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How to handle all the noise out there in your personal and business life

Going evening folks Dr Ro here. It’s getting closer and closer to December I certainly know that because my kids are already starting to play Christmas music in the house. I wanted to have a personal share with you

This one has come up a few times and the question has been around the subject of how I am personally dealing with the news, the way the government is issuing information. 

I wanted to share with you personally, my reaction to what’s happened in recent months. I think we’re under a difficult set of circumstances that each of us have been put into as a result of decisions made at a government level, certainly in the United Kingdom. 

You could be watching this globally. How I view those decisions is my own opinion at the moment, certainly in this space I’m going to be mindful. 

We did an amazing podcast last week with Dr Robert VerKerk and Mel Aldridge and the two of them run a non-profit organisation with a lot of information, statistics about what’s happening at the moment. 

A lovely phrase that came out of it was something that Mel said very early which is observe but don’t absorb. I thought it was a fantastic statement which is so reflective of the way I have found myself managing these last eight months. 

If you’re watching this and you find yourself getting, for one of a better word, fucked up your brain is becoming overloaded, there’s information coming from left, right and centre, and sometimes it just feels like what’s going on here? 

I’m meeting a lot of people in that state of mind. If you look at the articles, newspapers and media there is a lot of talk about mental health, mental shutdown, people becoming disassociated, people becoming almost a form of the hermit state. There’s a sense of disconnection in some parts of the community and is also a sense of what’s true, what is fact or fiction? What’s being manipulated here, is this data correct? 

Should I be afraid of them? Some people are completely kicking back saying screw this I don’t believe this at all. I literally have had some people that come into the house and don’t come close to me even more than 2 m. 

Last week a guy said come into the house this doesn’t exist, there is no such thing as a virus. He’s experiencing complete extremes, I think that is what’s happening at the moment people are reacting in different ways. The phrase I thought that was brilliant was observe but do not absorb. Meaning doesn’t allow it to become part of your psyche. If you take in everything you’re hearing for all the different extremes and then the counterargument. 

I was listening to Jeremy Vine the other day and there were two amazingly opposite counter conversations going on about one guy quoting statistics and the other one saying the statistics we were quoted previously about other vaccinations and then years later, it turns out, the vaccinations were damaging. She was putting one argument and he was putting another argument, and you could find yourself being thrown between all these different viewpoints. 

If you’re going to manage this and it’s going to get worse before it gets better, that’s my personal view. The first thing to do is become an observer, but not an absorber that is a great way to look at it. Another quote from years ago, Deepak Chopra was a silent witness. 

Observe something but observe it in a silent way. You just reflect on it. You make a decision on what it is that you want to observe and how you take that into you. Which takes me to the next point, which is the way I manage this is I decide what’s relevant to me. I think that is a really powerful consideration. 

If you’re watching this and you run a business, you are an investor for example, or you’re in a career, you’ve got to decide is this really relevant to me? Because sometimes there’s so much information coming at us if we don’t filter it, it just hits us and then we find ourselves absorbing it. I’ve just tuned out of 90% of information that is being presented now. I’ve realised it’s actually not relevant to my personal life. 

We all have a macroscopic lifestyle that goes on inside a global lifestyle and this bubble that’s our life if we allow it to expand and absorb a lot of stuff that’s out there that is not relevant actually affect both us and our children and our working environment. For example, as a property investor, I allow that bubble to expand more because it does affect my builders, it affects the supply of things I need for the renovation of the property. It can affect the viewings of my property. 

In that case, I’ll expand out that horizon and say, this is relevant to me, but then I hear other stuff that is not relevant to that part of my life or relevant to my personal life so why do I need to absorb that. I tend to disconnect from the conversations that I hear people having about stuff that I don’t feel is relevant. Whereas at the start there was such a chat around Covid and all stuff that was happening. 

Everybody was drawn to it, whereas now I’ve decided to tune out. When I tuned out some conversations, people would say have you heard that? I’ll go, I observed it a bit like I observed a green light at traffic lights on that side of the street, but I’m going in that direction so that green light on that traffic junction is irrelevant to me as I’m turning left. I don’t need to look at that and focus on it. 

That’s exactly how I approach this. And if you’re studying what I found people say, I’m struggling a bit with finding my time to do things as I’m following what’s going on. If you want to learn a new subject try and absorb that because positivism allows you to grow and disassociate, try and switch off in the evenings and consuming what seems to be inordinate amounts of social media material that is not necessarily relevant to your life. 

Number three is just to take responsibility right now, literally choose to take responsibility for what you have the power to take responsibility for. In other words, the opposite to that is don’t be a victim or powerless. This is tough because a lot of people want to blame the government, decisions that have been made. 

We can go there and it’s certain there have been some interesting decisions that have been made and there’s a strong argument to say that many of us don’t agree with those decisions. Unfortunately, once they are made. they are put upon us and once they are into our bubble, we have to decide how we’re going to take responsibility for how we act. I think that is a massive distinction here. 

Think about how you react to something and then if you take responsibility for that reaction and you choose to direct yourself in a specific way, then, that hopefully will navigate you through difficult periods. That’s a lot of words to say, hey there is not a lot of stuff you can take control over that’s out there, so I have to make a decision that’s all happening around me. 

My question is what can I take responsibility for? What do I have control over? 

That’s what I’m doing on a daily basis. I look at various things happening in the businesses I look at the conversations and communications coming in. I’ve been bombarded the last couple of weeks. I’m trying to personally juggle a lot of things and so what I find and this is a good point for any of you, if you’ve got a lot of stuff happening, if you’re running a business and you’ve got lots of communications going on. 

Decide which ones are actually relevant right now and which ones can be moved back slightly because the problem you’ll find is if you try and have all those communications and juggle the things you’re doing at the moment, something is going to collapse and it has a direct impact on your personal life and that’s dangerous because it effect your kids, family and personal life to the point where that can create cracks. 

What can you take responsibility for? What can you move to other people and say it’s okay for someone else to pick this up and do this? 

Start thinking about who can I bring in or how can I bring others responsibilities into place that other people can do for me? 

The last one is just look beyond, the darkness, the greyness, winter months are closing in. There are emotional diseases that happen when we get these short days and long intensive interactions with artificial light. I know that sounds crazy, but this is not healthy. All this artificial light. So get yourself out as their daylight, increase your vitamin D. 

Learn to communicate in a more open way with people so that you feel you are expressing your future, but have a vision of the future. Those of you building a business, how does it look when we come through this next period? Set your goals. 

Allow that the period of difficulty so that now till spring it’s a chance to grow, expand, put things in place so that when you plant the seeds and the bulbs in these coming points as we come through March next year, which I think is the threshold we start to see the light. 

If you run a property business and you’re expanding that focus on how many properties, you will have in place. What you can do for the greater good of the world. Maybe part of the portfolio could serve a greater need. 

What if you took £110, £200 a month and put it towards charity or something like that. If you’re in a career and you want to move out of that career, then start setting the goals now so that that happens at the end of 2021. 

That’s going to be the change. 

Think about your family, start thinking about planning holidays, the aspiration put off because of this period. We’re having aspirational conversations with our kids so that they have light in their lives. Otherwise it is dangerous to constantly focus down here in this place of darkness. 

Don’t underestimate these conversations that we’re having because if you can disassociate, observe but not absorb. If you can take responsibility and choose what’s relevant in your life, actually what happens is, this clears out you, get more connected with here, because you’re starting to look at your vision and also you don’t have to have that stressful conversation that is happening in a lot of people’s lives. 

Just disassociate, it’s not relevant and move forward in a positive way. 

Hopefully that was useful. I’ll see you on my next post.

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