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Importance of setting your purpose for the day

Morning folks, I hope you are all well.

I just wanted to send a quick message out to you on this Saturday morning. One of the areas that comes up a lot or used to come up when I used to run my turning point events was purpose and “Dr Ro, I can’t seem to find my purpose at the moment. I’m struggling, I’m meandering through life and although things are going okay in my job, I just don’t feel like I’m where I want to be.”

If you’re waking up each day and there’s a sense of it’s a lovely day but I’m still feeling a little bit like something is not quite right.

Best thing to do for now is just create a purpose for today and each day if you do that, you start to create momentum.

I have three purposes today.

So what I typically do when I wake up in the morning or the night before I go to bed is I give that day an intention.

I think that’s a really beautiful way to get the most out of the day, make it feel as though it hasn’t finished at the end of the day.

If you don’t achieve each of those purposes it’s fine, but at least if you set three and they have some meaning to you then, having achieved even one of them that day feels more purposeful. That is not the whole picture, but it certainly works on a macro level.

If you said to me Dr Ro what’s your purpose for today?

I have three things.

First one is I want to work in the area of my health, so I have a purpose today of getting some exercise in. I’m going too do that on a bike ride for maybe an hour.

Second purpose for me is to evolve and work on an area of business, so this is to do with the mind section of the five ingredients that I often talk about.

For me I’m going to be working on the health side of things, which is body so that’s the cycle ride today.

Then I’m going to be going out and spending time with my kids today which is amazing. No doubt at some point we’ll go for a walk so a little bit of exercise as well, but also relationships.

Building on the family relationship working on that. My daughter is quite excited because she wants to treat us to cooking which is brilliant and then I’m going to be working on a little bit of our product that I’m creating at the moment.

That would go down into the money section of the five ingredients and under money that would fall under this subsection of business.

That’s it three ingredients worked on for today, nothing massive, but each one of those to me when I finish today will feel like a greater sense of purpose for the day.

I’ve also done something meaningful; I’ve had a chance to have special magic moments with my kids, I’m going to be doing some exercise as well.

Some people might laugh and say, you’re just doing stuff, but there’s a difference between working through a checklist and a difference between that and working through and doing activities that have a sense of meaning to you and working towards a sense of purpose.

Each one of those areas I’ve talked about to me have a sense of purpose and that sense of purpose means that when I go to bed at night I feel like I’m moving forward.

You might ask the question what about the greater sense of purpose?

That’s a conversation for another day but my answer to that would be if you constantly spend your time looking out there going where is my purpose?

I’m working, eating, sleeping, showering, and waking up I’m working.
That process could take you through a week, a month, six months, 12 months doing that, looking process, when in fact right in front of you on a daily basis there’s an opportunity to give meaning to each day.

In doing that we build the foundations and it’s off that foundation you get a greater sense of who you are and in that process, then you start to realise actually, this is now feeling more comfortable and I’m more excited about what I’m doing and now I can see where my sense of purpose is.

Have an amazing day.

Choose three things today that are meaningful to you so when you finish today it makes you feel like you’ve achieved something greater.

Take care, Dr Ro signing out.

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