start with that point there?

Ryan: 100%.

That’s the foundation of what I teach.

I would say have you been in a situation where you knew you were going to do something and then regretted it?

Particularly in the property investment space, the stories just roll out. We’ve got to switch from being masters of intuitive hindsight to masters of intuitive foresight.

Nine weeks ago I had a whisper to call my bank manager.

Now him and I have met twice in five years. I had a feeling to call him so I did. I gave him an update on our finances.

One-week later restrictions start kicking in here in the UK because of Covid-19 and eight days after speaking to my bank manager I have a call booked with him as a follow-up call which is the day after the Chancellor announces the CIBR loans.

I was literally his first conversation around how much money can I get, you may have been lucky.

But I follow these whispers and it always somehow knows where I need to go even though my rational mind has no idea what’s going on.

I won a legal dispute against Apple to register my company as a trademark against my legal advisers advice. I just followed the whisper.

I won a legal dispute against HMRC who wrongfully penalised me £12,000 when I first started out against my accountant’s advice.

I created a very successful seminar business purely based on following my intuition. Yes, I had advisers. Yes, I had mentors, but mainly the reason I’m successful as I do things very differently. I innovate.

My approach is different, my pitch is different.

The way I structure my offer is different, my brand is different and I think there is value in modelling successful people, but then there’s wealth in creating and innovating your own path.

Dr Ro: I love that phrase.

There’s value in modelling people but wealth in creating your own path.

There is a point where we have to model people because you’re clueless.

Ryan: I used to stand-up comedy and I was rubbish.

I did some training. I copied other people but I wasn’t going to be great as a result of doing that, now I’ve brought my own style into my speaking, my own comedy style, I’ve got some really good jokes.

I don’t actually think people come to my workshops to learn they come for entertainment. I guess before you find your own way you have to learn from other people’s ways.

The big mistake people make is to continue modelling themselves when actually they should leave the birds nest, spread their wings and go and find out what they could potentially bring to the world in a unique genius approach.

Robert Kiyosaki, Rich dad poor dad, unique concept, one that has great context and people can learn from.

On your journey there are belts, a black belt makes their own way in life intuitively.

Harms: People that have just left school, left university and they go into a job and they instantly feel horrendous because they’re nowhere close to their purpose, they’ve completely suppressed the whisper which you described.

What if this conversation that we started with somebody first, they come to you with business and life.

You explain to them about the whisper, and the closer they get to their whisper, they get closer they get to their purpose and doing what they want.

What if they say to you, okay, but how do I find my purpose?

What happens if the conversation shifts to hey Ryan I have no idea how to find my purpose.

What should I do next?

Ryan: The more I work with people, the more I realise the importance of purpose, I’m very honoured to do some work in the military.

Purpose is relevant to everything in life, whether your genius is to work in the corporate world and go up the corporate ladder that’s cool too.

Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur I think and there’s no shame in your journey, not everyone wants to be a gazillionaire. Purpose is critical and one of the key things you can do apart from really advanced stuff, you can start paying attention to what brings you joy and what you love.

I was so chronically dysfunctional in having any clue about my real purpose apart from work. People often associate purpose with work and yes, you’ve got to find your purpose in work. But you’ve got to find your purpose in relationships, fitness and health and joy.

The conversations I have with people about what you do for fun and the rules are you can’t help anyone else. You can’t say I do this charity work.

That’s cool but I’m talking about your bliss.

What do you do that makes you happy, and it can’t be about making money or helping other people. 91% of people said I don’t know as adults we get all serious and professional and boring.

If we go back to the garden analogy, you might have a lovely bush of fruit trees and that could be your business or career so you tend to that.

You make sure that evolves, your purpose always evolves. If you’re starting out you have to start with a small seed and you’ve got to be curious.

What that means is try things out and this is where education has compiled us and killed creativity. Being an entrepreneur, you have to get familiar with making mistakes, being in a relationship you have to get familiar with lots of things.

Where I messed up where I met Ro was I tried things out, got a bit greedy and excited and took too much time and that’s where I created greater financial stress for myself.

When I started from scratch all over again I said okay I don’t know what my purpose is, but I’m going to bring it down to what would I love to experience today that will bring me joy?

There was a time when I left Rich dad where I made a couple of investment mistakes and I completely screwed myself financially, a three, four-day period where I couldn’t afford a one-pound cheese sandwich at Morrisons.

I was ashamed because I was a rich dad speaker previously.

I’d gone on this mission to go and save the world and I just screwed myself. That was a testing time, I was really challenged as to whether I was making a massive mistake and it was a dark period.

