Seekardo Notes – October


Welcome to this months update, where we look at the last months amazing learning and what is coming up this month.

Seekardo Notes gives you a snapshot of the last month and the view ahead. So if you are busy and don’t use the community (or Facebook) often. This is an easy way to check out the most valuable insights from this month.

On that note, here is a summary of what’s been happening, what’s going to be happening and any other useful information…


The Seekardo Show is LIVE!

This includes shooting a weekly audio podcast!

Episode 001 – What I wish I knew in my teens, 20s, 30s and beyond

Episode 002 – Why do you need mentors and coaches more now than ever?

Episode 003 – Understand your money beliefs, management and how to attract more into your life


This is in line with the mission of getting personal development to as many people as possible. Including those in their teens to those in later life.

We aim to realise that with The Seekardo Show!

To support this please can you:

– Subscribe

– Review

– and Listen as some of what is discussed is incredibly useful to your life and business.


We have not forgotten about Premium Members!

We have recorded Exclusive a Podcast AFTERSHOW where Dr Ro talks about things (maybe not suitable for the public 😂) – Extreme candidness, personal stories, personal shares & more.

We will advise when and where to access this as Seekardo members.


If you want to ask us a question to answer LIVE on the next shows you can do so on this page:

Book we are reading:

Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams

If we spend almost a third of our life asleep. Then why is it often a last thought. The danger here for people like us, hustlers, creators, business owners, ball jugglers and self improvement masters – that we may subscribe to the notion that we need to squeeze every waking minute our of the day. EVEN WORSE, that we subscribe to the 5 hour sleep craze. The 5am miracle mornings.

This book lays out the scientific facts, experiments and data which explains in detail – why we sleep and why we need to take it seriously.

If you are (I was) the kind of person who says, ‘I’ll sleep when I am dead’, then you are at risk of an early death. Cancer, low productivity, increased radical cells, low fertility, memory loss and just a small percentage of risks associated with a sleep neglection.

This book is probably the most important book I have read all year.

Available here:

PS – Tough read, but the author does a fantastic job of explaining scientific jargon in a way we can understand.

Message from Dr Ro:

The Seekardo Meet Up is our opportunity to re-connect and expand on learnings from the past. I will select elements of Turning Point and Communicating with Impact to ensure you have a memorable experience and can go into 2020 with the right mindset to succeed.

If you have not got booked on yet, there are maybe 3-4 places left.

If you cannot make it on this occasion. Do not worry. We will be releasing the next date as soon as possible so you can ensure your diary is clear in advance.

Message from the team at Seekardo Team:

Because of all Premium Members continuous support and understanding the mission of ‘getting personal development into as many people’s hearts as possible’ we have been able to work intensely in the background to improve your experience and future members experiences.

This means we have some exciting announcements! Which are listed below.

This brings me onto the idea of Lean Methodology. Something the team at B Street Digital are big advocates of. This is where you build a minimal viable product before you build (what you believe is the final product). In theory this is easy to do. The idea of testing and getting customer feedback to improve your future product makes sense right?

But then why do so many wait to build the perfect product? Is it fear? Is it perfection? Who knows.

The main point here is, Seekardo, its vault, its online community and meetup are all a product of the lean methodology. And will continuously be improved with your feedback.

Special thanks to Seekardo premium members!

All members who have connected, shared, commented and engaged to rack up 325 quality interactions in September!

Suneta Bagri (Premium Member) – On winning her Woman Who Achieves award for her Cultiate Coaching & Consultancy. – We are massively proud –

Dom Ioanna (Premium Member) For writing a short powerful article on ‘comparing yourself to others’.

Lots of love, thoughts and wishes to (Premium Member) Peter Barnard.

What has been happening in September?

Component articles to help remind you weekly on ONE focused area to master your communication:

—> Delivery Styles

—> Authenticity

—> Connection

—> Dealing with Rejection

Dr Ro sharing his thoughts on ‘Connection’ and ‘What he eats to keep his incredible energy up’ –

Remember B Street Digital have a complete FREE online training on their Youtube Channel here:

You can ask them any Q&A in the group to help your business leverage online tools and marketing techniques.

What’s coming up in Seekardo?

Personal Growth Theme of the month is GAINING CONFIDENCE & CLARITY through this unique audio experience –

Accountability! – Premium members can feel free to drop their short term objectives into this thread so it has been publicly announced! Any objective small or large! –

The ONE THING, what one thing do you want to achieve this week – get nudged by the tribe get it done! –

Soft Launch – LIVE 1-2-1 Coaching session with Dr Ro.

(OK this is kind of a big deal, but all our big deals came at once this month. Meetup, Podcast AND 1-2-1 coaching session).

So what does mean. It means you can put yourself forward to a 1-2-1 coaching session with Ro, which will be live streamed into the group. So the group can also learn from your learning.

To put yourself forward for live 1-2-1 coaching please complete this form:


Communicating with Impact articles.


The Seekardo Show – Exclusive After Show

What’s happening with the live meet up?

The live meet up is officially taking place:

→ Saturday 26th October 2019

→ 10AM – 4Pm

→ Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

Bonus, bring a friend for free.

Agenda – TBC, but if Dr Ro has anything to do with it…Buckle Up.

Receiving this message and not registered yet?

What are you waiting for? There is no community like this anywhere else! Head to and get registered.

The price of one networking meet, the price of two cinema tickets, one meal out at Nandos – gets you a personal development community, education and meet up! Epic!

There has been no public promotion! So we welcome you as part of the founding members!

Prefer to speak to someone? Send Harminder Toor a Facebook Message:

Seekardo Technical Update

  1. There will be videos appearing this month which are ‘How to Tutorial videos’ so you are getting the most out of Seekardo.

Policy Updates

To keep this group safe and like no other we will be evolving the policy over time. Here are the simple rules as of May 2019:

No promotion, spam, charity donation

No content marketing, including asking people to follow your social account, youtube channel, blog.

Respect everyone’s privacy, this is a safe space and many users share within the tribe knowing it will not spread outside of this group.

Be kind and courteous.


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