How to Handle Money Like the Wealthy

Hello it is Dr Ro. 

I hope you’re well. I’m here to talk to you about the subject of money. 

The question that has come in is:

How to handle money?

Now before I say anything else I will say that I’m not your financial adviser. You do need to go and seek independent financial advice. This is not intended to be advised this is simply information about an approach to money that I use, and when I’m working with people I at least give them some idea of how they can do this and integrate this into their personal lives, their business lives, their financial lives.

For anyone that knows me I’ve been around business now for over 20 years. And in fact I’ve been in front of hundreds of thousands of people talking about the subject of property investment, wealth development and also teaching people some basic systems on how to manage their finances.

And I myself built my own property business and my own businesses. So really, the subject here is tackling fundamentals of our relationship with money because in order to handle money, whether it’s handling the money coming into your household, whether it’s to do with earning a salary, how you handle that?

How do you handle money when it comes to spending it, buying things, investing?

Does it just come in and just disappear ?

Have you always had bad relationships with money?

Have you always had good relationships and really crappy relationships at certain times?

I don’t know, so money shows up in lots of different ways, whether it’s on a personal front when it comes to spending on something emotional. Or a more logical basis when it comes to investing in our businesses or in ourselves.

Right so, this is the money triad okay, this is the money triad. It is designed like this to create strength. The foundations are very, very strong here. There are three elements that all work in harmony. If one of these parts of the triad is not functioning or is out of balance, it will affect the rest of the system. So, as you’re watching this right now and you’re thinking about your finances. Think about what happens when it doesn’t go very well. Think about the experience that you have, the stress that it brings with it and then the set of negative beliefs that it leads to as you move forward into the future. And by the way most of your beliefs that you have today around money come from a set of experiences that go way back to when you are young, possibly even observing your parents.

So first one, intention. There are three components:

  1. Intention 
  2. Beliefs 
  3. Systems

Now let’s talk about intention first. 

In order for you to handle money and to be able to attract money into your life in abundance, and that’s the important word here abundance. Number one is you’ve got to have a really pure purpose. 

Are you just making money for the sake of making money?

Are you greedy by nature?

Do you want to prove yourself?

Is it that you have to show to everybody that if I’ve got enough money I’m going to appear successful, I’m going to have the bling. I’m going to have all the cars, the houses and everything else. 

What is your purpose?

If you can give money a purpose, in other words a place for it to go to. It could be to look after your kids to feed your family, to put a roof over your head, it could be to give to charity. It could be to build something that’s amazing and gives value to other people and of course yes, to treat yourself to things as well. 

If money has a purpose, my experience has been that it tends to flow. Where you get a block is when you’re just making money for the sake of making money. And it seems to universally, maybe it’s the law of attraction, it seems to get to a point where people I know that don’t have a strong sense of purpose around what they’re doing, they will earn a certain amount, but after that it seems to dry out. Or it seems to stop, hit a plateau. In other words they earn like that and then it levels off. 

Hopefully that’s making sense.

So be mindful of that and these are just considerations for now. 

So purpose, why are you doing it?

What’s the long-term vision?

Yes, you’re earning a salary, building a business, but ultimately where do you want that money to go and how do you want it to serve the universe and the world on a better level?

Good questions by the way.

Attached to that are the values.

What values do you have?

Do you have values of integrity?

Do you have values of honesty?

Do you have values associated with your business that provide great service to other people?

So part of this big picture of attracting money has to have a strong purpose with a really good quality set of values behind it. Because when you’re out in business for example, if you just want to make, make, make money and charge lots of money, and you don’t give value to your customers. Or the service that you provide isn’t maybe as best as it should be, or it could be then that may be misaligned in the intention. Which means it will create a block to how you attract money into your life and of course, if it’s coming in the wrong way, you’re not going to be able to handle it. 

So my phrase here when I’m talking about handling, just about physically it’s about how you handle money as a concept, as a real material thing in your lives. That’s number one, the intention.

Number two are your beliefs. 

So once you’ve got a clear, pure, strong intention. Now you’ve got to it attract into your life. So you’ve got to have beliefs about two things, number one your beliefs about money. What do you believe about money?

Is money the root of all evil? Which is one of the quotes that we hear.

Do you hear that money doesn’t grow on trees?

Anyone heard that one? I got, “Yeah but you don’t understand money doesn’t grow on trees. We are not like everybody else.”

And that was a family thing, sometimes it was said from another member within my family, could be in the immediate family or somebody within the family circle. Or it could be the teacher or you know, “you’re never going earn a lot of money because you are not capable of doing that.” A friend of mine was told really you should be thinking about going into a factory and just stacking things you’re not going to earn a lot of money.

