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How’s your immune system?

Hey folks, Dr Ro here. I hope you’re all well. 

I was on the phone to a very dear friend of mine, someone I’ve known for many years and she is a highly regarded doctor who is based at Harley Street. 

I was just calling her to do with something happening in her life and the situation happening in my life at the moment and it led to a conversation about immune systems and vaccinations in the background Covid as a backdrop to everything you’re talking about and we were discussing the immune system and she pretty much in the conversation reinforced and repeated and reminded me to have a conversation with somebody within our family about this very subject. 

I wanted to bring it back up to your attention. In case you may have listened to a previous podcast that we’ve done and thought there are some great tools here, maybe forgotten, not implemented it, or it’s just off your radar. I can’t give you advice that’s not the purpose but what I want to share some considerations. 

One of the things that we discussed and has come up and I’ve heard it many times and going back for me, probably one and a half decades is what essential minerals and vitamins does the body need to help boost the immune system? 

Again you have to go make your own judgement on this and do your own research but as a rule of thumb if somebody is taking any sort of drugs for example, or they’re stressing themselves not getting enough sleep, possibly overworking your immune system can become depleted. If somebody has high diarrhoea levels for example, going through any kind of release that will take a lot of minerals and goodness out the body, so this is why often when people take certain rounds of drugs or whatever and again, you need to seek advice from your doctor on this, but it can be the case that people find themselves feeling their immune systems down, they feel run down and they can be vulnerable to further illnesses. 

This is why it’s important you seek advice on this.

Number one is magnesium now again I’d like you to do your research and I’ll give you a quote here from medical News today. It says, Magnesium is an important mineral playing a role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, its many functions include helping the muscles in terms of their recovery and nerve function, blood pressure regulation and supporting the immune system. It’s something I’ve been mindful of myself and when we used to run health events we would actually test for this live at the event, and one of the things people found was quite low in magnesium levels, which was fascinating to see. 

There are different ways you can supplement with that but rather me give you guidance I think you have a look at the podcast where they then put you onto a website where they can break down the things available to you. The second one is Zinc. Are you actually doing this at the moment and if your main food in your diet is quite one-dimensional especially if you’re eating processed food, et cetera there’s a high likelihood that these things are going to be depleting, but again you need to check? The quote here from medical News today is Zinc is a nutrient that supports growth during childhood and especially the immune system. Low zinc can increase the risk of disease and illness. 

I can remember studying and looking up on Zinc. I’ve been mindful of this for 20, 30 years now at an early age, wanting to take zinc in a supplemental form. I think now, there are some really good qualities of this we take and our kids take it as well. Think that broad illnesses as well as a general year-on-year type of illnesses that come along in winter months when people tend to have lower immune systems or are subject to maybe slightly more these types of illnesses that kick around. 

The final one is vitamin D, which I think we’ve heard quite a lot about over the last three, four, five months over the winter period. The government did make some announcements about this which was at least pleasing to see there is something out there outside of what was a lot of stuff about what you can’t do. 

This is a very commonly agreed vitamin amongst all the medical world. vitamin D is massive in supporting the immune system, brain and the nervous system and of course right now it’s particularly important.

It might be the old school philosophy as well if I’m taking medication which is basically something being used to treat the symptom that doesn’t actually mean you’ve got prevention going on, so looking at what we put into our bodies, how we can naturally which we evolved. If you think about human evolution to develop immunity it may be worth reviewing that as well.

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