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Finding hope and inspiration during COVID-19

Hi folks it’s Dr Ro here.

I wanted to share this message because recently I’ve been reading several articles and it was brought to my attention by a few people and we had a few people reach out as well, mainly because of what I do the work I do. To say that they’ve got a member of their family that has really hit a low place at the moment with what’s been happening with coronavirus and the impact it’s having on their lives.

But also some of the articles and the things I’ve been reading suggest that the police have been on high alert in certain parts of the country globally as well, where high levels of suicide and attempted suicide, deeper levels of depression, happiness levels, lowering, people going into some dark places.

As a result of what’s been happening, there is a lot of conspiratorial information that is pervading the whole internet at the moment.

I think it is creating a lot of confusion, so this is quite a personal message really. I don’t know how many of you watch these videos know much about the background I have but my original PhD was not in psychology or medicine or anything like that, it was actually in civil engineering, and my PhD was actually in, re-engineering the foundations of buildings. Stopping buildings collapsing, stopping tunnels collapsing.

Nine eleven for example, the twin towers, the basement was deep. And when you rebuild something like that you need a lot of the foundations to be right. 

So for many years I used to talk about the transition I went through from civil engineering foundation engineering into human re-engineering. At the age of 20 I was studying hypnosis, human psychology as a pastime, a passion without me realising that was my course for life.

I was doing interventional work at the age of 19, 20, 21, 22, I remember doing my PhD and doing hypnosis for small groups of people in their houses, helping people overcome blocks, dealing with personal challenges, emotional challenges, self-worth issues. 

Some people I wouldn’t say were suicidal but certainly having trouble with their studies so I used to do a lot of work like that.

This has been going on for a long time, I’m 54 now that’s over 30 years. I’ve been in this area albeit through a chosen path that I had parallel to my career and when I started to develop the whole Dr Ro brand and the turning point, then came off that as well.

One of the images I used to have and I used to show people was the leaning Tower of Pisa. 

The leaning tower of Pisa has an incredible structure, which the structure actually from the outside looks incredible no different to a human being. We can appear to have this amazing external periphery, how we look on the outside but the foundations of the leaning Tower of Pisa were fundamentally flawed.

The building on the surface looked great but then it started to topple and finally they managed to stabilise it. I used to show this and if I can find it I’ll put it onto Facebook.

I used to show this image of a block of flats in China and after 13 months collapsed. They built the building too high too quickly adding too much weight to the top of it and it collapsed. 

Human beings go through the same thing. You can see somebody have a meltdown, an emotional meltdown, physical meltdown, health meltdown, and they’ve built what appears to be this amazing lifestyle on the outside. They’ve built it fast and hard, working long hours and putting a lot of pressure on themselves and that nearly always puts the load down onto the core of who they are. As human beings we have a core set of foundational layers that sit on the building. 

If my phone case here represents the building underneath that you have these layers and each one of these layers if they are strong enough you can build the building tall and no matter how much load it puts on the foundations it will stay stable. I don’t know if this is making any sense, hopefully it is. 

If you’re watching this and you’ve got friends that are having a wobbly time, please share this video as I used to go through a whole section on this on paid events that people would come to.

I’m trying to condense it down into a short video. Imagine this finger with the ring on it, imagine that as a weak area of the foundations. When the building starts to put pressure on the ground, in other words if you build a building tall, you build a business, you have a big mortgage, a high lifestyle, more kids. 

That puts a lot of pressure down if these first two levels of the foundation here start to crumble, if that layer there is very weak and it just gives in what can happen is that building can start to do this and then off it goes and it topples.

As human beings typically what happens is if our foundational elements are not strong and we try and build this external world and we build it big and the pressure from the external world comes down and we have not got this foundation solid, in other words the load comes down and it doesn’t affect us it will stay strong. If that foundation actually just does that it can collapse then you’re in trouble. 

So picture a scene here you are building a career in your life. You’ve started a new business, you have this aspiration to go do X, Y, Z loads of projects you are lining up and suddenly we get hit by global virus, that isn’t just affecting one person, or one country but virtually every country in the world.

Added to which, you’ve got the economy slowing so suddenly your business which relied on a certain type of client slows up as they’re running out of money and they can’t spend money.

