Seekardo Notes – January


We hope you had a wonderful festive time, Christmas and New Years celebration!

Welcome to this months update, where we look at the last months amazing learning and what is coming up this month. 

Seekardo Notes gives you a snapshot of the last month and the view ahead. So if you are busy and don’t use the community (or Facebook) often. This is an easy way to check out the most valuable insights from this month.

On that note, here is a summary of what’s been happening, what’s going to be happening and any other useful information…

The Seekardo Show

With 2,023 all time listens for this brand new podcast we here are grateful for the support in getting this off the ground!

Remember not everyone has the means to access personal development so this project or is simply not aware it exists as a way to better ones life. Listening to the Seekardo Podcast ticks both these boxes.

With this in mind, here are the two most listened to podcasts in 2019 we think you will love:

Episode 009 – How to achieve what you want in 2020? >>

Episode 008 – Am I ready to be a parent? >>

To support this project please can you:
– Subscribe
– Review
– and Listen as some of what is discussed is incredibly useful to your life and business.


We have not forgotten about Premium Members!

We have recorded Exclusive a Podcast AFTERSHOW where Dr Ro talks about things (maybe not suitable for the public 😂) – Extreme candidness, personal stories, personal shares & more. 

We will advise when and where to access this as Seekardo members.


If you want to ask us a question to answer LIVE on the next shows you can do so easily at the new instagram account The Seekardo Show >>

Message from Dr Ro & Seekardo team

We wish you a massive full hearted happy new year and hope together, with the support and learnings within Seekardo it will be one of your best years yet.

Thank you for all the support in 2019 and remember to make great use of:

-The VAULT where you will get a deep insight and actionable steps to improve all areas of your life!

-The Facebook group for support, general conversations or whatever inspiration you want to share!

-The bi-annual MEETUPS for which we will soon be announcing the next date to get your Quarter 1 started with a bang! 

Seekardo Content Partners

Thank you for those who have enquired about becoming a Seekardo Content Partner.

To take action on this and start building your brand and authority online simply start reading this guide and follow the steps.

Quick & Full Content Partner Guide >>

Any questions with the guide you can tag Kyle or Harms in the Facebook Group.

PS – The power of this is greater than just your brand, it’s your first step to sharing your amazing message, learning, tools and tips with the world.

What has been happening in December?

Seekardo Meet up morning session can be watched here >>

Seekardo Meet up afternoon session can be watched here >>

Dr Ro answering a tribe members question on Time Management >>

Dr Ro’s 10 steps to Goal Setting in 2020 by Dr Ro >>

What’s coming up in Seekardo?

Accountability! – Premium members can feel free to drop their short term objectives into this thread so it has been publicly announced! Any objective small or large! –

The ONE THING, what one thing do you want to achieve this week – get nudged by the tribe get it done! –

Soft Launch – LIVE 1-2-1 Coaching session with Dr Ro. 

(OK this is kind of a big deal, but all our big deals came at once this month. Meetup, Podcast AND 1-2-1 coaching session). 

So what does this mean?

It means you can put yourself forward to a 1-2-1 coaching session with Ro, which will be live streamed into the group. So the group can also learn from your learning.

To put yourself forward for live 1-2-1 coaching please complete this form:



The Seekardo Show – Exclusive After Show

What’s happening with the next live meet up?

We will be announcing the next meet up ahead of time. Stay tuned.

Receiving this message and not registered yet? 

What are you waiting for? There is no community like this anywhere else! Head to and get registered.

The price of one networking meet, the price of two cinema tickets, one meal out at Nandos – gets you a personal development community, education and meet up! Epic!

PS – There is a special offer on at the moment for new members , find out what it is here >>>

Prefer to speak to someone? Head to and speak to a real person in the chat app in the corner.

Seekardo Technical Update

  1. No Update this month

Policy Updates

To keep this group safe and like no other we will be evolving the policy over time. Here are the simple rules as of May 2019:

No promotion, spam, charity donation

No content marketing, including asking people to follow your social account, youtube channel, blog.

Respect everyone’s privacy, this is a safe space and many users share within the tribe knowing it will not spread outside of this group.

Be kind and courteous. 

All of this creation is supported by the listeners and people just like you

To say thank you for supporting the podcast, we give supporters special perks.