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First step to positive money allocation

Hey it’s Dr Ro, good morning to you

Those of you that may not have followed this over the last few years, you may not be aware that I created something a couple years ago called Dr Ro’s recipe for success.

It essentially incorporates five ingredients, five areas of our life that we need to work on.

Which includes money, self, relationships, our body and the other area of course is our mind.

So, if you think of it as mind, body and soul. I believe if we work on it as mind, body and self then relationships and then money those five areas make up everything we do on a daily basis.

I created 52 sets of recipes, so 52 recipes which span the whole of the year and within each of those recipes there are five ingredients.

The philosophy is that every single week if you apply these ingredients it starts to work on the different areas of your life.

For a lot of people they pursue success, financials and that’s where the main drive is during the course of a week. Go off to work, spend a lot of time working to earn money, come back, maybe get some exercise in.

Whereas the philosophy of the five a day and five a week, it depends on your personal financial situation, timing, how much time you got available, etcetera not everyone can fit all five ingredients in on a daily basis.

I’m going to give you an opportunity here to follow me over the coming months and we will talk on the principle of five a week to start with, and those people that are more capable of doing it, feeling more ingredients on a daily basis, that’s fantastic. 

The average person wants to do things, they want to work on their health, they want to work on their relationship, they want to work on their money, they want to work on their mind, they want to work on their body, they want to work on themselves.

The intention is each day to try and do something but of course, life shows up. You’re very busy and you find yourself in a situation where you can’t do that or you can’t think of what to do, or what to focus on. Or you don’t know what that thing could be that day. 

So what I did was I created these 260 ingredients on the principle that if you’re really busy hey, here’s something you could do today. You don’t have to think about it.

It’s there, it’s in your face and you look at it and go right, that is my ingredient that I’m going to top up myself with today. The principle being that you are the chef of our life; we can recreate and create amazing things in our lives as well. 

Today’s ingredient is in the subject of money.

Each day there will be a different theme and it’s an opportunity for you to just listen and say okay, I like the idea of that.

And remember you don’t have to do this, but actually it’s great because if you hear it and you think I’d like to do that, that’s your ingredient for  the rest of the day and you can find ways to apply that or when to apply that. In today’s situation, it’s money and it’s going to be a really simple one and I really like this.

At the end of today and if you want to do this for the rest of the week because this is a weekly ingredient, but the end of today what I’d like you to do is when you get home and remember I’m not a financial adviser.

Any change that you’ve got and you’re probably laughing if you’ve had this experience and you know what I’m talking about.

There’s change in your pockets, there’s change in the car, in the coffee little holder, there’s change in the glove compartment. There is change rolling around the back of the car, loose change in a bag in a handbag, in a wallet kicking around the house, on the back of the couch, whatever it is.

At the end of today and for the rest of this week, you can do this every day. What I’d like you to do is just gather any change that you’ve got loose coins, anything like that and just put it into one place. Put it into a jar if you want to think of the jar system, I think that’s a T. Harv Ecker one.

Everyone has got different ways to do it, you might have a little money bag, you might have a money bowl. Could be a wooden bowl.

I do like wooden bowls because it has that natural thing going on, but either way, take that loose change and pop it into that one place.

I want you to do this if you can on a daily basis through the week and ideally do it throughout the whole month and the whole point here is that you don’t really touch that change.

What you do is you just leave it there and you allow your intentions to place intention on it, so as you place the money down into the thing you say thank you to the universe.

You’re grateful for that day and any money that you have earned that day, you place it into the bowl and what I like to do is I put it in there. I just allow myself to give it a good intention.

It’s going to have something positive that it’s going to be useful and at the end of the month the plan is you essentially take that bowl of money, change and decide how you want to allocate that money.

This is where we go into something called the money management system. A system of managing anything that comes in on a monthly basis but this is now your loose change. 

Some people choose to put that loose change and give it to charity, which is fantastic. Others choose to say this is the money I want to spend to go out and have a nice meal.

Somebody else might choose to spend the money on treating themselves to something it could be that it’s money you give to your kids. It could be money that you spend on clothes, might be you give it to somebody that’s in need of it.

It is entirely up to you and this is the beautiful thing about it. It might be you allocate that money into your normal financial system and those of you that haven’t seen a system if you go and look at the Turning Point book I wrote back in 2011, blimey that’s a long time ago now, nine years.

I have a system in there that I use for allocating my money on a monthly basis so you might want to look at that as well. 

Either way, it’s a great thing because you come to the end of the day you put into one place, pockets are clear, you’re ready for the next day than to receive more money into your world.

That could be money that you find of course, could be money that you earn and ideally this is your choice but try not to touch that money.

Let it build up and accumulate some vibrational energy and a good feeling about it, so that you come to the end of that month and then you do something with it. 

Personally I think it’s important you allocate that money and do something with it, use it in a positive way at the end of the month, as opposed to letting it build up over a year because ultimately in my view, money is simply money.

It’s energy in a form that allows it to be used and so by passing it on and using it in a positive way it keeps the flow of money coming through.

Actually that’s why it’s so good to put an intention on it when you actually place the money in that jar or that bowl or whatever you do at the end of the year.

Hopefully that makes sense. It’s a great ingredient and that you can use throughout your life.

As we go through these daily ingredients each one will have a different level of resonance with you, there will be stuff on relationships, health, stuff on more personal things and I’ll share with you how I like to use them and what we do. 

So for me, for example, over the course of the month I might choose one month that the intention for that money is I’m going to do something with the kids and then another month the intention might be to put that money into a charity for example.

That’s another thing you can have a monthly theme for that money or it could be that you simply say you know what this is money that I’ve earned and that’s been left over at the end of the day and at the end of this month I’m going to just reallocate that money.

Some will go towards savings; some will go to a charity. Some will go towards my investments, but ultimately just give it a good intention and have a process of tidying up at the end of the day and you’ll be shocked at how that process really starts to become a habit.

Dr Ro signing out all the best have a good day and enjoy gathering your money at the end of each day.

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