Or the banks that were lending you money to do your business suddenly stops lending you money, or it could be that the projects that you’d started suddenly come down and start to deplete and slow down. All of a sudden these aspirations you had get put on hold. Added to which your children can’t go to school.

Maybe there’s no income coming into the household at the moment, it might be that your health has been affected, or a member of your family’s been affected by this and it’s really having a massive effect on you personally.

All of sudden the pressure of your life which was adding a certain amount of pressure before is now doubled and tripled, and it’s pushing down through these layers which constitute you as a person. What are these layers?

These layers constitute, for example, your identity and there’s no specific order. Your sense of purpose in life, your conviction, your self-worth, your belief system, your core values as a person. The rules that make up your core values all of these things, if these layers are really strong then no matter how much pressure you put on it you can stay strong in very, very difficult times. 

If, on the other hand, the pressure coming down here is so strong that any of these layers are weak or you haven’t worked on them, you haven’t developed a strong set of values.

Or you haven’t developed a set of convictions around your beliefs that say no matter what happens I can do this. What happens is they start to crumble and that’s not a judgement on anybody because I’ve been there. 

I know how that feels and when I went through the first experience of this, I discovered that my values were totally misaligned I literally broke down into tears.

I was at a big event I think it was in the Bahamas from memory and I’d gone over to do this five-day transformation event and I remember thinking what the fuck.

My whole value system has been completely screwed up. I had success as a number one value. I had making money as number two; health, relationships, love and connection were there but in the top 10. They weren’t in the top two or three. 

They were down here somewhere so my value systems were all over the place. I’d been pursuing success and I kept having these mini emotional breakdowns and times.

Not understanding why I couldn’t quite move forward and have breakthroughs in my life and move things to another level. When pressure got up I tend to find myself buckling a little bit, so that was one of my big wake-ups.

The other one was some of my beliefs that I was carrying were carried from beliefs I’d adopted from my mum, uncles, my father died when I was a young boy, I was 13 years of age, 1979. My father was 46, so I had had to shape a lot of my beliefs from adopted beliefs from other people and some of those were pretty fucked up to be honest.

They left a mark on me and I went through a phase where I didn’t think I was going to make it past 40. I was absolutely convinced, that affected my relationship, everything I did.

I had to do it quick and fast and I was thinking, oh shit what if I don’t make it to 40?

I went through a really wobbly period. Over the years, I dealt with countless people who were on the brink of suicide, whose relationship was going through a really tough patch, and one of them decided they couldn’t live with this anymore and they had to end it.

Or they have to go away and disappear off the earth and do something remote or just completely separate. Walk away from their families.

I sat with people that were carrying some really big burdens. I personally experienced divorce, death in family members, I’ve seen my mum come close to passing with cancer. Even in the last 12 months my youngest brother had a heart attack, my mum had a heart attack within 10 days of that.

We lost a member of our family within two weeks. When these things happen it puts a huge amount of pressure on you and how you show up in the world is based on these foundations.

A lot of people look at the external world and they go right okay, this is the most important. Where in fact these layers that sit underneath here are the most important thing. What I want to say is if you’re sitting watching this and you are really frustrated or feeling down, from what the stats are you’re one of the people that feels like I can’t go on, I don’t know what to do.

The main reason for that is because one of these layers here are your sense of purpose and actually it sits in the top two layers.

This is my personal belief. So yes, you’ve got your values, your identity, your core beliefs etcetera but if you have a really poor sense of purpose, or you have lost your sense of direction and that layer sitting underneath the main structure here as it comes down on and it bears down onto you here.

If that layer here is weak it can start to collapse quite quickly and people get very, very wobbly. 

What I mean by that is when you have a sudden sense of you’re losing your job or the company has said out where you’re doing cuts and we’ll put you on furlough for the moment, but we’re not sure we can take you back.

Or you’re in a business that may be that business isn’t going to exist and I’m in the speaking world as you know. One of the things I do is personal development. 

We had lined up communicating with impact training. Some of you may be watching this and you were booked to come onto that.

It is still happening, but probably September, October but we don’t know yet and we’re waiting to see what happens in the next month and half. We’ll go back to the people that booked on and say these are your options, come join us in a few months down the line.

