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Seekardo is a private Facebook group with a members only vault
which supports all its members to consistently grow by leveraging these amazing benefits…

Private closed community of like minded people

Live Facebook workshops exclusively for members

Question & answer sessions with experts

All access vault to video & audio content worth £1000’s

Honest feedback on areas of improvement

No jargon advice from digital marketing & social media experts

Exclusive speakers helping you grow

Massive discounts on live trainings

Priority access to highly skilled professionals

More group features as the community evolves

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What Seekardo means for your personal growth…
In a free
Facebook group?

Constant selling
Lots of complaining
Everyone is in for themselves
Very low value
Keyboard warriors
Thousands of inactive members
Difficult to build relationships
Information overload


No selling
High impact positive conversations
Members are vetted
High value information
Safe environment to share
Active members
Develop real relationships
Focused information

It’s time to stop wasting time on Facebook. Start using it to help you grow.
Plus you get FULL ACCESS to a members only vault of high value online trainings being added to weekly…

Here is what you get when you join today.

Step by step video modules

Each series is broken down into understandable sections

Audio series

Listen on the go and leverage your time with audio only courses

Learn on any device

Tablet, mobile, laptop - you can view the courses online on any device

Accountability & encouragement

Get access to the high level Seekardo Facebook group to get support to stay focused, get advice and motivation

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As the tribe grows, more Facebook live workshops are delivered and courses in the vault expand – because the value of Seekardo increases, we will have to limit numbers or increase the membership price.

Joining today locks in your membership price for life!


£ 27 /m plus VAT

(Payment will be taken following your 14-day free trial.)

£ 36 /m plus VAT

(Payment will be taken following your 14-day free trial.)
You’ll also get to watch Facebook Live workshops
Don’t miss another live workshop
Meet the founders…
Dr Rohan Weerasinghe
  • 30 years of speaking in front of audience of thousands of people
  • Expert in the field of personal, professional & wealth development
  • Author of Amazon’s best selling book, ‘Turning Point’
  • Founder of transformational live event Turning Point
  • Founder of Communicating With Impact
  • Educated thousands of people to financial independence
  • Only accessible 1-2- via Seekardo
B Street Digital
  • Boutique digital marketing agency
  • Teaching people how to make money online (all content available in the vault)
  • Founders of the BATON marketing system
  • Multiple business owners
  • Social media experts
  • 3 of the 4 founders used to have conventional jobs
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