How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Hi it’s Dr Ro. I hope you are well. I just wanted to spend a couple of minutes on something I was thinking about the other day. I overheard a conversation with some people talking about Donald Trump and the situation in America.

This conversation must have been twenty five or thirty minutes long, and it was quite acidic. It was very negative. It is not for me to judge what they were doing or what they were saying, because it’s their view of the world. Let’s face it, there are some pretty uncomfortable things happening at the moment, some ridiculous things happening globally in different countries, all the way up to presidential level.

But my point to this message is, while I was listening to those two people communicate, I was thinking that there was nothing insightful that came out of that conversation. It ended with almost a depressed state of energy as they left the café just talking about how the world is in such a dark place. You can’t have a sense of direction if you dwell on darkness like that.

So, my message to you is about gratitude and wisdom. 

I’m going to challenge you for the next week to find wisdom and gratitude in every situation that you experience. Whether it’s a tough situation or not. Maybe you’ve been challenged at work, or you’ve had a head-to-head with your boss and you’ve come out of that feeling angry and frustrated. 

You could go home have a real bitch about that if you wanted to, but equally you could say thank you to the universe, and be grateful for the experience. And off the back of that gratitude find something out of that experience that you grow from. 

Out of that growth conversation with your boss. 

Did you learn something about you?

Did you learn something about him or her?

Did you learn something about how to interact more effectively?

Actually was the conversation genuine?

Did they make an observation of you and did learn something about what you need to do better in your workplace?

In relationships when you have an argument with somebody, or you’re feeling painful because something has happened between the two of you, try to remember to be grateful that you’re alive and you’re able to even have a relationship. You’re in a position where you’ve got another human being interacting with you, and you can grow from that.

What can you do to grow as a better person from that situation?

So, there’s my challenge to you. Find something that you could be grateful for and that you can learn from, from the most difficult situations that you’re facing. I’m not saying you should put a rosy picture on everything and try to pretend things aren’t happening because that’s not effective either. But what I’m saying is, how can you grow from it?

How can you be grateful for the experience of it giving you a chance to grow and be stronger?

Go get grateful, and start growing.

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