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Listen to this every morning to supercharge your 2020

Listen to this every morning to supercharge your 2020

Hello it’s Dr Ro here.

I wanted to share some reflections with you.

On the days when things are not going well and people around you are not inspired, and when you’re not feeling inspired that is the time to be inspiring.

On the days when the world is pushing against you, when you don’t seem to be able to break through the challenges that are facing you.

Be passionate, be so passionate that nothing will stop you achieving your goals. 

On the days that you realise that you need help, that you alone can’t do this on your own, then be humble, be humble enough to reach out and take the support and the help of those around you.

The people who care for you, the people that love you, the people that want to help you.

Be humble.

On the days that you have a massive challenge ahead of you, and you can feel the nerves and the fear creeping in. 

Be courageous.

Be so courageous that your courage dwarfs the fear that has emerged inside you, so you can step through and be the victor that you deserve to be.

Be courageous.

On the days that you know you need to learn something new, that you’ve reached the limit of your knowledge on a subject that you know that you want to grow and expand and be teachable.

Be so teachable that your soul and your mind and your spirit can absorb new knowledge, new inspiration to take yourself to a whole different level.

Be teachable.

When you have obstacles to overcome and a distance to travel, and when others are giving up, be relentless.

Be so relentless that no matter what circumstances come your way you will just keep going.

Be relentless.

When others around you are angry, when you find yourself in a situation where people are frustrated and you are feeling angry and the tension is high, be loving.

No matter what the circumstances, no matter what the situation just be loving towards the other person or the other people.

Let your heart flood out and make sure the world knows that you give unconditionally.

Be loving.

When the path ahead is confusing and the world around you seems to have so many choices. When people are coming to you and asking for guidance, be wise.

Allow the ancestors in your soul, the spirits from the past, the journeys that you’ve been on, and all the experiences that you’ve had to this moment.

To guide you to allow the strength and the wisdom of the past to come through in the words and the thoughts that you have.

Be wise.

When the situation around you is such that there is no obvious answer.

Or the people are feeling down, or the moment needs to be transformed into something different, be magical.

Be so magical that the moment can spring new opportunities and new choices and new answers, by simply being magical. 

And finally, be grateful.

In the morning be grateful, during the course of the day when the opportunity arises be grateful.

At the end of the day be grateful, be grateful for the challenges that you have been faced with giving you the chance to grow.

Be grateful for the people around you who love you and care for you. 

Be grateful for the people in your life that have inspired you, that have given you the chance to learn. 

Be grateful for all the incredible opportunities that have come your way. Be grateful for any situation that comes into your life that enables you as a human being to grow, to be inspiring, to be loving, to be courageous, to be magical as a human being. 

Allow your head to be resting on its pillow every day with gratitude, be grateful.

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