But from my perspective, this industry is changing, the property world, the education business is going to change without a shadow of a doubt. It’s going to have a completely different look and feel how it’s going to be delivered I believe.

I think there will be a massive desire for it but how people come and attend it and want to invest in it will change.

I think from my perspective the field is completely stopped.

Does that worry me?

It doesn’t worry me, what concerns me is how the shape of it is going to be, but I’m already making provision for that and I think it gives us an opportunity to change and transform our vision.

I think that’s the message I want to get across, whatever you thought your purpose was before if you’re feeling like fuck, which direction am I going in?

I don’t even know if what I was doing was the right thing any more and you’re feeling a sense of void, that void is what creates this feeling of people going. 

I just want to end everything. I want to stop and I have to bring in some humour here and some anger here and I have to bring some frustration because of the lowest vibrational frequency. If you look at the scale of consciousness at the top you’ve got peace, you’ve got love, you’ve got harmony.

Those vibrate very, very highly at the scale of consciousness.

The lowest vibrational harmonies, frequencies would be things like depression, hopelessness, sense of loss and they are very low vibrational frequencies.

For example somebody who’s suicidal will have a very low vibrational frequency, which means they feel they don’t have anywhere to go. 

Often what I’ll do with somebody like that when I’m working with them in that state is a part from obviously trying to get a sense of where they’re at, if I will play a little bit to find out what is going to get them vibrate at a different frequency. For example, I’ll say something to piss them off because of what we’ve discovered over the years, and Dr David Hawkins discovered this through a lot of his work.

He has done some incredible work Dr Hawkins. Is that anger vibrating at a higher frequency than hopelessness, depression, and suicidal tendencies. 

If somebody is down here and they’re just at the point and what I will do sometimes is I will say something to piss them off. I will get them angry because if they can get angry towards me and they go fuck you Dr Ro, and they start to feel anger away from themselves and directed at somebody else, it moves their vibrational frequency higher.

This has been proven. The difference between self-harming and feeling depressed and wanting to hurt themselves versus I want to hit you, you bald headed Sri Lankan guy with glasses on.

It shows me when I’m working with them they’ve shifted their frequency to a higher level and now they’re directing that away from themselves to somebody else.

At least I’ve got them away from that state, that’s not enough though because even doing that, yes, it can piss them off and it gets them away from that place of wanting to do something crazy to themselves. Now I need to direct that. 

I’ll say okay, that anger there why are you feeling angry?

I’m feeling anger because of this.


Because you’ve just offended my pride. What was it in your pride that I offended? You said I don’t really want to live anymore, I’ve got no possibility of doing anything, that is not true. I know I’ve got a possibility. That’s good, what’s your possibility then?

I’ve studied this, got great skills, I can create great content, I’ve written a book. You’ve written a book and you can’t commit suicide and it gets them pissed off. It gets them angry.

All of a sudden the conversation shifts and I’m saying this to you now as you’re watching, if you’re in that place and you’re feeling any tendencies like you know what proves to me that you’ve got some value. People push back and they say because of this

I’ve got two kids I’m a great dad. Hold on a minute you’re a great dad, you’ve written a book and you’re contemplating topping yourself? Yeah. Why?

Because the finances are in a really bad place, I’m not sure how I can look after my kids.

That isn’t a reason to end your life. That’s just simply a function of the structure of your life. People go what do you mean by that? Remember these are the foundations, this is the structure.

The structure has different elements to it, so the structure of your life one column of the structure of your life is your financial world. Another column of your structural life is your relationships, another column of your structural life is yourself.

It’s how you look after your inner self as well, but also your external self. Another structure of your life is, for example, your body, so this is how you look after your body, your health etcetera. 

When I’m working with someone who is in a tough place they go, okay. I say do you understand the difference? What you’re describing is a structural part of your life, your finances are fucked.

You’ve lost your job, covid-19 means your careers come to a halt but that doesn’t mean to say end your life. But how am I going to look after the family, the kids?

I don’t know what to do. Okay that brings us to another element to the structure, which is the vision for life as well.

What do you mean?