Anyone listening if you’re going through a difficult time please reach out because you’ll be surprised how much it will help.

I would literally sit there going I’ve got no money.

I literally had a bag of change.

I said I don’t know what my purpose is, I’m going to start with doing something small that I love today and this might seem silly, but I literally went to the tea and cake shop around the corner and had a cup of tea a scone with cream and jam and I was like, I deserve to have this even though I effed up.

I started nurturing my spirit, my consciousness was what I loved, and what happens when you nurture intent into a garden with good nutrients it grows.

Then I was like I’d love to coach people; I’d love to create seminars.

I’d love to call my dad and say you are a really bad father and you’re a bit of a prick, but I still love you and actually you might not be the father I wanted but you’re the father that I needed in order for me to fulfil my purpose.

So I love you and I’m grateful.

The more I focused on what I wanted to create that I love all of sudden it was like this organic garden.

I would say if you’ve absolutely got no clue about your purpose just start with what you love to do in this moment.

Dr Ro: Harms has more recently been introduced to some of Roger Hamilton’s teachings around the world.

You and I spent some time in that space just exploring who we are.

What we loved, how we should show up and there’s another conversation for another day, but a lot of it was aligning to what we were loving and experiencing and having fun.

Ryan: I had a massive weed of consciousness during that period of pride and shame.

I should’ve reached out to someone like you, I’m sure if I said I’m screwed financially what do you think I should do?

 You’d have spent hours with me and come up with an idea.

I suffered for four years in silence and that’s what drives me.

It’s not positivity and inspiration that drives me.

It’s knowing that people are in pain and I know that they have more potential than they realise and when I see suffering in the world and I see people who are blinded by their potential that’s what gets me going.

I have quite direct conversations with people and they don’t know if they should be inspired or afraid. because often I get so passionate about seeing someone’s potential and saying I refuse to give up on you, if you want to give up I’m not going to allow you to do that.

Sometimes you need someone to give you a bit of tough love and say you’re going through a tough period, you’re doubting yourself, it’s normal, you’re facing inner demons.

But you can always create a way out of the situation and that’s one of the fundamentals I teach in my workshops is the best way to evolve yourself, the best way to heal yourself.

The best way to get what you want is to master creativity.

You can create your way out of anything I believe.

Dr Ro: On this theme of love then through the process of super consciousness to create what you love one of the first primary things you’re talking about here is starting with just doing something simple as doing what you love today.

Ryan: Purpose can often be overwhelming and stressful and you’ve just got to start small and evolve that seed, maybe plant another one tomorrow. Another seed the next day.

Some seeds may never take root and grow.

Harms who would have known the seed, that one moment where we did hang out at a dinner briefly for 20 minutes would blossom into an opportunity to be on this podcast.

One thing that I love about life is dropping seeds everywhere nurturing them when I get a whisper to do so and really paying attention to what I love.

That’s really crucial.

Even right down to what customers do I love working with.

Even down to real estate, what properties do you love that are aligned to your purpose?

What tenants do you love? If I think back to all the mistakes I made, it was about money.

Dr Ro: I probably had that very conversation with Harms and his wife a year and a half ago.

Could you define in your own words super consciousness.

Ryan: When I think of super consciousness I think of intuition, imagination, genius, high vibration, higher self, guiding spirit all of that stuff.

When you talk about super consciousness, you have to talk about unconsciousness and the garden analogy, unconsciousness are the weeds that are holding you back.

Super consciousness is the whisper trying to drive you forward.

Harms: That person who may approach you Ryan saying I need to sort my life and business out. Ultimately, at one point they’re really striving for success, whatever that is to them.

One thing you mentioned as part of your story was you just followed along with your instinctive intuition. How did that play out?

How did you follow your intuition that has led you to this success?

Because ultimately when suddenly comes to you part of what they’re wanting is, look after this process or after working with Ryan or whatever it is I want to get closer to success.

How does intuition play a role in that?

Ryan: For me personally I had a mentor in consciousness, I got training.

Yes, we’re all intuitive, yes, we all have the imaginations. Yes, we all have a genius but our education system doesn’t support that.

I think Einstein said we created a society that celebrates the rational mind and makes intuitive mind the servant when it’s born to be the other way around.

I feel like I shouldn’t take any credit for anything I’ve created apart from choosing the right people to give me guidance, that is probably the biggest success of my life.

Going for greatness, exploring the purpose, creating wealth for me my biggest demon is intimacy and physical intimacy, because of the violations I’ve witnessed my mother go through.

