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How to simplify your complex message to be understood

Hey folks Dr Ro hope you’re well.

I’m sitting here at my computer working on our new online digital product which is communication and it just keeps coming up and I cannot avoid this message and this conversation with anybody that is in this space at the moment.

Which, of course, a lot of people are right now, which is how do I get my message across effectively? 

How can I get myself known better online? 

I’ve got products, services, and I’m writing a book. I want to get it out now. Covid-19 is still here and lockdown is still locked down, and although the doors are opening there is still a lot of time before people can really get out to normality and whatever they call the new norm. 

For a lot of people right now there’s this genuine desire to do something a little bit more ambitious with their time and create something that is everlasting and has meaning to people. 

I’ve been privileged for the last 30 years to be out doing talks, presenting, and writing things and creating things.

When I wrote my PhD thesis there was so much content in it, one of the challenges I had was how to take the main message from what I was doing in my PhD simplify it and create something that people could read and be able to take the information in an effective way. 

Then I had to go present that PhD which was five or six hours long, but I had a break in between, but there was so much content they wanted to go through and work through it with me. 

Over the years, I found and this is a skill that you can develop, you can take someone with 30 years of knowledge and you can condense that down and take that knowledge and use it into whatever subject you want to compress your information outwardly. Remember you’ve got things that you know that I don’t know about, so they compress them into your mind, your soul, your spirit. 

Then what happens is you go to communicate that and in the process of communicating it for a lot of people you just want to unload as much information as quickly as possible. The downside to that is, you can overwhelm people. 

I know this because that’s part of my nature to try and get as much information out as possible. 

You can overwhelm them. 

Not necessarily underwhelm them but confuse them. 

You might want to sell a product right now but you don’t have a seller, you might want to write a book right now, but you’re not quite sure how to get that message across. You might want to go back to work, start speaking, presenting or being at a high level in your company. You might want to create a digital product right now which you want to get out to the marketplace. 

You might want to do videos like this and imagine you’re doing a YouTube channel and you want to get the message across. 

There are very specific tools and I’ve been really privileged to be part of the process of teaching people how to do that now. We condense that down into the CWI live event, which was originally due for June and that’s a huge amount of content.

One of the things that kept coming up on the CWI event was these incredible people, property investors that had ideas they wanted to share, wanted to raise money. Network marketers that wanted to promote their business and get people into the network marketing business. 

Other people had an idea they wanted to share, but most of them when it came down to delivery of the message it just wasn’t clear enough, it just wasn’t simple enough and that created confusion for the other person receiving the information.

When somebody receiving your information is confused because they try to process it consciously they’re not in a position to actually make a decision and you’re wanting to make a decision now and they’re thinking, I want to make a decision, but I haven’t quite processed what you’re telling me because what you’re telling me is confusing to me. 

I need to go and think about that. I need to internalise it because they might be kinaesthetic by nature, which means they feel. 

It might be auditory which means that they process through their ears and the sound or they might be visual and the need to see it and picture it then possibly hear themselves talk about it and then maybe internalise it. 

I think there are some incredibly gifted people out there that have got huge amounts to share with the world. Probably you if you’re watching this right now and they just haven’t got a process for doing it. 

A simple tip I want to give you is don’t even think about communicating a message on a camera like this or whether it’s producing a set of slides, writing a PhD thesis like I just showed you there. 

My thesis was 302 pages and I had to find a way to simplify that, so I had an outcome. And that’s the point I want to get across here. 

The outcome was I needed to show people that there is a way to monitor how to stabilise a tunnel if it’s collapsing. If you’re going to deep ground and shallow weak ground because there are types of rock, how do you do that. That was my outcome. 

Throughout the whole thing although it is a very complicated PhD I had to have a simple message that could get across to engineers to say, look, if you’re going into this type of ground these are the key characteristics you need to look for and this is a simple way to strengthen the ground using this system. 

This is what the PhD was about. 

For many people if you watch them communicate what will happen is their energy will be distracted because they are not clear on what their outcome is or even if they know what their outcome is, they haven’t worked out a clear path to take the person to the outcome. 

They start going really slow in the delivery and they stop and they’re processing what they’re  thinking. 

That’s the challenge if you haven’t got a clear outcome.

If you’ve got a clear outcome, great. 

But what if you don’t have a clear path to get to that outcome because you haven’t worked out what your message is? 

This is why the messages are so important. This is literally component number two in the 38 components I talk about in the communications systems and if you haven’t seen that, go have a look at the Instagram channel. 

For now if you’ve got a video to create in the next few days. If you’ve got to before you write it in your mind or on paper ask what is your outcome you’re looking to achieve? 

Once you’ve established what the outcome is then work out how you’re going to navigate to that outcome? 

How you’re going to communicate with them but with only a small number of messages to start with? 

How can you simplify it in such a way that by the time they finish that phone call with you or read that email from you, they’ve watched that online video you haven’t distracted them. 

Because some of the smartest people I know have got great content lose the viewer because they take too long to get to the message and that is another conversation to have.

They’ve taken too long because the message is too protracted. 

They’ve taken it off on a tangent and they haven’t got to the end result and that’s the only thing I want to get across in this message. 

My outcome is to let you know that in order to get a good outcome you’ve got to simplify your messages to get to that outcome.

I’m going to sign off, take care folks and I shall see you soon.

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