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  • September/October, 2020
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Turning Point
Turning Point

Are you ready to create a new Turning Point in your life?

Have you ever looked back over time and noticed that there were certain turning points that literally changed the direction of your life? For most people, these turning points are created by circumstance and without direction.

In this life-changing book, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe will show you exactly how to create and direct your own turning points whenever you choose to. You will be guided through a Six Step Change Process that can be applied to any area of your life, from health to relationships and from money to career. You will also be given practical, powerful tools that will enable you to: identify exactly whose values you are living by, create a completely new financial template for your life, inject more health and vitality into your life, discover the seven blocks that crush positive change and focus in on your true life-purpose.

Communicating with impact
Communicating With Impact

Sorry the event has now closed! However due to popular demand for this training, Dr Ro has authored a book to help anyone wanting to master their communication, get started. Communication is the new currency! This will be the topic of discussion for the coming decades.

If you have any desire in improving communication skills and improving the way you get your message out to the world, whether you are in a relationship, parent, career, entrepreneur, business, sales, network marketing, public speaker, social media, straight to camera, then this book is a must read as Dr Ro shares his valuable insights from speaking for over 30 years on a 1-2-1, small audience, all the way up to presenting to audiences of 10,000!

30 days of doing
30 Days of Doing

Do you have an idea that you’ve always dreamed of starting, or you’ve partially started but you’re ready to get the gears moving and make it a full-fledged business?

30 Days of Doing may be just the toolbox for you – a plan designed by two “Doers”, Kyle and Casey, with individual tasks for 30 days straight to get you moving in the right direction.

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