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How to deal with fear

I want to talk about the word fear because I personally think we are faced with a situation where more and more people are afraid to act and to pursue their passion and dreams. 

There is intention and on social media almost being consumed by watching other people’s lives and what they do. I’m seeing people scroll through posts they’re living their lives through watching other people and they’re not doing it themselves.

I want to talk about what I believe is causing people to basically hold back. 

I’ll talk about a five-million-year-old survival mechanism that every single human being has. 

We have these three fundamental things built into our DNA based on our evolution. 

The first one is just to freeze and that is something in battlefields we saw it a few years ago, in a school the shooting the children shut down, but some children’s survival was to literally play dead. 

If you scale it down to daily experiences like going in front of an audience or being presented with an opportunity, a chance to change lives, do something different there are huge opportunities right now to do that. Whether it’s going into real estate, trading the stock market, writing a book, network marketing, selling products it all comes down to this and the problem we’ve got is just naturally, some people go to that base level and freeze. Meaning I don’t want to look at it or discuss it, put my head. I’m more afraid of the people that don’t do it. Think about an opportunity that has come up and crossed your path in the last six for 18 months and you’ve literally not done anything.

So much fear has been driven into people over the last 12 months from the public space. Governments making the announcements fear through social media here. Statistical figures that have been presented to us that potentially skew our thinking to the point where a lot of us don’t know what to do. 

So confused, there is so much information, do I do nothing? Do I try? They just wait, wait, wait for time to be perfect. Then there are people that just run away, they disappear. When something comes and maybe stretches and challenges them and gives an opportunity to change their lives it happens in couples divorce rates have gone up this last year. 

Financial stress on families, huge emotional stress on families, huge. Home-school pressure particularly on the woman in the house, statistics have proven that couples are under pressure, relationships breaking up. Unless you deal with this now it’s going to carry forward into the next relationship. This whole concept of running away. I do property events and couples, for example, where she’s positive and he’s like I don’t know about this, let’s do it in the future. 

No you won’t. 

That’s your habit, you carry on doing that. You might have to put work in, stretch yourself, I might embarrass myself, push myself. I have to do things that make me feel nervous. Welcome to the world of growth. 

People freeze and do nothing, or they run away. The other thing is you take it head on, you fight it, overcome the challenges, beat the challenge, strengthen yourself to resolve your internal and emotional strength and you do whatever it takes to grow. That comes down to emotional development, spiritual and personal growth. I spoke to a plastic surgeon and he said he’s seeing a massive spike in the number of people coming for plastic surgery, what does that tell us? 

Work on the inside folks, invest in yourself, buy books and audios and get coached. Only by expanding yourself and growing beyond the shadow. There are a few ways to deal with this. 

Number one, if you don’t want to do anything, what is the opposite to that? If you do nothing the opposite, if you might have exactly the same life as it is right do you want that? No. 

Have a look at it from the opposite side, what happens if you don’t do it? Because there are consequences to you not doing it health, relationship financed, kids start to build a really dark picture that is so big it blows this thing out the water. What are the consequences if you don’t do it? 

Second thing is just see it as it is. What a lot of people blow up in their mind is this thing they’ve got to do for the project, invest money into this and raise funds. Just see it as it is, look at the situation and write it down. Don’t make it sound worse than it is and magnify it and make the shadow huge instead of just seeing it as it is. The minute you can see it on paper and you write down what you’re fearing and you go actually it’s nothing, what am I worried about?

The third thing here is motion do something and break the pattern. If you have a pattern of quietly disappearing out of the room, change direction. Pick up the phone and ask for help, if it’s a relationship issue, reach for extended help or will reach out to your partners and say we need to make a change. If it’s a financial issue, open the bank statement and look at it, get somebody to help you with that. If it’s dealing with stress and overload get a coach, go watch my videos, break it down but do something. The biggest challenge is inactivity, it simply allows the fear to grow and fester.

Don’t do the freeze thing and run away, let’s take it on. 

Let’s do the opposite. I’m more afraid to not do something. What’s the consequence? See it as black and white. You cannot steer a vehicle if it’s static it has to be moving. If you’re static and frozen because of fear and I’ve helped people on the edge of death and suicide mentally bring back them back from the edge and help them shift but I can’t do that if I don’t get them talking and engaging. If I get them moving in the conversation then I can take action, so we have to move in order to steer the vehicle. 

When a decision involves money and commitment it creates big results but when you take time that doesn’t involve a lot of commitment it doesn’t make a difference to your life, but the minute you do something that involves money you have to make a commitment. 

That changes your life. 

So just choose whatever it is for you that creates emotion.

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