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How the right assets can help you discover your purpose

That’s been a theme throughout my life at 53, luckily I discovered it maybe 15, 20 years ago not consciously, but then it became more and more obvious over time. 

So it is finding threads and I guess the key thing here is if you can start to define, we will come back to your question about who you are a person but if you define a theme i.e. as a parent, how do I want to be?

How do I want to show up? When do I feel most alive as a parent?

As an entrepreneur how do I want to be? How do I want to show up? When do I feel most alive as an entrepreneur?

In my areas of relationships, you will see themes. There will be certain themes that jump out and those themes became to me the magnifying glass to say, it’s a little bit like here is the top of the funnel, let’s put the first sieve in which is health. Let’s put the second sieve in which are relationships.

There will be certain themes that fall all the way through the sieve and at the bottom there will be these core things. It might be three, four, five core values and you go oh my gosh one of my values is integrity.

Another one is contribution; another one is sharing with other people. This is what happened to me. Another one is having an honest message and I started to piece them together and said wow, actually, that’s who I am, that’s who I want to be and that feels right as a purpose. 

How can I from that place create a brand, create a service, create a business where I can do that and monetise it?

That’s not to say everyone can do that, some people might say, how can I do that and just live it charitably and still have a job? Do a job which I enjoy? Pursue something separately which is my purpose?

What I’m saying is it could become your purpose and it can become your business and to be fair that’s probably what I’ve done very well over the last 10, 15 years or so.

I’ve got a property business as well, of course it generates revenue. It could be you go, “I really love my job and part of what I do in that job makes me feel alive. Separately to that I’ve got a bigger vision and I’ve found my four, five threads, I’m going to work for a charity for the next five years and do that there.

Now I’ve got two things happening at the same time both vibrate with me but it’s not an overall massive purpose it’s two big purposes. I feel good.” 

That way you can actually feel complete in your financial benefit. And this is the thing Harms and I’ll let you speak in a minute because I’m just chatting away here. Some people pursue that right hand one which is charity.

I just spoke to a lady downstairs I was in the lobby with my dear friend and previously my mentor and I guess still is because I talked to him about some stuff. 

This is the universe conspiring to take us to another level of purpose. My last two weeks have been very transformational in lots of different ways and in that transformation there have been lots of questions about where am I going now? What direction should I steer my brand?

The Dr Ro brand, and what happens? I arrive in the middle of nowhere, a different country and Jim Francis the very person that was involved with me 20 years ago that helped me with part of that was here.

We are sitting having a drink together at a café bar and a lady walks by that has seen me on stage, she starts talking to me and I introduced her to Jim and she says, “I’ve got a slight challenge and that is I’m a healer. I’m 63.” She looked about 43. “And I feel like I am doing amazing things but financially I’m feeling like I’m not filled up, I’m giving, giving, giving.”

That’s exactly what we are talking about. She is pursuing a purpose but financially it’s not working for her.

Jim and I talked to her about having different wealth vehicles that allow her to do the very thing that she’s been doing for years, but she’s not feeling financially rewarded from it.

The property portfolio can unlock enough income in your life to allow and it certainly allowed us to start to pursue the things that we love and are passionate about, but it wasn’t for the property portfolio it wouldn’t happen.

It would still be a case of just trying to live out your passion in the later hours when I come back from work I’m exhausted and thinking, I really want to pursue some things, try some things that are aligned with what I love and who I am as a person and what I’m good at. 

But the challenge is I’m freaking exhausted, I’m too tired to do anything after work and this was my past life almost 10 years ago.

I love to do that thing I know I should do but I’m too tired, I’m going to watch some tv, a movie or something like that. Whereas once we committed two, three years in terms of let’s work on ourselves then the purpose came afterwards, because now we are completely free to pursue the purpose.

One of things right now that we have, I feel like I’m in the flow where I’m having the conversation on a higher level of that amazing thing at 9.30 in the morning, when 10 years ago I wouldn’t be able to achieve that.

That’s an example of getting the assets done first I think that’s where you’ve been great as a wealth coach. You’ve coached thousands of people to get an income from an asset base, things that are taught by Rich Dad, get assets in place.


Once those are in place that gives you an income. Yes, is not completely passive, it’s still a business you’ve got to treat it like a business, you can’t take your eye off that business.

But it frees up even if it frees up 70% of your month to go and pursue the amazing things that you want to pursue in regards to passion and purpose, and saying I love this, now I can go do the charity, now I can be a healer.

Now I can go and be in the spiritual realm in terms of healing and medicine etcetera, that comes from purpose.

There are a couple of things there so first of all, if you’re coming back and you’re tired from working for someone else in the process of trying to pursue your passion it feels like a slog.

When I used to run the Turning Point events people would come and say, “I can’t find my purpose, it feels so tiring.” That’s because you’re coming back from a space of being absolutely, excuse my language, fucked.

You just bloom and so when you try and do the thing that maybe you’re slightly excited about it almost feels like hard work, but that’s because you’ve been working hard for someone else and now you’re trying to put time into your passion. 

That’s the first thing if anyone is watching this and you’re right now feeling like that, that is not going to change unless you change the belief that you will get there, but you have to manage time and time management is a whole different conversation maybe for another one of these lives. 

Now when I run the property weekends people come through and they want to learn how to become financially free. You’ve heard me say this, I’m not passionate about real estate actually I’m not.

I was in front of 500 people yesterday, one lady was going to come and do three days on the training course with me and she said, “I want to do it but I’m not passionate about property.

My husband is really passionate.” I said, I’m not passionate about property and she went, “yes you are.” I said if you listen my message is passionate and I’m passionate about what it does for me. The fact that we find a property produces a cash flow, that’s what I’m passionate about. It gives me the opportunity to do what my purpose is.

She said what do you mean? I said my wealth vehicle provides an income that feeds my time to give me my purpose back. She goes okay and asks what’s my purpose? 

I told her my purpose and what I’m doing etcetera.

I think that begs another question which we haven’t gone away from your question earlier, which is how do you find out your core values etcetera.

It begs another question, do I have the time to do all these things and my purpose? I think you have to compartmentalise your time.

Part of that is never letting go of what you’re excited about and what you’re passionate about.

Let’s go back to these threads take the time and if anybody hasn’t joined us yet go and have a look at the Seekardo website we’ve got, even if you do a trial for a month and then you go in for one pound.

Just go and look at that one video series and watch the process I take you through because in there you get access to go and have a look at a description of how I describe a certain purpose for a certain area of my life.

If you can mirror what I do, you can duplicate that for different areas of your life, and I guarantee you from there you will start to see themes and part of this is aligning your values.

Let’s tie this back to your question earlier on. This goes back to who are you?

The challenge that most people do is they operate on their basic understanding of who they are right now, that’s not going to help because the person right now is tired, exhausted as you said there, coming back from work and asking really odd questions about why do I feel so knackered?

If you pause for a minute and you took half an hour to just sit and write a description of the person that you want to be in the future.

In those different areas of health, relationships, your life, your finances and you created that description.

Once you’ve done that, from that you ask yourself a simple question, what values do I need to have to show up as that person?

It could be integrity, truth, happiness, joy, could be connection with other people, could be entrepreneurial.

These are values I feel and those values when you list them out will start to define the path for your purpose.

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