Down here you’ve got the foundations is your sense of worth and value and sense of purpose. Okay, I get that, it’s feeling pretty shit right now.

Yes, why? Because I don’t feel I have finances and I can’t see where it’s going.

There are  two big columns there, one is finances and one’s vision. 

So what if we were to work on those two and work on your foundation here and get a sense of your value of your worth. Think of it as like you’re standing on a table. Let’s prop up that table because at the moment that table doesn’t stand on its own. Tell me what’s great about you?

I’m a great father, I’ve written a great book and that book was inspiring people and how they can do X, Y, and Z. I’m a really good husband but I’m shit with money. Are you actually shit with money?

No but a lot of my finances have been reliant on my career and this business I started. The business has now gone down and my career has as well.  

What’s happening is someone has pinned their whole identity to their financial situation, so this whole structure, which is the foundations of who they are, their beliefs and their values.

We’ve got health, money and we’ve got vision, but everything is hinged on this one column and it’s starting to crumble a little bit as well. Add to that the lack a sense of purpose and identity, so we’ve got weight bearing down on here on the financial column that is pushing down into the ground. That is putting pressure on something here which is their sense of purpose and sense of belief and the whole thing is starting to collapse.

It is not everything it’s like, my whole life is fucked. Your whole life? Okay not my whole life but the financials. What we do is we narrow it down. Now we can start to put some practical elements into building that column here and building these foundational levels.

I don’t know if this is making sense and I’m getting into a mini seminar here whilst I’m sat in the garden. How we deal with that is we have to compartmentalise these areas that I’m feeling weak in as a person.

A great exercise to do is say, okay, beyond covid-19 imagine you have a blank canvas. 

Let’s just say that behind me I’ve got the garden, buddhas head, what id that was a blank canvas? How would you paint that? That’s the picture of the future. This is your life after the next three months after the coronavirus has been contained or it’s gone through its main bell curve of hitting the population who either built an immunity to it, or subject to it.

Now you’ve got to repaint the picture.

When someone is in that place by repainting the picture we’re changing the vibrational frequency.

Vision is a much higher frequency than down here in depression. So what happens is we now paint the picture of how it’s going to look. And you go well, I’d like my business to be thriving.

The look of my business will be different. Now I realised with covid-19 the kind of clients in the business I’m going to have is going to be slightly more online, slightly more coaching and I have a different product. Okay great, let’s describe that product range. And they start working through that and then they go right okay.

Maybe that’s the picture of the tree slightly different look and feel. Let’s talk about your beliefs about the world and about money, about finances, let’s talk about that. Well previously I believed this. Okay let’s change those beliefs, what could be a new set of beliefs?

Number one I would have more contingency last time I had no safety net; I didn’t have any money in the bank. So what if we come through covid-19 we will look at your career and if I was coaching this is what we do, let’s go back to your career.

If there is no job in that particular company who could you work for?

Then we would start looking at different options. Could you go and do contract work? Yeah I could get some work as a consultant. Great that is another form of income.

What if we built that back up again and now what we do is we make a financial plan and this is where you have to look at money management and by the way, in the book turning point if you haven’t read the book, and again share this with as many people as you can because they may not have a plan financially.

Go and read the chapter in the turning point which looks at financial management because there it takes account of the provision where you put money aside, such that you can survive two or three months during a difficult period like this or even longer.

Okay, so let’s put that plan into place and all of a sudden there’s a lifting of the energy. There is an aspirational side to the conversation as opposed to a depressive side conversation.

What have we just done there?

We’ve worked on changing the vision, we worked on a change in the financial plan for the future in terms of how you would manage your finances differently.

We’ve looked at a strategy for a new way the career could evolve and the business that you started and felt little hopeless about, now you go hold on a minute it can have a different look and feel to it.

Different types of business and client. Now we can run that as well. 

The person is lifted and they are moving differently. They’re like yes, I can do this differently, I’ve got a different vision now. Good. And then we really find purpose in life.

Maybe your life has a different purpose to it now, maybe you want to do charity work, maybe you want to give beyond yourself.

During this period for the next month or two, we have an organic farm literally opposite our house on the other side to where we are living here. But beyond the house there is a building site at the moment we have a beautiful farm and it’s basically a community farm. It’s run through the communities, a non-for-profit type organisation.

