Seekardo Notes – May


Welcome to the Seekardo bi-weekly update. Because of the amazing shares and constant flow of information within the community, it is useful the best of the best is extracted and shared with everyone. Seekardo is yours to use however you wish, daily, bi-weekly or monthly! It’s your choice! 

So here is the summary, including what’s been happening, what’s going to be happening, personal messages, useful information, links to the tribes best content and much more…

Personal Message from Dr Ro:

Hello and greetings to all tribe members, 

After months of planning and excitement I am very proud to welcome you to our first ever growth tribes newsletter as you will know over the past months we have slowly increased the level of activity on the growth tribes to enable people to engage with each other and with ourselves. 

I feel privileged to have such an amazing team of people supporting the Seekardo to ensure that your experience is not only educational but also inspirational, informative and interactive. When we conceived Seekardo, the intention was to create a safe space where people could share with an authentic voice without worrying about other people’s opinion of them, without judgement and to be able to receive honest non-critical feedback. 

In such an environment those people wanting to refine a skill, improve on a certain area of their life or simply better themselves in areas such as communication, Seekardo becomes a safe family style space to explore who we are and how we present ourselves to the outside world.

I would encourage you to not only watch the posts and the teaching sections but also to engage when you feel appropriate. This could be simply by writing a post, commenting on somebody else’s posts or putting your own video on the tribe with a share for asking for feedback. Only by stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone will you truly grow and expand as a human being.

In my mind there are essentially two components to the Seekardo. The first is an interactive area where we are engaging within a closed Facebook group. I would encourage you to discuss any topics in the space that may be on your mind at any one moment in time. The second area is the Vault where I have been able to place a large amount of personal development content from 30 years of my experience in this field. You will learn about subjects such as time management, money management, wealth, relationships, right through to health and well-being. There are also guided visualisation and tools that you can use on a personal, practical and professional level.

It is our intention to have a different theme for each month This will enable you to study that area within the vault and then to come into the main Facebook Tribe and discuss these topics. You may have questions that you wish to ask me. You may have learnings and experiences you wish to share. 

This is the beauty of the tribe.

I would also like to personally thank Harminder Toor, the whole of the B-Street team for their dedicated work in helping set up the tribe and get it to the amazing level that it is already and also to Siobhan Bermingham who is been instrumental in helping us develop this amazing tool.

Let’s keep connected. I look forward to being able to continue to support you in your pursuit of personal development. 

Quote we are pondering:

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” –  Seth Godin

Message from the team at Seekardo:

We could not have wished for a better foundation. Which is formed of the amazing people from Communicating with Impact November & May. The quote above is perfect choice for the first Seekardo newsletter because the shared interest we all share, is that we want to continuously grow as human beings. The way we communicate is through an online community. Always from the heart.

We are now looking into the future on the best ways to serve you and continuously support your personal development growth. 

What has been happening in May?

– Live workshop from Harms, ‘Digital Marketing back to basics’:

– Weekly vocal tip tutorials from Siobhan Bermingham. Although she couldn’t make CWI she prepared a series of videos on improving your VOCAL power. The first one can be viewed here:

– Q&A with Dr Ro:

– Short articles on PREPARATION, OUTCOME & MESSAGE to keep communication mastery at top of mind. 

– Gill Archer’s 90 day video challenge. To really create a permanent habit, she challenged the tribe to produce 1 video a day. Well done to all those who are doing this on their own page, within the tribe or in private.

– Video tips by Dom Ionna: (Plus he set members a challenge to have a shower in freezing cold water).

– PLUS so much more…

Special thanks to

Gill Archer, Siobhan Bermingham, B Street Digital and all the support crew at November (2018) & May (2019) Communicating with Impact. It would not have been possible without your 100% commitment and dedication. 

And the Seekardo Facebook Groups top contributors:

Henry Knight, Dom Ionna, Suneta Bagri, Cat Settle, Richard Homer, Daniel Sim, Hanna Macrae, Floro Russo, Sanjay Panchal & Anuradha De. 

What’s coming up in Seekardo?

Issues with getting access to the VAULT?

If you have had any issue getting access to the Seekardo Vault please can you facebook message Shivani Sudra OR Harminder Toor and we will get you access. 

Receiving this message and not registered yet? 

What are you waiting for? There is no community like this anywhere else! Head to and get registered. Currently there is a 14-day free trial period and a special launch price.

There has been no public promotion! So we welcome you as part of the founding members! 

Prefer to speak to someone? Send Harminder Toor a Facebook Message:

Policy Updates

To keep this group safe and like no other we will be evolving the policy over time. Here are the simple rules as of May 2019:

No promotion, spam, charity donation

No content marketing, including asking people to follow your social account, youtube channel, blog.

Respect everyone’s privacy, this is a safe space and many users share within the tribe knowing it will not spread outside of this group.

Be kind and courteous.

All of this creation is supported by the listeners and people just like you

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