For me, my biggest weed in my consciousness or my biggest demon is sexual, physical intimacy with my partner, it terrifies me even still today.

The reason I say that is, everybody wants the dream to live the best life possible, but some people don’t have the skill to do it, some people don’t have the support and some are too lazy.

You have to roll your sleeves up and get dirty, you’ve got to face your demons, you’ve got to feel uncertain.

You’ve got to stretch yourself.

The analogy is you’ve got to be that butterfly in the cocoon that goes through the stress of expanding its wings in such a way that you break through the restrictions of the cocoon you think you are in.

That’s just an illusion.

Psychological theories talk about cognitive dissonance cognitive; this is when you actually go from one level or belt of one consciousness to another.

If you’ve not never experienced anything personally around addiction try going sugar free for eight weeks, you’re going to go from being happy to psychotic within two hours, I can guarantee you.

The reason I challenge people to have that experience is you literally have to detox like an addict from the negative emotions that hold you back and you’re going to get the sweats.

You’ll literally have bad thoughts. It’s tough.

Because you’re ripping a part of your identity away from you.

Neuroscience shows that emotions are chemical reactions, we’re all addicts.

The number one reason people fail is an inability to deal with their negative emotions under stress.

Look at Robin Williams, Michael Jackson even to some degree Tiger Woods, George Best. Creating success is quite easy if you’ve got the right people around you.

Keeping it takes self-awareness and that’s where consciousness is critical and that’s why I’m very successful in the entrepreneur space.

I don’t have the biggest seminar company, but I’ve got customers who create great results because I’m upfront.

I’m like this is going to be the most difficult thing you’ve ever undertaken in life and paradoxically the most rewarding, and that is discovering what your purpose is.

Because the only person stopping you from being great is you, it’s not any circumstances, the government, not the economy, not your family or past it is you.

Dr Ro: Digging a bit deeper because you talked about this from your own journey and you know for me it’s a passion.

That path that took Ryan and I in different directions ultimately still led to the same outcome for people which is transformation.

Mine went down the path of working with my turning point tools, Ryan with his super genius, but both of us have a similar underpinning theme, which is working with that self-sabotage that happens very early on in kids.

My daughters have gone through a world of Steiner education. They teach a lot about the first five to six years of unconsciousness, they don’t push children the same the conventional education system does.

It is completely opposite to how the conventional education system works. It’s about nurturing creativity, not conformity, which we know is what the system is about, but the self-sabotage you’ve talked about which we all experience in some way, shape or form.

Give us some insights into how they can start working to overcome some of this unconscious self-sabotage through this process that you’re talking about.

 What will be a few steps at this stage they can start to look at and reflect on?

Ryan: I go through an inventory.

If I’m under stress and stress is obviously a signal you’re not happy with something and it leads to all sorts of things.

Stress is a signal that you’re not in flow so something is wrong, so that’s cool you just need to get a MOT. The way I MOT my consciousness I say what am I thinking?

These are steps people can implement straight away. If I’m about to do a presentation in a big audience I actually get quite nervous particularly if I don’t know the audience, if it’s my audience then I’ve got a rapport.

I did a 30-minute talk to over a thousand people at a massive conference and I was really nervous because I had to sell consciousness to property investors in 30 minutes.

If I allowed my anxiety and stress to get the better of me I think I would have done an okay job, I’ve got enough experience not to completely bomb.

But I don’t want to be average, mediocre and I don’t want people to forget me. I want people to go, that dude was better than Cardone.

What I first had to do was to weed out the stuff in my consciousness that’s not helping me. What am I thinking? I don’t belong here. I only have 30 minutes, a powerless mentality.

People aren’t going to understand. I normally speak for 60 minutes. I’m not as wealthy as a lot of these people that come up for me a lot.

So I write these all out. very openly, I sponsored that event I paid £20,000 for that 30-minute slot so I had to make back to get my return on investment. So there is pressure.

If I start making it about that stuff I’m going to come across too salesy, too desperate.

Literally by becoming aware of my thoughts, my feelings and also this is critical for my emotions. I’m a fear driven person if I allow my past to control my behaviour. Then I say what’s my fear telling me?

Don’t swear on stage. Be nice, conform, don’t be controversial, focus on selling. Funnily enough if I take all of those things the reason people love me because I am a little crazy on stage.

I’ve been very well behaved on this podcast.

People love that I’m outrageous.

There was a guy who arrived at the talk who was five minutes late, I pulled him up.

