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What happens at the Seekardo Meet Up?

The Meet Up is where you can connect with other like-minded members, learn from Dr Ro and his trusted team and take further steps on your personal development journey.

Because you’re never done growing!

When is the next Seekardo Meet Up?
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Seekardo Meet Up Oct 2019


26th October 2019

Time clock

10:00 AM - 16:00 PM

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Millenium Gloucester Hotel, London

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Seekardo Meet Up Mar 2020


21st March 2020

Time clock
  • Registration: 09:00 AM
  • Meet Up Timings: 09:30 AM to 13:30 PM
  • Plus, you are welcome to join us at 15:00 PM for a bonus CWI workshop
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Millenium Gloucester Hotel, London