There are a lot of elderly people who desperately need deliveries so we went over there and my fiancée said can we deliver; can we do something to help and we can take the kids in the car. We can do the drop off and the kids can be a part of that. I think in a time of when you’re feeling really shitty it’s so powerful to do something for someone unconditionally, without expecting anything back.

And when you give from a place of unconditional love that moves your vibrational frequency into the top three categories, the top highest vibrational frequencies that are in the world globally.

One is peace, one is joy, one is love, think about those three things. If you’re able to give beyond yourself you will resonate in that frequency that will naturally bring this low frequency up. So giving beyond yourself is really powerful as well. 

I just felt compelled to do this earlier on today and I wanted to do it from a point view of not just a message but giving you some practical tools as well. If there’s anyone that you know that may be in this place just share this with them.

And please, if you’re watching this without darkness there wouldn’t be light and without light there wouldn’t be darkness, meaning that even in the darkest moment there is always a possibility of life. There will be something out there. 

It’s yin and yang you have to have a contrast of light and dark, and you as a human being do not deserve to only focus on the shitty things in life. You also then deserve to focus on the most amazing things in life that you have.

What I want to say to you is that every single morning if you’re in a really dark place right now is wake-up and a way to shine light on yourself is to be grateful. Be grateful that you have the ability to breathe,  some people struggling to do that, they’re on respiratory devices.

Be grateful for the fact you have a heart that beats, it has the ability to keep going.

Be grateful you have a mind that has the ability to focus on something negative because it also means it has the ability to focus on something incredibly positive. It has the ability to look beyond itself and to be inspired by the world around you.

You have a gift you were given that got into this earth and to be able to live and breathe and talk to people. You had to beat back I don’t know how many millions of sperm fighting like this and you managed to win that race. You said get away and you won that race.

You then formed this embryo that became a baby and you came out into this world. 

So whatever you’re feeling you have learnt that. That feeling of depression you’ve learnt from a set of circumstances that have been put upon you and maybe you didn’t have the tools, maybe you didn’t have the resourcefulness.

Maybe you didn’t have the emotional development because of what happened in your life to such a point that when the pressure came on, you didn’t know how to deal with that.

That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to end it right now because you have a gift and who’s to say that you may not in a year, two, three or five years, or even five days’ time not change someone else’s life. 

Do something, say something, a gesture that gives another human being the opportunity to turn their life around, or to give them a glimmer of light. Or maybe you carry a candle to another human being and your candles flickering a little bit, but you use that to light another person’s candle.

In doing that they get their candle and they do the same thing and suddenly the whole room is lit up. A candle literally loses nothing when it’s used to light another.

You have the opportunity right now to do that. It doesn’t matter how dark it might seem for you, if your candling is flickering just allow this video to be a shield around you to stop any external wind blowing.

And if anybody is watching this right and you know someone who is in that position, go to them and share openly with them how amazing they are. Because every single human being needs to be aware of that and we are in a time of need right now. 

I’m going to sign off, my message is namaste to all of you.

Have an amazing evening and I hope there’s been some form of inspiration in some way, shape or form for anyone in that place, and use the tools in whatever way you can.

If you want some connection to positive messages I’ve got stuff on YouTube and go to there are some great messages there both on a personal level and a professional level. If you want some messages of inspiration on a weekly basis, go and listen to our podcast myself and Harminder Toor, who is an amazing young man as well. Has been instrumental in helping us develop that so go listen to those free podcasts, and we are doing a lot of up and coming interviews with some inspirational people. 

If you have the ability to do it go and join us on Seekardo, it’s a community of people that hang out together. I’ve got some hypnosis audio programs in there, some guided visualisations videos that will take you on a journey to connect with your ancestors and inspire you and elevate you to a whole completely different place through a hypnotic process as well. Which I created some years ago and has helped transform a lot of lives as well and you get access to that through

Hopefully it’s been of use.

Anyone listening to this right now if you can share this I just want to make sure if anyone’s hanging on by a thread, if we can just give them something it gives them some aspirations as well.

Dr Ro signing out, I’m going to enjoy the next hour of sunlight with my kids before it gets dark, namaste.

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