Those are things that my ego, unconscious mind would be like you can’t say that, it’s England but people like that because I do it with respect.

Once I clear all the stuff that I think I should do out of my awareness I then find that my creativity, intuition, imagination, my unique self comes out.

If I was a very professional speaker who used predictable public speaking methods well everyone has seen that.

So what are you thinking? What are you feeling? What are your emotions and if you can answer the next question, my gosh, you are on the road to self-mastery.

What are my emotions telling me to do?

Practice that and you are well on your way to clearing your consciousness to plant good stuff.

Then follow it up with one more question, and that is what would I love to do now that I know what my emotions want me to do, what does my spirit want me to do?

What does my genius want me to do?

And do I believe it’s possible? Does it matter? Do I have the resources?

It is irrelevant. I will create resources, and if I passionately believe that I want something I’ll go all in and I’ll never give up.

Dr Ro: One of my biggest passions is having really important questions and at this crucial time that defines how somebody reacts to a situation.

If somebody finds themselves drawn to self-sabotaging feelings or thinking or emotions, is there a steer on that from your philosophy of teaching?

Because ultimately we don’t want them to be drawn down to a deeper place.

Ryan: From my experience because I have had therapy, medication for depression and so forth. I’m not a doctor or clinical expert, so if you’re experiencing extreme depression or even suicide, which is tragically very common in our society.

Please seek professional help.

Once you got that sorted, and you’ve got that foundation, what I like to do is I found this to be useful.

What are my negative emotions and thoughts, saying where do they want to take me?

And now that I’m aware of it I’ve created a choice.

What I used to do was try and suppress my fear. You may hear a lot in personal development that what you resist persists.

I tried to resist my fear but what I was actually inadvertently doing was focusing on my fear. I was giving it power and energy. I

’m okay to go on stage and say I’m absolutely shitting it.

But I’m not going to focus on that. I’m going to focus on giving the audience the best possible talk I can right now, and in a way this is where you really start to get to first and second stuff.

I’m going to channel that fear and turn that energy into creativity and that’s a process called alchemy.

The highest level of consciousness that I teach.

Let’s actually give you more tension in life, not stress, creative tension, purpose, commitment, drive, I’m going to bring out a spirit deep within you that you didn’t know existed.

Then I’m going to teach you how to channel that to produce results and make that powerful for you. You have to look your fear in the face.

You have to look at your anger in the face head on. If you’re feeling depressed, it’s actually okay to feel depressed, but don’t act out on depression.

If depression is saying hideaway. Keep to yourself or drink, don’t do that.

Dr Ro: A distinction is by asking these questions it then creates an awareness and once you’re aware of something you have a choice of how you deal with that and if you take responsibility for that choice and redirect it, we are right back to where we started.

Which is that infinite decision that we all make.

If I can take responsibility and if I do great, that means I can take responsibility for everything in my life.

Ryan: We’re not saying it’s your fault, but you are responsible for feeling rejected.

That’s critical.

Harms: Let’s assume that the person having this conversation, asking all these questions to you is somebody who is going to kick back a little bit, and say they’re 20 to 25, so of course their ego is out of control.

But they come to you and they say okay this process is amazing, I get how I can overcome this, but what about when I get to the point where you mentioned about the emotions then telling me what to do.

 At that stage before you ask the final question of the process, their response is, but if I follow my emotions isn’t that too risky?

Isn’t that going to put me in jeopardy or my career in jeopardy or financial jeopardy?

This is where I think a lot of people within the age of 20 and 30 come from which is, they are so scared or adverse to taking a risk that they may say that step in the process is actually risky.

What would be your response to them in that scenario?

Ryan: The biggest risk you can take in life is acting out of your emotions, this is normally at this stage of my presentation where I say raise your hand if you sent an email out of anger and then realised as soon as you clicked enter you made a mistake.

You were perfectly sane scrolling on Facebook and then you get an email from your landlord or your boss and you go into instant anger and you send them an email with your opinion.

You allowed your emotions to get the better of you and this is now literally opening a new can of worms, emotions are tension.

People take action when there’s tension, procrastination for example, is a lack of tension. Think about when you have a school project and when did you do it? The day the project was assigned or the night before?

Always the night before as that’s when you had tension. Emotion is tension.

Tension creates action.

So what you need to do if you really want to be superhuman is you need to learn how to control your emotions and stop them from making you take action that’s going to lead you to regrettable mistakes or self-sabotage.

The first step of unleashing your genius is actually what are my emotions driving me to do? That’s the first step.