Imagine being told that. You start to create a set of beliefs around money. If you saw fights with your parents when you were younger. “Yeah, but what about this. How comes you spent this much money? I know, but I spent it because I thought it was…” And you see big arguments going on.

If you witnessed your parents losing money on something, if you happen to see your parents start a business, but then it collapses and it costs a lot of money and puts financial strain on the family. You will create a set a negative beliefs attached to money. And the problem with that is you can go out with pure intention to do something good, but if you have in your foundations a weak set of beliefs about money and you’re trying to stand strong, but those beliefs are weak as you start to build a big business you will start to crumble. And I know I’m making it live by using visuals, but actually this is singularly one of the biggest challenges that people have. I meet a lot of people with really good intentions. “Dr Ro I want to make money; I want to do it for a good cause. But I keep losing money, my businesses keep failing. What’s going on?”

It is because somewhere in there an ego has jumped in. It’s wrestling with their beliefs and not only that, their beliefs are fundamentally flawed because for some reason, some past experience visually, they saw it. Experientially, they witnessed it, or they maybe experienced it within a situation that put them off and it made them feel pain towards money. And of course if you have painful beliefs attached money, i.e. money is bad when I get more of it. You’ll get to a certain point and you’ll self-destructive. I’ve seen people do the self-destruct mechanism they go up like this, get to a certain point doing quite well and they self-sabotage. And they go back to there, because they have a belief. In other words, there and this is the other belief we have to work on is, you and money. My relationship with money. How come it is that whenever I make money I lose money? And why is it that whenever I’ve had an opportunity I’ve never seen it through or why is it when there’s an opportunity out there for some reason it doesn’t come to me?

So it’s not just your relationship or your beliefs about money, it is also your beliefs about you and money. “I’m not a good money manager, I’m not good at attracting money. Nobody wants to give me money. I’m not very good at generating more salary. I don’t think I could build a business that’s going to make me a lot of money.”

So you tend to find that people that don’t develop a lot of cash or don’t have the ability to do it even though they have the intention to do it, it’s not that they can’t do it it’s because they have self-sabotaging beliefs that stop them. Every time they get to a certain point it brings them back down again.

So start to consider you’re going to have to build a new set of powerful beliefs and that’s a video for another time.

And then finally systems. Now let’s say you’ve got the intention, great. You’ve got a strong set of beliefs, excellent. You start to go out there and generate more cash, business, maybe you come up with creative ideas. You write a book, create a product, you go work hard, get really skilled, get educated, go to the top in your profession.

What are your systems?

And there are two things to this, what is your system for attracting more money? Because now you’ve got the intention and you’ve got the beliefs, but what’s your system for attracting more money?

Meaning are you going to go out and work really hard, become highly educated and your system is just to have a very highly paid job and that’s how you’re going to attract money. That’s your system for doing that. Is it that actually I’m going to do my job, but I’m also going to have multiple sources of other income. I’m going to trade the stock market; I might have another system of investing in property. I might have another system where I’ve written something and I get a royalty on that. So now I’ve got multiple sources of income coming in, so my systems for attracting money are multitude.

And actually from my experience that’s one most powerful ways. So you’re not just relying on all your eggs in one basket, you have multiple sources of cash coming in. That’s your attraction system.

But then of course how do you manage that money?

“What do you mean by that? Surely I just get and spend it?”

Well it’s not quite as simple as that. So as the money comes in ,what’s your system for allocating?

What percentage do you allocate to looking after the household?

What percentage do you allocate to going to charity?

What percentage do you allocate to paying off debt for example.

If you don’t have a money management system then most of the time most people get the money coming in, the intention is there, the beliefs are that they can generate more money great. But what they haven’t that done is they haven’t created the belief that they can manage that well.

So I meet people that are making say £200’000 a year but spending £210,000 a year. Businesses can make a million, two million, three million and I’ve personally observed this looking into working with businesses where this happens. And this is the same with property business for example. I learnt in the early years that you got so much rent coming in you’ve got to make sure your outgoing cost doesn’t exceed your rent. Otherwise you’re not cash flowing.

I was just recently in Australia and interestingly enough a lot of people are negatively cash flowing because the money coming in was actually less than the money going out. So they had negatively cash flow properties. 

That is not a good system of managing money, so the same thing applies in your house household. How are you going to managing it there?

How are you going to manage your business?

And in fact if you can get all this right it’s really important to keep that money, which is why the management system is so important. 

Okay, hopefully that’s useful. How do you handle money?

Three key elements, intention, beliefs and having the right systems in place.

Dr Ro signing out. 

Disclaimer: This video or written publication does not offer investment or financial advice and nothing in them should be construed as investment or financial advice.  Our publications provide information and education only. The information contained in our publications is not and should not be seen as a recommendation to use any particular investment strategy. Always seek financial advice from an independent financial adviser around your own personal financial situation.


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