Seekardo Notes – June


Welcome to this months update, where we look at the last months amazing value and what is coming up this monthly. Last month saw the introduction to a monthly, vocal vibes, a powerful message from Dr Ro and some incredible shares from the community.

It is your chance to click the links and get the very best of the best of Seekardo.

On that note here is the summary of what’s been happening, what’s going to be happening and any other useful information…

Quote we are pondering:

“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.” ―Brian Tracy

Message from Dr Ro:

Here is a short video message from Dr Ro as he prepares for his trip to Australia –

Feel free to continue to ask him questions!!

Message from the team at Seekardo:

Harms here, recently I was listening to a podcast where the founder who built and sold a multi million pound company and was and still is living his passion and dreams was asked the question.

Who in the past do you have to thank for your success today?

He thanked his old boss for suggesting he reads ‘Awaken the giant within – Tony Robbins’, with the emphasis on the fact that this personal development book opened his ideas to emerging himself in personal development. Which was pivotal for building his future success not only financially but in a holistic approach.

It reminded of me picking up my first personal development book at 25 and it’s changing the course of my life.

We hope Seekardo has that same impact on you.

Special thanks to

All members who have connected, shared, commented and engaged to rack up 534 interactions in June!

Remember, Seekardo is for you to use how you want!

What has been happening in June?

Component articles to help remind you weekly on ONE focused area to master your communication – Mindset-  – State Management – – Practice –

Are you changing job or going through a transition? Watch this video from Dr Ro –

What to learn quicker, faster and more effectively? – Watch this short video on learning styles –

Do you often give technical talks to an audience? Learn how to manage expectations in this area and enhance your sentence structure and language pattern (powerful) –

How do you weave the right messages into your talk, presentation of meeting? Using powerful variation of delivery styles, watch this to learn about delivery styles –

Vocal Vibe tips – are you a public speaker or communicator? Want to make an impact and grab audiences attention. Master the use of your vocal power through the Seekardo special series from Siobhan Bermingham.

What’s coming up in Seekardo?

Personal Growth theme of the month – YOUR LIFE PURPOSE – Get started here then head over the VAULT and spend July learning the tools needed to uncover your life purpose –

Practice, practice, practice, Dr Ro shares a personal message on the topic of practice –

Want to understanding what purpose is before you get into the to the theme of the month? Watch this –

Want to know how to create original stunning content for your business, brand, personal brand or charity? – Watch this hour long video tutorial talking you through brand, design and the tools you can use for free to give you brand a visual edge –

Get involved in the Quarter 3 goals discussion on this thread –

Final parts of VOCAL VIBES – don’t worry, it gets moved over to the vault after this so you can watch in your own study time –

What’s happening with the live meet up?

Thank you for all who have shown interest in attending the first ever Seekardo Mastermind Meet Up, here – – remember it is completely including in your membership.

If you have not yet shown your interest in attending, please drop a thumbs up on that thread.

We are currently working out a date in late September or early October for the first meet up and then will be preparing for an action packed meetup of learning and re-connecting!

Receiving this message and not registered yet?

What are you waiting for? There is no community like this anywhere else! Head to and get registered. Currently there is a 14-day free trial period and a special launch price.

The price of one networking meet, the price of two cinema tickets, one meal out at Nandos – gets you a personal development community, education and meet up! Epic!

There has been no public promotion! So we welcome you as part of the founding members!

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