The biggest risk is letting your emotions drive your life. Carl Jung said it best, it’s the fundamental premise of everything I teach and the more people do training with me, the more they realise how true this is.

He said until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate. Very simply put, we have emotions.

Most people act out of the emotions.

The biggest risk is acting out of your emotions, you are guaranteed to create what you want if you follow the whisper of your intuition.

What I teach people is detached from taking action from the emotion, not feeling emotion, you’ve got to feel your emotions, but you’ve got to act out of intuition not in reaction to your feelings.

Dr Ro: There will be people listening to this who are 50, 55, 60, 65 and they are desperately hearing this and thinking this kind of makes sense.

Do you from your observation, find that people of different age groups receive this teaching at a different level of understanding?

Meaning does somebody young age go, I am an open book wow, I get this. Energetic, dynamic, not so many things to mend.

I’ll jump straight in whereas someone 55, 60 goes, you don’t understand I’m stuck in this rut for so long, do you see that?

Is it down to some level of consciousness before they walk in the door with you, or is age nothing to do with it?

Ryan: Age has nothing to do with it.

There is something called the hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell really profound work.

One of the most critical parts of the journey is the calling face.

That’s when I was talking to you Ro 26, 27 saying there’s something I’m supposed to be doing but I can’t figure out what it is.

We all have a calling. This is tragic.

This is a real tragedy, how many people can you think of in your life or the listeners, the calling came as a result of some negative experience in life?

Cancer, divorce, lost business retirement.

Normally people in their 60s come to my workshops because they’re retired and are like what do I do now? It is a tragedy of the human experience in my opinion, and I am hoping to fix this in my lifetime, or at least create a legacy that fixes it over time.

Where we wake people up before the tragedy hits.

Mine was losing contact with my daughter at 19.

I would love to raise the consciousness of the planet in such a way that people become intuitively aware of what the calling is before tragedy knocks sense into them that they’re wasting their life.

That’s actually what happens.

I would say, I don’t have stats on this but I could possibly do a survey, at least 70% of people who come to my seminars have had a negative experience woken up and realised gosh I’m off centre.

I’m not in flow and that can happen at any point in time.

The good news is that the audience is getting much younger because of the Internet.

I think in terms of age that’s the only observation I’ve got.

Dr Ro: I have a similar observation over the years and younger people are now coming in saying I don’t want to have the same experience.

They see the journey and want another journey.

Harms: We have had an incredible amount of information, wisdom and knowledge to process and I’m sure our listeners are absolutely grateful.

So this has been incredibly valuable.

We’ve given white belt chat, black belt chat.

We’ve given you something in between and that’s a good way to understand the levels of conversation that has been happening today.

So thank you Ryan for joining us in this conversation.

Ryan: I’m super grateful for the conversation, I know you guys do great work and I know that you give people slots very selectively.

I am very honoured to have this opportunity, so thank you so much.

Harms: Do you have any final words of wisdom for our listeners or any actions you recommend that being said, I appreciate you’ve given listeners an incredible amount of action steps within some of the topics we’ve spoken about.

Ryan: I think this comes down to my Doggart nature and where I came from is that I just want people to realise how awesome they are, because we don’t spend enough time.

We don’t give people tough love when they want to give up on their purpose or dreams, we’re not born to consume oxygen.

Everyone is here I believe to really create something super profound; everyone has natural; gifts and talents to bring to the world and by doing so, they’ll make the world a better place.

Anyone that has got a little feeling that they are here to create something great find as many people as you can who can support you on a journey and just don’t give up on yourself, because the world is harsh.

If you’re on an entrepreneurial journey you realise how the marketplace doesn’t care about how great you are, you’ve got to make a stand for yourself.

The world is quite ruthless in that sense.

You really have to find people that can lift you up when you get knocked down because you’re going to get knocked down a lot.

It’s part of the process and now that you expect it just get on with it.

If people want one action they can take as inspiration I would recommend they read a book called Shoe dog written by the founder of Nike. When I read that book I cried the whole way through, because every chapter is just one disaster to the next.

The reason I cried was that the more successful I became, the more disasters I had to deal with, the universal God never gives you more than you can handle.

If you’re going through something and you feel like you can’t handle it this is just your opportunity to level up and go to a new belt.

So just keep going.

Dr Ro: Fantastic message. Thank you, brother.

Ryan: Love you man.

Dr Ro: Love you too.

Harms: Thank you Ro and Ryan for joining us and that’s ourselves signing off, we will see you on the next episode.

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