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How to deal with negative people around you

Hey folks, Dr Ro here, hope you’re well. 

I wanted to talk about the subject for those of you that happen to be developing a brand, starting a business, possibly in a business using marketing, social media, email campaigns and basically putting yourself out there to provide a service and give value to people. 

If you’re in that headspace whether it’s a product or service and you’re going out and presenting what you do to audiences, or just even through social media I thought I’d cover this subject with you. 

It basically follows the theme of the higher the monkey climbs, the more the bum is exposed.

I laughed when I heard it and it was told to me by a West Indian man and the philosophy here is that as you go out into the world and you start to share things with people and build a business and you create something, whether it’s giving value to people through a service or product, whatever. 

There are always going to be people who are unhappy with what you’re offering or some approach that you’ve used.

The late, great Wayne Dyer said you cannot control everyone else’s opinion of you. You can see a movie you love when it comes out to a friend of yours and they saw the same movie and thought it was crap. I think this is fascinating because the higher the monkey climbs, the more the bum is exposed. 

So if you’re starting a business or looking to develop a business and you’ve experienced this or experiencing it don’t let it put you off. I struggled with this for freaking years and to put this in perspective when I go and speak up throughout the world, I’ve had people say I googled this business and I read this, I saw somebody like this et cetera. 

I did work with Robert Kiyosaki and I used to teach them as an organisation, do property courses and people go, I’ve read it’s a scam and blah blah. I say, who do you work for? I’d look it up and all this stuff would come up as scam stuff about the company they’re working for. I’d say to them, maybe you should just go into work on Monday and hand in your resignation as you’re working for an organisation that is a scam. You get what you focus on sometimes people are just inherently negative. 

That’s just who they are and they look for shit. It’s happened to me. 

I came across someone once and they basically went into investments. They met somebody and there were loads of negatives. That will happen, it’s just part of you as an individual and what I found, for example, with that person or others that have these complaints they’ve got a habit of this. 

Turns out they invested and they lost money.

It’s just a habitual thing and when it happens to them because they made decisions to make those investments or get involved with this business or buy this product or service and they’ve got a habit of doing and making bad decisions, they’ll never take responsibility for it. 

It’s easy to point the finger at other people. 

Ultimately we’re adults and we have to make our own decisions. Part of that experience as a person teaching is inspiring or if you’re running a business, providing a product or service. 

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